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Hey everyone,

I’ve had dreams before where i have been slightly aware, created and flown. But recently i had a dream where i was in the garden of my subconcious, walked through a door attempted to go down some stairs but got scared of whats down there and so i came back to the waking state.

This last experience was completely concious and was the catalyst that brought me here.

My ambition here is to discover more about lucid dreaming but mainly to discover things about myself in order to live the most incredible life ever.

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(And welcome to LD4all, by the way)[/mod]

Hi! There’s nothing important to know about me… so Hi

You’re 12…you should still feel like being the center of the universe kiddo. :wink:

Anyway, welcome and also to you Happy. :smile:

Hi, I’m Nate. I found this website a couple days ago, and I joined the forum while doing WBTB last night, after which I had my first lucid dream. I used MILD afterward, and it proved to be very effective. Once I dreamed about what I told myself I would dream about, I became somewhat aware that I could do whatever I want. I wasn’t completely free, but I was definitely lucid. It was awesome.

Nice start to have one so soon. :tongue:

Hey guys I’m Nur, and I only recently(this summer) learned about Lucid dreaming and it’s potential, after a very failed WILD I kinda gave up until I recently started having DILDs so now I’m going to try to get back to the awesome world of LD.

Hey, I´m Roman (not like the people from Rome and also not like the books it´s my name :smile: )

I heard about lucid dreaming every now and then but I first thought it was some kind of special ability you have or have not.
I read an article in which it said that there are different ways of getting to it which made me look it up on the internet and brought me here.
I started writing my dream journal a few days ago and today I´m trying WBTB.
Hope it´ll work :content:

:welcome: hello and welcome to LD4all happiness in dreams, DocHolliday, happy, Eago, Okapis Rule, Nur5 and romiehomie :grouphug:

Congrats on the LD happiness in dreams :content: … might be an idea to record it in our Big First LD collection in the dream journal forum or in a dream journal in our dream journal forum :wink:

I look forward to reading all your future posts :content: and hope you enjoy your time here.

That sounds really interesting. :eh:
Going downstairs implies to me going deeper into your subconscious mind.

Well Eago it’s interesting to know that your current LD goal is to get inspiration for a movie :grin: Since you are creative, you will probably like the fruits of lucidity and garden of creation forums :wink:

Congrats! :boogie:

Good luck :thumbs: with your LD quest. I think a common mistake seems to be to have the mind set on only doing WILD and not trying other methods. have you read the choosing your technique topic in the knowledgebase forum and the list of all known and new techniques?

:eh: A slightly unusual name.

good luck :thumbs:

Hi people! :happy:
i just made myself a member… Me and my friends were out talking over a spliff one day and we were talking about waking life, the movie u know? nywhooo i started thinkin about the lucid dreams ive had and so i started doing some searching and here i am :smile: I think im a bit of a natural since ive had some lucid dreams and unknowingly made use of the MILD technique for example but i want to learn more! :happy:

So who am I? im a funloving guy who’s in love with the world and tries to travel as much as he can. Next stop norway and after that 6 months in asia ^^

Oh and just a small ps. :razz: the avatar programming for this site just is horrid… :razz: i wanna upload my own avatar!! DS

:wave: hello talrik
Welcome to LD4all. There is so much information and personal experience gathered together on this forum, you will enjoy learning more. :happy:

As for the avatars … there is a large variety of forum ones. But most members find (or make) a suitable one and use an hosting site like imageshack or photobucket.

Hi there, everyone! Lucho here! A couple of days ago, I began my “oneiric journey”, as I call it (viaje onírico in Spanish, since I’m Argentine). I found LD4all and I’ve been enthusiastically reading all the guides and stuff. It’s going to be great not to be alone in my oniric journey/training! :wink:
Regarding my personal LD story, I had my first lucid dreams as a kid and I never ever got them out of my mind (I had two, actually, as far as I can remember). Later on, as a teenager, I learnt about the idea of lucid dreams through a friend, but always disregarded the possibility of actually training that skill (let me tell you, I found it kind of creepy, only because of ignorance). Now, as a 21-year-old guy, I’m ready to start my training!
Last Sunday, I finally began a dream journal and I started training my dream-remembering skills. So far, I’ve been remembering my dreams every night (4 dreams last night!!), and I had a small instance of lucidity last Monday. So, I’m very excited, as you can imagine!

Nice to meet you, LD4all community!

(Excuse my English mistakes; it’s not really my mother-tongue :wink: )

Hola everyone, I’ve been lingering on this site for quite sometime and have decided to join the fun. My interest in LD came to me after watching the movie “Waking Life” about 5 years ago. I was 18 at the time (now 23) and I began practicing RC’s like it was my job. Luckily I was able to obtain lucidity once from this and had a nice 15 second dream of me leaping from the ground onto the roof of a building (such an awesome feeling). After that LD I struggled obtaining lucidity and gave up. Recently I went to see the movie “Inception” and it has completely sucked me back into the world of lucid dreaming. There’s so much more info on the internet now about LD then there was 5 years ago, and I’m so glad my research brought me to this forum. After reading up on flying techniques in one of the posts I realized that I’ve had more lucid dreams than I thought (when I was younger I would swim into the air and be able to get great height but I just always shrugged it off as a regular dream).

Good to be here fellow dreamers :wink:

Welcome to the forums, homervb! :happy:

It’s always good to hear from newer members. Makes me remember when I first started…all full of motivation and excitement and such. Well, I’m still that way now, but you get the idea. :tongue:

I hope you can find some helpful things in this community and participate in some of the discussions. Good luck with your dreaming, mate.

Hello, I’m Tony.

I just yesterday found out about LD, and I’ve always wanted this, I just never knew: A. It was possible B: Anyone could do it, and C:It actually had a name.

I tried WILD yesterday, rather excitedly, and got to the HI stage, when I got lost as of what to do. I read that I’m supposed to focus on these images, is this right?

Thank you, I appreciate it :smile: I feel like I’ve found my 2nd home lol

:wave: hello Lucho, homervb and Unseen_Eye :grouphug: welcome to the forum

I read everything when I first joined too :content:

That’s great :yay:
i think it helps when you definitely know you are able to LD through having had some lucidity in the past. :yes:

A dream is defined as lucid by being aware it’s a dream while dreaming. So it all depends on what you are thinking at the time and not by actions. BTW different incarnations of LD4all has been on the net for 14 years. The History of LD4all
Author: pasQuale

Lucidity Centerstage will be a source of other films and media to inspire you in your lucid quest.

That must have been an awesome surprise :content:

WILD - An user friendly tutorial is a good explanation of what to expect and do during this stage.

I hope you all enjoy your time spent on LD4all :happy:

Im new, and i am fascinated with lucid dreaming. I really want to learn how to do this, but i am currently trying to remember my dreams. It’s only been one day, and I have only remembered like, less than 1 second of my dream. Good start I guess :boogie:

It would be amazing if I learned how to do remember my dreams, and become lucid in them. To me it would be life changing, not sure about anything else. I would look forward to sleeping every night, and wake up happy every morning.

So yeah, i’m new and hi :content:

Welcome Haitheer to the LD4all community! :wave:
DR comes easily with dedication, and practice. Often, just staying in bed and trying to think what you were doing just before, you can recall plenty of dreams you’ve had during the night! And then it’s just a matter of filling the details in your DJ :wink:

Well, life-changing is sure a good description enough :lol: you could start writing down all the adventures you’d want to have inside a dream! It’s very good inspiration for LD’s :content:

Best of wishes for you :smile:

:wave: hello Haitheer

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