the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 57

:welcome: insomniasucks to ld4all, I hope youll find what you need :tongue:

And I have a question regarding your name, do you suffer of insomnia, I just wonder :shy:

anyway, good luck and enjoy your visit :cheer:

:wave: hello insomniasucks, welcome to LD4all :boogie:
Good luck with your lucid quest :thumbs:
You didn’t say how many LDs that you had had :eh:

Hey, I just joined, and I’m really excited to start LDing. I have so many things I want to try in my dreams. I found out about this lucid dreaming stuff just recently, and I have been very interested ever since. LD4all had a very nice guide that I found easy to follow and very informative, so I decided to join the community.

Hey lol good to have you, try the “BIG Hi, I’m new here topic”

BTW Didn’t I just answer one of your questions lol?

Why yes, you did. Haha. Sorry about that, at least this is the only post like that I’ll be making right?

Hello there :content: I hope you enjoy your time here and have many many fun LD’s!

:welcome: tweak101, I hope your 1st LD will be a great one :woo:

It was a good choice to join the community :tongue: and I recommend you to start a DJ :wink:

:wave: hello tweak101, there are lots of quests and things to try out in a LD in the lucid adventures forum :boogie:

It’s great to have you here and I hope you experience your first LD very soon :content:

hello all. im new here as well. im really interested in having some LDs. i had one about 6 months ago and want to seriously get into having them more often. so i am going to try to participate in the forums and post my experiences. good luck to all you LDers out there.

Welcome, PhreeBird! :welcome:
Good luck with lucid dreaming! Looking forward to reading your experiences :smile:

:welcome: preebird.

If you want more LD’s, then youve come right :grin: we have a lot of tips and things to do, we even have an LD-challenge (meant to increase LD’s).

Thanks for the last sentence and good luck you too :woo:

This is a great website to help you explore LDing! :thumbs: Lots of great tips and good people! Enjoy!! :wiske:

Hello everyone! waves

so, as one might imagine, i’m new here :smile: having a little trouble finding my way around (i didn’t find this thread until i already posted a ‘hello’ somewhere else :ack:) but getting used to it pretty quick. i’ve been lurking in the DJ forum for ages now, actually, and I finaly decided to actually join up after my first (semi)LD the other night. i didn’t really have control of it, and ti all went a bit strange, but i had a good time flying around a bit anyway. i’m mostly looking forward to making new friends, and slowly learning to increase lucidity and vividness.

but er… anyway, i talk to much- long story short… um. hello! :smile:

:welcome: THJ, interesting story you had there. I remember when I was new, I had problem as well :lol:

Congrats on the LD :yay: and feel free to be here :thumbs:

Hello all i am new to the forum so i thought i would post up here first to introduce myself.


Fen Lo Low

:welcome: hello PhreeBird, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
I notice you’ve already had a LD :yay: … we have a sticky “My First LD Collection” topic in the dream journal forum (it would be great if you posted it in there) :happy:

… and don’t forget to start an online DJ here for all those dreams that you want to share :spinning:

:welcome: hello again, jelly fish :hugs:
The hello in the dream journal forum was perfectly ok, since it also served as an intro to your DJ :happy:

:smile: I find your posts full of energy and enthusiasm :boogie:

:welcome: hello Fen Lo Low
welcome to the forum, i hope you enjoy your time here :spinning:

:welcome: fen lo low, its nice to see new people :tongue:

and I hope youll like this place :hurray:

Hello everyone, newbie here. Found this place via Erowid, great site!

I have a keen interest in lucid dreaming and other spiritual ventures (as I’m sure the majority of posters here share that same interest!) My main passion is guitar; I’d be a very different person without the emotional outlet guitar allows me.

…I’m pretty bad at these introduction things, so I’ll just end it here. Hope to stay here for awhile! :smile:.

:welcome: languageofmusic :tongue:

You seem to have found the right place, we treat everyone nice, we even have an LD-challenge :boogie: you should start a DJ in the DJ-forum :wink:

Dont forget to drop by the playground :tongue:

You dont need to be great on introduction :thumbs: youre welcomed anyway :cool:

hello language of music :wave:
You will probably have an interest in the spiritual corner forum too. Plus if you want to talk about spiritual beliefs … there is the spiritual personal beliefs thread in gathering (meant for just sharing beliefs) and some religious topics in lounge … there are also some music topics in lounge too :content:
There is so much on LD4all for when you want to about things other than LDing. We also have lots of information gathered over many years :happy: so don’t forget to have a peek into the archive forums :grin:

There are no bad or good introductions … an introduction is just a post that reveals just a little about you :wink: