the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 57

Greetings :colgate:

Hello, all. I’ve been lurking about here for a few days, and had my first lucid dream last night, which was very exciting, and am hoping for many more to come. I’m not sure I’ll post much (I’m a bit shy), but thought I’d hop in here and introduce myself just the same. This forum is an amazing resource, so thank you to those responsible. :smile:

:welcome: dodger to ld4all, Im glad you found this site helpful :thumbs:

I recommend you to start a DJ which will help your DR to get better :wink:

Well, dont be shy to post :peek: we wont bite :wolfbite:

Good luck with your LD’s and gongratz on your first LD :good:

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Welcome Dodger, hope I helped you!

(dejavu?) :tongue:

:welcome: welcome to LD4all, ArtfulDodger :grouphug:
congrats on your lucid dream :yay: (here’s a link to it)
I loved the way that you became lucid…

There’s no need to be shy here :grin: we are a very friendly and welcoming forum. So just make yourself at home :smile:

Hi, LD4all. I’m new here. Been reading through this site for a while, but decided to join up after I began my quest to get back into my old LDing ways.

Definitely looking forwards to some good times on here. :cool:

Serpent Bearer

You will join the playground!? Good times definitely there! :smile:

:wave: hello Serpent Bearer welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:
I hope you decide to post at least some of your dreams in your own dj topic in the DJ forum here :grin:

@ Tyrael … I think Serpent Bearer will know his way around … he’s been browsing the site for a while now :wink: edit you edited it out now :tongue:

hi dudes,
found this great forum with so much wonderful topics… :smile:
i just wanted to say hello to everybody !

welcome Serpent Bearer and freaky !

Yay!! freaky! :grouphug:

:welcome: to the forum :grouphug:

hope you enjoy your time here :happy:

:welcome: freaky to ld4all :woo: indeed there are wonderful topics :thumbs:

I have to admit I want to welcome everyone :tongue: and may the force be with you :smile:

hello everyone
i recently heard the term lucid dreaming and found it pretty interesting. i did some research on it and thought that i might give it a try. it was a weeknight and i didnt really feel like trying until the weekend when i wouldnt have to worry about a lack of sleep, but i had a dream that night that involved the idea of lucid dreaming. i didnt even know that i was dreaming at the time!

i look forward to learning more about lucid dreaming and perhaps even sharing some techniques with others :smile:

:welcome: JT to ld4all, I look forward to see you expand you knowldges in this forum :smile:

Good luck on your quest for LD’s

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hi Johnny Tambourine :welcome: and have fun :thumbs:

:welcome: Johnny Tambourine, I don’t HOPE will will enjoy your time here. I KNOW you will enjoy it! :tongue: Have fun!


I’m new and thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself. I’m a belgian guy, almost 24 yo. I have been interested in LD for a while now, but too lazy to start. After seeing the movie “awaken life” i read a bit up on it and decided to start remembering my dreams, which i don’t usually do.

To my surprise i remembered a dream the first night, and the second night i remembered two dreams. I think in one of them i was even lucid for like one or two minutes i think. (I even “created” a scene for like a while but then i somehow started thinking about it and lost it.)

Still, i’m excited to explore this further!

Hi Torbosk, welcome to “the other side” as well :content:

:wave: hello Johnny Tambourine, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:

That is good, it shows the idea of LDing is planted in your mind :content:
I hope you experience your first LD soon

:wave: hello Torbosk, I guess you are also a member of the dutch LD4all community too? Good luck with your lucid progress :thumbs: