the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 60

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Welcome Phasmagnosis! Enjoy your stay, and be sure to have a look at LD4all knowledge base, you will find an absurd amount of useful info there ^^

okay well im extremely new too this website, my boyfriend was introducing me to the lucid dreaming and i got curious about it and now that iv see what its about it seems very interesting and i would like to learn more :content: well im a new comer and will be filled with joy too meet anyone who is willing too talk to me((: fair warning i can be a dork but as long as your nice then we can be great friends! lol(: :wink: :wink: :wink: oh yeah and by the way im a very light sleeper…

hello lightsleeper15! welcome to LD4all! im looking forward to geting to know you and all the other dreamers! :grouphug:

:welcome: lightsleeper to ld4all :happy:

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:welcome: hello illusion, MaxIsLucid, Phoenyx, slanderous, Tosxychor, ikemike11, Garnet15, ShineyBlueStar, Phasmagnosis and lightsleeper15

I see you got a really warm welcome already :boogie: so i will just add hope you enjoy your time here and never hesitate to pm a moderator if you want guidance in finding your way about :content: or anything else :smile:

hi im pigbox, im new. :smile:
from holland, i have some lucid dreams every once in a while but id love to be better at it. hope i can learn some things here. :smile:

:welcome: Pigbox to LD4all!

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We actualy have a whole subforum filled with Guides on Lucid dreaming techniques, how to stay lucid and much much more!

:wave: hello pigbox, welcome to the international side . i presume you have joined the Netherlands LD4all already? :eh:
If you have a moment, please post in the over 30 thread (link in my signature) … it’s always nice to know that we aren’t the only member over 30 :wink:
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Welcome pigbox! Enjoy your stay here, and be sure to read Dream Journals of other users if you need any kind of motivations/inspiration ^^

thanks for the warm welcome. :smile:
a dutch ld4all? no, i wasnt aware… but in english is fine too, i understand everything in english as well.
allright lets read something. :smile:

This is Grayscale-Blush.

I’ve been trying to get these lucid dreams with no luck. but I’m on a mission. Any help and pointers I can get is greatly appreciated.

:welcome: to the forum

People will gladly help you with the quetions you have, just post them :tongue:

And good luck trying to get one LD :cool:

Welcome Grayscale-Blush!
For any need of general help, our knowledge base section is big and growing every month ^^
Plus we have lots of useful stickies on every section to get you started, be sure to learn form others’ experiences :wink:
For everything else, you can open a topic, we’ll be there to help ;D

hi i am new here, I used to have lucid dreams when i was pregnant. I could taste the salt on my tongue from the sea, and feel the wind in my hair or the heat from a fire, i could feel real fear, and complete happiness and control most dreams … but it has been about 8 months since i have had them. I know it was probably just the hormones but i want to retrain my mind and body to be able to experience these amazing dreams and i didnt know where to start, Until now :smile: I hope this site helps!

Welcome sunkissed! We’ll be here for any need of explanation of yours ^^
Be sure to look at pasQuale’s guide first, in the main page; we have also lots of interesting guides to get you deeper into techniques in the Knowledge base; lots of stickied topics can answer the most common questions; and finally, if you still need any help, just post a topic and we’ll be ready to help :wink:

I’d throw an advice right away: if you can remember your dreams at wakeup and you remember how you felt during those LD’s, you can start right away! :content: Just think of how good you felt during those dreams before going to sleep (or using WBTB for better results), keep the warmth of that emotion with you till you fall asleep.
Hpoe you get lots of LD’s :happy: Good luck!

Read the guide and stuff :content: !

Also, welcome :smile: .

Hello fellow dreamers.

You might wonder why a ld4all-user who has a profile since 04 Jun 2009 writes his introduction several months later.
Some of you already know me a little.
The truth is that I’ve signed up on first. There I’ve written over 100 posts and comments under the same user name. Half a year ago someone wrote a topic, requesting a chat room on Lucidipedia. His requests stayed unanswered but one user pointed out that there is a chat room here on ld4all. That’s when I first heard about this site. Shortly after that I had my account here and I started to go to your chat room. However I stayed away from the forum because I was already on the other site and I didn’t have time to watch both forums at once.

Today at 5:55 a.m. local time I decided to change that!

In this half year that I went on the chat room i became closer to some users than most of my friends.
Also, for some reason I’ve stopped to write stuff on the other site. It just doesn’t speak to me than it used to. And I find this site more,…easy going I should say.
This i is the first entry in my DJ about the LD-Chat room:

i was talking now for over an hour with LD people on a chat. it was interesting and i learned some new things. i enjoy the company of those other dreamers because they are not so close minded but open for succestions. think they are just easier going… “ may 24th 2009

This means:
-I’ll put the site on my Firefox tool-bar for a quicker access.
-I will start a dream journal shortly. But I won’t put every dream online. Only interesting, and some of my Lucid ones.

About myself.
I’m 19 and when I’m not on mars I live in Switzerland, collecting information about the humans for the Martian-government :wink:.

(you can skip this next part if you don’t want to go on. I promise I won’t be mad at you as I’m not a fan of long posts myself. :smile:

My story behind LDing
It all started when I was about six years old. I had a lucid dream: I was on a ship and there was a storm and the ship began to sink. Suddenly I knew that I was dreaming and that nothing can happen to me. So I just decided to jump into the cold water and I woke up.
Two years after that I realized that if you know that you are dreaming, you could do whatever you want. Then I also realized that outside noise can be heard in your dream- So I came to the conclusion that if someone in the waking life would say that you are dreaming, you would hear that in your dream and know that you are dreaming. (I was 8 years old!)
When I told my dad my theory he didn’t believe me. He said that dreams are given to us and cannot be changed if we wanted to.
I stopped thinking about it for 9 years. With the age of 17 I watched a show on the discovery channel called “Human Body : Pushing The Limits”. At the end they talked about lucid dreaming. That blew my mind as you can imagine. There it was, my theory, proven on television, described from a researcher with a PhD (Steven Laberge) I watched it over and over again. A couple of Google searches and Youtube videos later I found myself on where I signed up.
It was my 18th birthday, June 30th, 2008.

Now you know my story about lucid dreaming.

I already have some LD- experience. My LD-Rate is up to 2/month. I Hope I can increase that rate to 2/week before my next b-day.
I’ve continued my research on Sound/Speech induced Lucid dreams (SILD > not the official name for it!..yet) . So far I had no success with it.

I’m planning on opening a new topic about this as I think I’m about to have a breakthrough in it…:stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome marsmenschli! You will sure find some great and nice company here ^^
As for the sound inducing, there have been already people who thought of that, and programmed a timer which would make a sound every x minutes, the one that works best IMO is Dreamscape.
Also, don’t worry, you’ll find yourself having lots of LD’s in no time ;D