the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 55

:welcome: daniel, jag är också svensk. But we recommend english in this forum :cool:

:wave: hello Download, Bertrand and DanielWestman, welcome to the forum :grouphug:

BTW Download, when you first joined I went :eek: when I saw your nick … I thought it was someone just arriving to post links to copyright or dodgy stuff :anx: So I was really relieved when I saw your first post was a dream account :whew:

Will your friends be joining too? it’s good to have friends that you can discuss LDing with :content:

@ Bertrand … bonjour :grin:
I have nearly forgotten all the other french I learn years ago :shy:
Hope you enjoy both forums :boogie:

Daniel, I hope you experience your first LD soon. :thumbs: I really recommend using WBTB with whatever method you are currently using. :content:


my name is Daniel and I’m from Canada (Quebec).
I’ve had many lucid dreams over the years, but I never had one “on demand”, they always happened while I was dreaming.

I’ve had a dream two weeks ago, in which someone gave me his full name. This sparked back my interest in dreams and LDs. I wonder if I can somehow manage to find that person…

But for now, I’m back at the basics, dream recall. :wink:

Have a nice day everyone!


Well, we got a new friend who we’ve got (trying) to LD. I’ve gotten him on the site, he hasn’t registered yet. I am in the process of registering another, and the other friend of mine who LDs hasn’t yet.

If I worded the above wrong, I am so sorry… I just woke up :tongue:

In other words, hi Daniel! (Valn… 99… whatever) That is basically my story except for the name thing :eek: feels kind of weird saying hello when I just joined 5 days ago

:welcome: 99 to LD4all.

And download, these friends, are they interested in LD’ing? Get them here in case :cool_laugh:

:wave: hello vain99 :happy:
it’s always great when new members introduce their friends to the forum too :yay:
Since you have frequent natural LDs, you may like to try to earn your quest wings :smile: We have a new quest every month. The quest for October is “Listen

Download, it isn’t weird for a new member to welcome a friend on the intro topic it is perfectly natural :smile: (It also saves me guessing who the friend was … if the newer member mentions having a friend here :tongue: )

I’ve updated my name to one that has a little more significance to me. Formerly Dreamsonall4S. And I will start that dream journal whenever I feel like not being lazy. :razz:

Its never wrong to change name :spinning:welcome: new name :tongue: ) Why not start the DJ now then :whistle:

Hello, I’m Apoca. :smile: I’m 16 years-old and I live in the USA.

I’ve had a few semi-lucid dreams(I guess that’s what you would call them) before. I’ve done research into LD’s in the past, but never got to deep and never actually tried. Recently, while I was talking to a friend who has had LD’s, my interest in them got sparked again, and he pointed me here… The reason for my quest for an LD is simple…to fly! :happy: Silly, I know… but I really want to… and not just float fly, I want to try being a bird, dragon, and other mythical beast, and animals. I also want to try and talk to my sub-conscience and I’ve read about spirit guides, so I wanna try and talk to one. I have some other things I want to try, but those are the main reasons I want to have LD’s.

I usually can remember my dreams on demand, and sometimes control what I dream about. The reason I don’t remember my dreams most of the time is because I want usually want sleep to go by fast. I started a dream journal today. I tried one of the techniques talked about on the website to help make sure I remembered it. I also tried a technique to have a livid dream I read on here (counting 1- I will have a vivid dream, 2- I will have a livid dream, etc…). Unfortunately it didn’t have one, but I think (not sure) somewhere in my dream last night I got a feeling that this isn’t real/right, but it went away soon after if I did.

Anyways, hope to make friends with everyone and have a good time here and reach my goal to have LD’s… thanks :happy:

Welcome to LD4All! :happy:

Techinically a lucid dream is defined as a dream where you know that you’re dreaming. It doesn’t have anything to do with control, I’d consider a semi-lucid dream as a dream where you think you might be dreaming. A false lucid dream is a dream where you have control, but don’t know you’re dreaming.

Hi everyone :grouphug: ,

I’m sort of new here, ive posted a few times if that still counts as being new :razz:, ive had one LD so far but I’m hoping to have a lot more and I’m hoping this forum will help me :smile:

:welcome: to LD4All! :happy:

Good luck with the lucid dreaming. :wink:

:welcome: apoca and SD (sweet dreams :cool_raz: )

:grouphug: indeed, here we all are friends :tongue:

Greetings all! I’ve joined the LD4all ranks in order to learn, observe, and eventually, better myself through LD. :content: I’m 19 and live in the U.S., currently a student with hopes of becoming a Psychology and Philosophy major. Kind of stumbled upon this website while doing some research on LD and found this community quite appealing. Though I have not yet become Lucid in any of my dreams I have the determination to keep on truckin’!

:welcome: to LD4all

:welcome: !

Psychology and philosophy, eh?
You can get a lot of experience in that from lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is a look into the human mind, YOUR mind. :happy:
You can see things that your subconsious is directly showing you. It can be a real learning experience and a time to fly around and have fun! :content:

Good luck getting lucid, it’s 100 times easier with motivation. :smile:

… and I had got used to your original name :cry: but I’m sure i will soon get used to the new version :content:
I hope you enjoy your time on LD4all :spinning:

I think it would be impossible not to make friends on LD4all :tongue: It’s good to see you have already begun a LD4all DJ - it will definitely help to keep you motivated etc :grin:

I don’t think you have posted your first LD yet? It would be great if you started an online DJ with it or posted it into the big my first LD collection topic … or even both :boogie: :tongue:

We are irresistable :wink:
Good luck with your lucid quest :thumbs:

:peek: /me rushes off to watch TV

Hello all, I’m not really new to LD’ing, but I’m a novice at it. I’ve had a handfull in the past ten years, and I have just recently started a DJ in the attempt to get lucid. It took about two weeks, but I had a LD a few nights ago. Every LD I have ever had I just fly I’ve probably had about five or so. I have had one OBE and I believe I’ve been in the astral planes a few times. I have questions, but I have only visited this forum a few times and tried to get to know my way around. I’m going to use the search feature to get a few questions answered. The one thing I’m most interested in is extended LD’s that last a week or so, or even just days. I have questions about that. Mine have never been longer than ten minutes, so I can’t imagine. Are there people who are awake 100% of the time betwen waking life and dream life? I can’t imagine how awesome that would be, and how it would work on the psyche as far as sleep is concerned. I’m not very computer literate, so it will take me a while to figure out how to use all the functions…try to bare with me. I look foreward to meeting everybody. Long live the dreamers!!!

Hey welcome zeneyes!! :welcome:

Are you planning to start a DJ here on the forum? It’s always fun to read others’ dreams.

And you’ve had OBEs?? Perhaps you can tell me about that sometime? I’m currently trying to induce them. Not going so well. >.>

Anyway, you are off to a great start with the DJ and all! Keep it up! :smile:

:welcome: zeneyes, a lot of people finding this site :boogie:

That means a lot more LD’s to read, right mog?