the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 57

welcome donkey! :hugs:

False dream? You mean False Awakening? :tongue:

I myself have had a dream in which I was dreaming of my dreaming in that dream too. that is a Dream inside a Dream inside a Dream inside a Dream. Try figuring THAT out! :tongue:

:wave: hello donkey, welcome to LD4all. I noticed your nick the day you joined and associated it to Donkey in Shrek :grin:

:yes: a pre-lucid or false LD … I prefer the term pre-lucid :content:
… unless you really were AWARE that you were dreaming?
I’ve had a few dreams in which I went to sleep in the dream. One I recall I had a false WILD but was actually lucid in that part of the dream :content:

I had another dream where a name was written on a window as a URL.
Like (nl is the domain for my country :tongue: ) and I told that friend in my dream I saw that. :neutral:
Dunno, all way to clear to be a real dream.

Last night I dreamed a teacher wanted to shoot me with a sniper. Can’t remember it very clearly but one point was so detailed that I can remember i’m in a toilet behind a blue wall and remember where the gun shots are. :eek:
How they looked and how big and stuff. :confused:
Ghehe pretty weird huh? :wiske:

:smile: You should begin a DJ topic in our dream journal forum to record your dreams. :thumbs:

I get toilets :toilet: appearing in a lot of my dreams

Just wanted to post a hello to everyone. I’m mid 20’s and from Australia. Stumbled across a lucid dream thread tonight on a forum and a few google searches brought me here.

Basically every dream I have had for about 16 years has been a LD. I never really thought about it much or even realised it was particularly uncommon. I almost feel a little bad as there seems to be all these people here trying to teach themselves to LD and I have been doing it every night and taking it for granted.

Anyway best of luck to everyone here trying to learn how to LD.

:welcome: welcome to LD4all Spoticus, I hope you stick around. You should think about doing the current quest link to LD4all Quest 42: Life, the Universe, and Everything It should be fun :smile:

I have to admit that the main reason I am here is due to the great people on the forum :happy:

I haven’t welcomed anyone in a while, welcome, Spoticus! Make yourself at home, we have a lounge, a playground, and a place to discuss many adventures, enjoy your stay :tongue:

Welcome to ld4all! Google brought me here also. :wink:

PS- I’m typing this all using the internet on my Wii! :lmao:

Hi! I’m als new aboard, it’s about my 3rd day dream journalling and I had my first RC in a dream last night! So it seems fitting to come join this forum :smile:

:welcome: hello OceanBorn, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
I see you already have two lucid dreams … have you thought about posting them into our dream journal forum? :content: It would be great to read them. There is also a first lucid dream topic …
The BIG “My First LD” collection- Part V :user:

Hope you enjoy your time here and experience lots of future LDs :boogie:

Ha, :welcome: to ld4all OceanBorn, do you want to create another DJ in here please? :grin:

Dont forget to drop by playground :biggrin:

And good luck on your quest for LD’s :wink:

And Spoticus, :welcome: you too :content: ( /me is a bit slow :shy:) When I read the part

It seems that you dont like LD’s. I do :hurray: Good luck you too :smile:

Hi, I’m new here.

I’ve been interested in and experimented with LD’s since middle school. I’ve had varying results and kind of come in and out of the practice through the years. A recent book (and some unexpected free time) got me back into it recently. I’m very excited about finding this resource and community!

:welcome: antipoet to ld4all, it seems you have fun with your LD’s :biggrin:

I hope youll like this place :tongue:

:wave: hello antipoet, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
I hope we can keep you motivated about lucid dreaming for a longer period this time :wink:

hey antipoet, great to have you here! :biggrin:

You mean we WILL :tongue:

Nearly my story, except it was six months before I rediscovered it. It’s probably exactly a year since I officially began.

On that subject I have to send someone a PM…

:wave: Hello antipoet welcome to ld4all! I’m pretty new here as well and my LD’s have increased amazingly since I joined!! :cheer: Looking forward to reading about some of your Dreams! :content:

Hey :smile: New here, learned about this place from someone on another forum. Looks like it will be well worth it :happy:

:wave: hello Circus of Values

I always wonder who the person was when i read that a friend or a forum post sent someone here :eh:

I’m sure you will discover a lot of information about LDs here and also get some inspiration for what to do when lucid :smile:

:welcome: circus of values, yes it will be worth the time to be here :grin:

Not just information about LD’s, we also have things to do in LD’s :woo:

Dont forget to drop by the playground :tongue: