the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 57

:wave: Hello antipoet welcome to ld4all! I’m pretty new here as well and my LD’s have increased amazingly since I joined!! :cheer: Looking forward to reading about some of your Dreams! :content:

Hey :smile: New here, learned about this place from someone on another forum. Looks like it will be well worth it :happy:

:wave: hello Circus of Values

I always wonder who the person was when i read that a friend or a forum post sent someone here :eh:

I’m sure you will discover a lot of information about LDs here and also get some inspiration for what to do when lucid :smile:

:welcome: circus of values, yes it will be worth the time to be here :grin:

Not just information about LD’s, we also have things to do in LD’s :woo:

Dont forget to drop by the playground :tongue:

welcome circus of values!!

Not just information about LD’s and things to do in LD’s, we also have LD stories, things to inspire LD’s, and experiments to learn more about LD’s

If you get involved you will find that LD4all will show up in your dreams, and that itself can trigger LD’s. :lol:

Hey guys,

I’m not really sure if you guys have an introduction section so I’ll post it here with some other things I’m thinking about.

My name is Tony but just call me Van in the forums, anyway, I stumbled across dreaming one day just reading random pages in wikipedia. I instantly became interested in it. I read about lucid dreams but never really understood what it ment. I’ve never lucid dreamt in my life, but I recall most of my dreams really easly, I’m not sure if this is a sign that I’ll be any good at becoming lucid. Last night was my first attemt to become lucid, although I was dreaming (I was at work, finishing up my jobs and getting ready to clock out), I never thought to RC because nothing seemed out of place.

I’m gonna start doing RC during work as I usally dream about work all the time, also another thing I allways. and I mean like every 2nd night, I dream about my old house that I used to live in, but it seems so real and so content, that I don’t even think I would RC.

Also I should metion I have had 2 SP episodes. Both of them were very frighting. My first one was activated when I dreamt that someone was twisting my shorts to a point when it started to tighten very painfully around my leg, I woke up realising it was a dream but hallucinated that someone was beside my bed actully doing it. I couldn’t move, scream or do anything. Luckly it only lasted serveral seconds, I later realised I had a cramp in my leg while sleeping (lol).

There have been many times I have thought, “HEY! I’m dreaming!”, then I wake up, now I might try the spinning idea, seems to work with a couple of people.
ALSO, if your in a scary nightmare and want to wake up, one thing I do is blink as rapidly as I can while in the dream. You’ll realise its only a dream and thus makes it easyer to wake up. By the way, would blinking in my dreams be a good trigger?

I usally listen to my iPod when I go to bed, sometimes I’ll be on the boarderline of sleep and songs stretch right out, I mean, a part of the song would take an extremely long time to play, yet I don’t notice this until I have came back to the waking world. I know this can be a trigger cause this was one of the ways I made myself have SP. I just don’t want music playing in my LD, otherwise I’d reckon I’d wake up.

A couple of things I wanna do whilst lucid are:

  1. Fly, I mean, who wouldn’t?
  2. Summon things, people, objects animals.
  3. Go to work and talk to my co-workers.
  4. Have a match of Urban Terror or Halo, that would be so awesome!

Well there is my extremely long, detailed story of me and my dreams. Mod’s please move if this is in the wrong spot. moved :content: ~Q~Please post your thoughs as I would like to know someone elses opinion, ecspecially a lucid dreamer.

Thanks guys,

Hey Van! Welcome to LD4All!! :happy: Best of luck in your pursuit of Lucid Dreams :content:

What music do you listen to on your iPod? :happy: Any Rage Against the Machine, perhaps??? :smile:

As a matter of fact I do!
Wake up, (lol)
Bulls on Parade.

I also listen to
Infected Mushroom
Guns 'n Roses
Pink Floyd
Daft Punk
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Cold Chistle
Matchbox 20
White Stipes
Gavin DeGraw

That’s how I get to sleep every night!

Hey guys
Im a guy from korea and australia. (since now im livin in au)
I was trying lucid dream about 3yrs ago and it went pretty well, i had some improvment and for that now i remember at least one dream a day. though, i dont have a lot of lucid dream. oh and btw i stopped doing it cause i got… hmm cant remember the reason. possibly tired of improving slow. but i decided to take this a little bit more seriously for some reasons.

well if i was still in korea i would go to korean lucid dream forum (its pretty big i reckon) but as im trying to cut the korean language from my life at the moment, i thought it would be better to find other lucid dream forums which are in english.

I’m kinda guy who likes practically everything. music is the main thing in my life though. i think lucid dream can be used to help that as well. lol

so yeah, nice to meet you people!

