the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 59

Thanks moogle :content: !

Hey guys, how’s it going? I decided to register for the forums here, for the fun of it.

I’ve been interested in dreams for quite some time, and have recently grown only more so. Though I’ve never had a lucid dream (that I can remember or that lasted more than ten seconds), I’ve become quite fond of my normal dreams. Of the ones I keep track of (basically ones that aren’t boring), many have been real funny, heartwarming, or some other such feeling. I don’t ever remember having nightmares-- nearly all of my dreams I remember are positive in some way, and if they’re negative, they’re usually so in a movie-like sense, and I am never actually bothered by them (I once had a dream in which I was shot, and I was pretty amused by it when I woke up right afterwards). For this, I’m grateful, and I always look forward to what fun or interesting things my dreams may bring me.

Anyway, I’ve browsed this site and its forums many a time, but have only recently thought to join it, so that I might participate in discussions. I’m always interested in talking about dreams, so hopefully joining the forums here can yield some good stuff!

Welcome Tonchiki :content: !

Hi there! :bounce:

I read about LD in a spanish forum, and I decided to search for more information about it. LD4all seems to be the best site for it :grin:
I hardly remember dreams now, just few details or little actions in the dream, but I expect to improve my recalling and become lucid some day!
Hope that LD4all helps so :3

:welcome: konchiki and kekos :grouphug:

It IS the best site :grin: everone is helpful here :wink:

Good luck :happy:

:welcome: hello Tonchiki and Kekos, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:

There is also the added bonus that some subforums can only be viewed by members, eg the Dream Journal forum and this one :smile:

Personally I think it’s important to like your normal dreams too :smile: Don’t forget to start your own dream journal if you would like to share some of your dreams with us.

We have a topic called “ever been shot in your dreams?” in the stuff forum

On behalf of pasQuale and all of us … thank you :happy:

There is a big recalling dreams topic in the stuff forum and also a Improving Dream Recall topic in the knowledgebase forum.

I look forward to reading all about your very first LD :happy:

Huzzah, i’m new!
…well not really, i’m on the chat sometimes but i finally decided to join the forum.

OK hi thx bye

(yay a post) :cool_raz:

Welcome to the forum, kwaran! :cool_laugh:

Hi everyone. I’m from Malaysia. A week ago, I found out about lucid dreaming and has been fascinated about it since. Then, I came across this website and it’s really awesome. Hope to have a great time with everyone. Bye!

:welcome: kwaran and dreams to ld4all :tongue:

Well, fun that you decided to sign up here :colgate:

You will :grin: good luck in dreamland :happy:

Hi dreams hope you have many ld’s

Hi, I found this site after it was in a featured link in a Yahoo Answer. I’ve been coming ever since and have had around 10 lucid dreams. :content:

Hi all. I’m Emy from Romania. I found the forum 2 days ago and I know about LD for 2 months. I’m 15 and I like playing guitar, listening rock/heavy/ music.

Hi shadow dreamer, hope you become a better LDer, you found this site the same way i did, someone answered a Y!A question with a link here.

Hi Emy :smile: :welcome:

:welcome: shadow dreamer and gothicfighter :biggrin:

We have lyrics threads in the lounge :tongue:

Hi, all. I stumbled across this site a few days ago. Curiosity of lucid dreams led me here. My LDs have been few and far in between, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more.

:welcome: to ld4all :biggrin:

/me gives gorette66 many LD’s as a welcome gift :grin:

Welcome and good luck! :grin:

helllooo…is there anbody out there???
just RC if you can hear me? is there anyone asleep?

how are you doing. im a blonde 6 foot blue eyed guy who want to escape into the world of lucid dreaming. why you might ask? i think that our subconcious is infinitely more powerful that our concious minds, and through meditation and lucid dreaming practise, i wish to intregrate my conciousness more. also not to mention the flying and other cool bullshit.

ive been recording my dreams for awhile now and hope to one day be able to lucid dream every night. wish me luck YOAll@!!@@!! :smile: