the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 61

Hi, me too, I’m new.
I’ve been aware of the fact that there are people who practice lucid dreaming, but I never really was interested.

Now I am and I’ve tried a bit and I’ve become lucid at the third try. Not bad considering the fact that I used to not even remember my dreams.

Funny fact: the clock RC doesn’t work in my dreams --> the clocks ihn my dream work and don’t change time after I turned around and looked on them again :open_mouth:

:welcome: welcome to the forum Sin-H.

i have similar with the text RC … writing in my dreams is always stable. :content:

Hope you enjoy your time here … you may like to post about that first LD in the “My First LD Collection” in the dream diary forum (link)

Hi, I’m also new here!

I accidently ran over the topic about lucid dreaming 5 days ago and somehow landed here. I have had 1 lucid dream since then, but only for a few seconds (I was too excited about the fact that I’m dreaming). Looking forward to the next one. :smile:

I’m interested in this topic, because it’s something I remember from my childhood and I see many possibilities in lucid dreaming. Also please keep in mind: I’m from Austria (not Australia :razz:) so my English is not perfect.

:welcome: hello Bluemoon. It’s great that you have the previous experiences in lucid dreaming, it should soon come back to you if you use some techniques to help induce them. Take a look in the knowledgebase forum there are lots of helpful topics in there.

Just as an aside … I can’t see anything wrong with your english :smile:

hey, i´m new here, i just discovered LD today :tongue:
I can´t wait for tonight when I´m going to dream :happy: :happy:

Welcome JoeC to LD4all! :wave:
If you want some information on the recommended techniques to get lucid, I suggest reading the Knowledge Base we have here, I’m sure you’ll find it useful :wink:

Welcome chronosaurus, Sin-H, BlueMoon, JoeC and everyone else I missed. :welcome:

Hello everyone new.congratulations you have taken your first steps to lucid dreaming. Hope you find these forums benifitial

Hello, I’m the new kid on the block… fascinated by lucid dreaming but I think it is best for me to wait learning it till after my exams… too bad

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Welcome Blenderman to LD4all! :wave:
Think about it this way: when you’re LD’ing, you’re using time you would normally spend dreaming, and as such you’re just gaining time this way ^^ not to mention there’s easy techniques that require little to no time during the day, like autosuggestions, RC’s, and Lucid Living.
Hope everything goes well with your exams, and you have plenty of LD’s :content:

Welcome Blenderman. :welcome:

Lucid dreams are a great way to relieve some of the stress of exams. You’ve come to the right place. :cool:

Hi there,

Im Ryan. I have had one LD in my time so far and decided to join up on this site to create more =]

Welcome Ryan! :wave:
If you want to learn to induce more Lucid Dreams, I suggest you have a read of the guides we have here, not to mention the site guide by pasQuale. And don’t forget to check the Lucid subsections for any other question you might want to have answered :wink:

Hi everyone, I just found this forum and decided it looks like a nice place to explore new LDing ideas. Personally I’ve started really working on LDing again the past few months. I’ve managed to have about 4 WILDs and several DILDs. I’m hoping to get to know some cool people here, and learn a lot more. Thanks for existing ld4all!

Welcome Gamercat! :wave: Glad to hear you’re doing well, and I hope you enjoy the discussions we are carrying around here! :content:

Hey, I’m Marty. I don’t know much about LD at all, but I thought it seemed interesting and decided to check it out. Reading about it made me really excited to sleep now :tongue:

Hopefully this’ll be a forum where I’d like to stay 'cause I’m bored of all the other ones I’m on right now. :content:

:welcome: marty to ld4all :grin: of course LD’s are interesting and you want more after your first one :tongue:

And this forum is worth to stay on, there is much to explore :peek:

Good luck with your LD’s :happy:

Hi everybody,

I am new here, Im french and Im also on the french’s forum, so, sorry if i make mistake, I don’t speak english fluently yet ^^"

Welcome taiji,
and don’t worry, we all have to learn somewhere :content: so enjoy your stay in the English section! :smile:

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