:wave: hello Van De Kapp, welcome to LD4all :grin:

No :no: but it does mean that you will know what your usual dream themes are and you will be able to recall those long LDs easily :yay:

Now that awareness sounds encouraging :thumbs: … personally I would recommend using commands over the spinning tech.

In what way? Some people say that closing their eyes wakes them up :meh: while others shut their eyes for a few moments inorder to teleport etc.

Music in LDs is good even if it comes from the external world. It could even be a way of making you lucid … doing an RC when you get to certain parts of the songs (the nose RC is a good favourite … pinching your nose closed and trying to breathe)

I hope you decide to star an online dream journal on the forum :content:

:wave: hello gluodin, welcome to LD4all :smile:

Aren’t you making yourself more work by limiting yourself to an english forum? But it’s great to have you here! :yay:

We have had quite a few members who have heard a new song/music in a LD :content: You make like to browse the fruits of lucidity and garden of creation forums :happy:

Welcome gluodin! I’ve been here for like 3 days lol but hey, who cares when I make 20 posts a day? If you like music, next time you have a LD, you can summon your Spiritual Guide and ask him/her/it what song you should listen to/write. I know that spiritual guides can be anything from clones of yourself to talking cats or inanimate objects. It seems like we’re some fanatic cult, but no, this stuff actually happens. I find it amazing that our minds can create a whole world that we control, which is what brought me here. I found the link on another LD website, I think it was the i-Doser Lucid Dream section. Welcome to you too, Van! I like your music taste, you should try Motley Crue and Ratt, they are both pretty similar to GNR. I personally think modern music is crap. But who cares right? Happy dreaming to both of you!

Welcome to LD4all jpka159! :tongue: (already a scribe? Are the 50 useful posts still required Sandra?)… enjoy your time here. :lol: obviously you are. :tongue:

Hello, welcome gluodin!!

Same here. I recently pulled a song out of my dream, and made a video out of it. :grin:

And hello Van!!
I love every band you listed! :lmao:
Have fun with your future SP episodes! With more LDing, you’ll get quite a few! :razz:

:welcome: Van der Kapp, gluodin and jpka159 :smile:

50 posts already? :woah: I hope they are real posts and not chatspeak :tongue: But whatever, I see you like the forum and thats what we want you to do :mrgreen:

Its always pleasant to welcome new members :happy: good luck everyone :boogie:

I don’t think I will, last night I had about 9 dreams. Some of which were morally crude. Yet one other was completely about shotguns… :open_mouth:

Aw c’mon Van, it doesn’t matter how awful your dreams are, it helps with LD’ing considerably to have a DJ. Plus, I’m interested in this shotgun dream… And yes Ghostie, they are real posts lol. (I would imagine) I’m going to go try to WILD in about one hour, if I’m successful I’ll put it in my online DJ. I think I had my first fully LD last night/this morning, but :grrr: I forgot to reord it in a DJ and I forgot it… :cry:

Yeah I guess your right, but then again, who wants to hear about me getting a hand job from my friends mum :razz:

Hello, I’m new here obviously. I had a dream a few days ago and my dad died. I was extremely sad and crying for what seemed like days. I then thought to myself, “I wish this was just a dream and none of this happened.” It dawned on me that it actually was a dream, then I woke up randomly to no sound or movement at all. I didn’t feel excitement when I realized it but a sense of relief. I don’t know what triggered my wake up though? So I talked to my friends about it and they told me about Lucid Dreaming. So I researched it and ended up here.

I’ve started an offline DJ in Microsoft Word but it’s kind of slow & complicated. I’ve become very determined to have an LD. I don’t think I’ll be leaving this community any time in the near future. I just thought I’d introduce myself…

P.S. - Any tips on making a DJ? I’m not really liking Microsoft Word…
P.P.S - RL name is Nick. You can call me whatever you want though.

van … I’m lost for words :rofl:

:welcome: hello Got Dreams? welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
What an horrible dream :sad: but at least it introduced you to the idea of lucid dreaming :thumbs:

It depends if you just want to record the dreams or want them cross indexed etc. There are some software DJ packages around… but a good way of motivating yourself is by making an online LD4all DJ (The only drawback is that the only way of cross-referencing then would be by using the forum search). It all depends on what you want.

I hope you enjoy your time on LD4all :smile:

Hey everyone, ive been lurking around for a bit and finally decided to make a profile and hopefully increase the amount of LDs ive been having

Welcome, Insomniasucks.
There is plenty of information hidden around this site to help you with having more LD-s.