the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 60

Thanks everyone :happy:
And thank you Moogle, I remember how you where the first one to reply in my journal back then! (no, did not take peek ^_^). And I think I will start typing the dreams again. But not all of them… or maybe… well, I am not sure yet about how. But I am sure already I will use the journal again :smile:

HI, I’m illusion!
I was browsing this website yesterday and realized how nice people are here…Compared to other forums.
Anyways I have been interested in lucid dreaming for I dont know how long, and have had lots of success with it :content: .
Its really nice to meet you all :hug:

hi illusion :wave: welcome

glad to have you here with us :content: I’m looking forward to read some of your LD’ing experiences! :grin:

:welcome: illusion to ld4all, I also congrat you for the LD’s you got :flower:

Hello :content: , Max here. I’m a kid with a vivid imagination who just got interested in the world of Lucidity. :tongue: Unfortunately my last few attempts have been failures… but maybe that can change starting here :grin: ! Until later…
Sweet dreams all :ok:

P.S: i love emotes XD

:welcome: max to ld4all :woo:

Youl get LD’s as you keep trying :cool:

So do I :razz:

And good luck :gni:

Hi! :cool:
examines shy feeling, thinking it’s easier to write a Hello World program than actually saying Hello to the World :smile:
I almost tried posting this hello in the Over 30 thread I read earlier… but i couldn’t find it again, so to anyone who cares, I just passed my 32 and 1/2 day the other day.
I also wanted to say, Great Work! to all involved in making this site and forum a reality. I love the colorful dreamy aspect of it all, and am rather impressed with the communal feel and empathy i’ve read in the few days of being a member.
I thought it was the coolest thing when, as a child, I learned the term Lucid Dream. Much shorter than, “you know, those dreams where you suddenly realize, ‘hey i’m dreaming!’ and you can control your dreams” I loved getting LaBerges book to try and learn more about it, but from the little I recall of it, I think i was more bogged down by the scientific aspects of it, and never made it too much through it.
Since then, I would only occasional keep up with a dream journal, and the rarer lucid dreams. When I was 19, I experienced my first though unintentional WILD, and for a span of a week or two, I had numerous other WILDs and LDs, some of which might be in an OOBE category, until I spoke about it to a friend, after having some thought it my head that if I spoke of it, it would stop… so of course, it stopped… :cry:
The past number of years, I’ve averaged 1-2 lucid dreams a year, but decided recently that i’d really like to get back into dreaming, journaling, and LDing. In the past week and a half, I’ve had one semi-lucid dream, err lucid semi-dream?.. and then this morning a more regular LD :smile: though i didnt make it to the moon like i wanted, I still got to walk through a glass window like it was curtains, and fly a little (note on that: closing eyes really didnt seem to help at all…)
Im excited to try working on the Moonthly Quest as well!!!

So again, Thank you all on a Great Site! And I hope I can keep my shyness in check enough to contribute on occasion :tongue:

Welcome Phoenyx!! :welcome: And I must say, I LOVE your username!!

I’m really glad you’re getting back into Lucid Dreaming, and it’s great that you’re now having them frequently again!!! :smile:

The monthly quests are great fun, because they often really stretch your abilities and often encourage you to try out things you wouldn’t have necessarily thought of yourself :content:

grins I’m sure your shyness will be kept in check. From my own experience, I’ve found that everybody here is really welcoming and considerate and really make you feel part of the biiig family that is LD4all. I’ve made so many friends here and I just hope that you will too!! (In fact, I’m sure you will :smile:) And if you ever have any problems, there are so many people SO willing to help out.

I hope you start a Dream Journal!!! It’ll be interesting to see how your lucid powers come back to you :smile:

:welcome: (again grins)

Hi, Phoenyx :wave:

You’ll like it here. As Tundra said, ld4all is a big friendly family :content: And I rarely - actually, never - got into posting at forums, even less getting to know people and actually talk :tongue: (I’m also shy and kinda forget it when I’m here :bored: )

Anyway, have fun and happy dreamin’!

hi everyone! i’m new here…well sorta,i had a profile a few years back i havent been on in so long that im sure its been deleted due to inactivity,but i resently got back into lucid dreaming because of a dream i had i while back and has stuck with me,im starting a DJ again and look forward to posting it :smile: also i apologize in advance for any spelling and grammar mistakes i may make,its one of many things im not good at.
im looking forward to getting to know all of you in the coming years!

                                   much love,

:welcome: slanderous to ld4all :grouphug:

Im glad you started with LD’ing again :yay:

No problem, its always fun to know new people :grin:

:welcome: To all the new members! I’m sure you will all make great new friends here just as I have. This is a fabulous and very active community! PasQuale has done an amazing job of making this forum so unique and beautiful! :content: Looking to forward to reading your future posts! :wiske:

Might not be my first post, but hi everyone ^^ novice LD er here, but long time lurker, and with motivation to spare. Hope to exchange help as much as possible w/ this community!
I have to apologize in advance, however, because i think i will never post my DJ here, as it would be too much of a chore on the long run to translate my long boring dreams every day in another language.

Hey, I’m ikemike11, and, apparently, I’m new here.
I’ll be asking all sorts of strange questions that probably don’t have an answer on the forums.

Case in point:

:welcome: ikemike to LD4all :happy:

Dont worry, youll get answer on all Questions you have :wink:

Hello, I’m Garnet. Recently I got into this site after having a lot of experiences with Lucid dreams in the past yet not knowing what’s going on. I’ve had OBE’s as well as SP’s. A ton of them. So I’ve decided to learn more about them and not just keep wondering what they are and why I keep having them. In a way I kept having a ton of OBE’S and SP’s as well as some LD’s that I got frighten of sleeping early. I’ve been talking to someone dearly to me and they’ve told me about this place and what not . So hai and stuff

Hello Illusion, Max, Slanderous, Phoenyx, Tosxychor and Garnet15. :smile:
I hope you will enjoy here and have lots of LDs.
Be sure to take a peek at Knowlegebase, which has lots of useful information.

Garnet15: With your experience i would suggest that you take a chance with WILD

Welcome, and enjoy this dreaming community along with its knowledge.
See you around.

Hello everyone! Just thought I’d introduce myself here and get to know you all :smile:

I’ve been lurking around LD4all for over a year and a half. So today I thought I’d finally join the big family that is LD4all :happy:

I first heard about lucid dreaming a few years ago. Then, after talking to a few people that are natural LDers, I thought I’d try it out, so after a few searches a found LD4all :slight_smile:

I’ve been ‘attempting’ for over a year, with little to none results… Until these past few weeks :smile:, I wont go into detail here :razz:

I may not frequently post my DJ, so I would like to apologise in advance, I will post my interesting LDs, but not all :smile:

See ya all around, BlueStar.

Welcome BlueStar, enjoy your stay, and remember we’re here anytime you need help :happy:

Spent almost the whole day yesterday reading around about LD, and listening to a Laberge audio, and during the night I actually had a short lucid sequence, so I decided not to beat around the bush and join right away… I’ve been interested for a long time in the subject though my serious and sincere exploration begins here and now… I hope for many interesting and exciting experiences in the dream realm during the following weeks.