the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 63

Hi LD4all!
I was on the French forum and i decide to register here. I only had one lucid dream.
My name is Gabriel and i am 13 ears old. I knew lucid dreams there was three months. I am happy to are here now!

Thank you!

Note : Sorry for my mistakes in your language :content:

hello Alaky, welcome to the international forum :wave:
If it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to translate it, you may like to post that LD in the sticky “My First LD Collection” in the dream journal forum :content:

Hi everyone,
I’m also a noobie here. I have been able to LD for as long as I can remember, in fact can’t wait for bedtime every night, as it is always sure to be a cool experience. I’ve always been fascinated by dreaming, so much so, that I am in the middle of working towards a degree as a sleep disorders tech. I can’t wait to have a look around and dive right into your word.


Mad Cool. Welcome to the forum Nyx :beer:

Hopefully you’ll discover information to help not-so-naturals like me. Keep it up and enjoy your stay.


I’m also new. Never had a lucid dream nor remember 95% of my dreams but the ones I do remember all have something to do with nightmares/creepy/odd/Halloween kinda stuff (bats, guts, ghost, blah blah blah) so I must work on dream recalling. I do have a few questions (I won’t get in to them- pretty embarrassing questions actually) but I could probably solve those soon. I am doing reality checks and hope to start remembering dreams and/or having LDs, but for now, I shall introduce myself.My name is Suzie (would prefer to be called something like Velve or Mid), I live in the U.S and I’m 13. Ba-da-bing. I remember dreams from years ago and haven’t been able to remember any since. Anyway, I can get carried away so I must stop.


Welcome MidnightBlossom to LD4all! :wave:
I’m sure you have plenty of sweet dreams, it’s just that the creepy ones are easier to remember since they spring to mind once you wake up.
If you work on your recall, I’m sure everything will be fine. :smile: You can start from our recall guide.

Hi :wink:
I have read some parts of this forum before and now I decided to register.
First of all, I will introduce myself. My name is Aiste. I am 20 yers old. I live in Lithuania. I am interested in lucid dreaming for about 4 yers. I had my first LD when I was about 13 yers old. And totaly in my life I had maybe 20-30 LD’s. I am practicing it with a group from Lithuania at the moment. I have read some books about lucid dreaming and now I am interested in Carlos Castaneda books.
That’s all for my first post :wink:

Yesterday I first heard about Lucid Dreaming. I became interested instanly. It’s a really cool thing! I have never had a LD, but I’ve already started to write down my dreams. :smile: (I’m very good at remembering). I tried LD last night, but it didn’t work. :meh: However, I know patience is important, so I’ll wait as long as it takes to get a LD. :content:

As for me, you can call my Eloisia or something similar. :smile: I’m a 15 years old girl from Norway. :smile: I look forward to sharing my dreams with you when I will suceed at Lucid Dreaming. Cya around! :happy:

I’m 18, and from Sweden. And just like Eloisia I just heard about LD yesterday and I was absolutely amazed by it!
I decided to try WILD last night, I don’t think it worked but it sure was one of the strangest nights I’ve had. I felt strange sensations in my head and body, and when I tried to move my body I felt the movement but when I checked I was lying in the same position and I recall having some flashing images before my eyes but when I tried to focus on them they faded away. I completely forgot to do reality checks as I seemed to wake up once every hour or so.
I’m gonna start doing RCs asap and make a real habit out of it :razz:

I don’t think I’ve ever had any LDs before but I do recall having SPs when I was younger, if I remember correctly they’re actually abit frightening, but then again when I had them I had no idea what they were or why I got them.

Anyways I should stop writing now… I’ll most likely stick to this forum as long as my quest for Lucid Dreams is alive! And I really hope we can all get along :happy:

Hi ailuropoda and eloisia and :welcome: to ld4all :happy:

You sure make progress towards your first LD and probably will have one soon :content:

Nice to see scandinavians join this forum btw :tongue:

Hello, my name is Dreamgirl19, and I just realized i have LD just recently. Actually,I was born with it, because I was having a bunch of adventures since I was 3. (They got wilder as I got older) . And, the more I got older, the more I kindda adjusted to everything in my dreamworld. My adventure, my personal life, etc… And figured out what was going on. I knew my dreams were not normal, and one google search and I found out what my dreams are. Im so happy that Im not the only one who has this special condtion! Im on this fourm because I want to learn more about what I have, and contol it better, and make friends who are just like me! Im surprized there’s all different ages on here, and since Im a junior in high School, I feel comfortable and i can be myself. :smile: Im so happy cause I thought I was the only one! Well, I do remember my dreams, ( is that the dream recall) ? and I have a blog Dream journal, that I post. I post my dreams in my blog, so everyone can see my life in my other world. :smile: Im going to be here a lot, so I hope I make friends! Oh, and sometimes I can fly,if I want to,( I fly on a broomstick) and, I have powers: I can crawl like a spider on a celing, and stay there. Oh, and I remeber I stoped time, and… I made my backyard a total ice rink! And I can run and jump very high and far. I hope I learn more about my dreams! :wiske:

:welcome: DreamGirl19.

It’s good to have a member with so much experience.

Oh, It’s not a condition, everyone can Lucid Dream.

:wave: hello Kita, Eloisia, Ailuropoda and DreamGirl19
welcome to the LD4all community :smile:

Hi I’m new here, sometimes I have pretty crazy ND’s and I’ve had no LD’s so far, but heres to hoping! :beer:

I’ve missed one dream sign already Doh but hopefully I’ll get an LD soon!
This community is really interesting and it’s cool to see everyones dreams :smile:

LD4All, you’re all spectacular people doing awesome things! I mean you have to be, you’re all lucid dreaming! :happy:

I’m a fifteen year old Canadian kid who’s been quite interested in LDing since about this time last year. It absolutely enthralled me, but I’m a bit shamed to say I really didn’t put much effort toward having any. I started to improve my dream recall by telling myself to, but didn’t keep a journal. It still worked well enough, I went from remembering the odd dream every so often to recalling at least three a week within the first two weeks. Then something happened in my life and I forgot/gave up on my journey for lucidity until just recently, yesterday in fact. Now I’m here, ready to hit it full force.

I’ve had two encounters with SP, the first of which wasn’t frightening at all. Actually I felt like giggling the entire time, and it only lasted for a short while, A little white flashing stick figure came running from my bathroom and jumped into me. The second time was a little more frightening, my head was facing towards my closet and I saw my jacket slowly transforming into some sort of black massed entity, tried to scream at that point to see if someone could come in and get me outta it, but of course it didn’t work. Instead I closed my eyes and when I opened them again it wasn’t there, shortly after I came out of it on my own.

Well I hope that wasn’t to verbose or irrelevant, I’m in the mood for writing at the moment :happy:. Anyways you’ll all probably be seeing quite a lot of me this coming month, I have nothing better to do and am looking to immerse my self totally in the subject.


Thank you, I already feel welcome already! :smile: and I have a few question: I know what LD is, but what’s Sd? and wild? and Mild? I’ll be on posting on the forum a lot!

If you put your mouse over the acronyms the explination will be shown :cool_raz:

But the downside is that they need to be written in caps :tongue:

Here is the dictionary :wink:

Hello everyone! I’m a 25 (almost 26) year old lucid dreamer. Been doing it since my teenager years. I used to lucid dream a lot more than I do now, since I’ve gotten out of practice, but am looking to get into a better routine once again. I enjoy reading about dreams and learning more about them too. :smile:

I look forward to getting to know you all.

Hello everybody! Im a 19 y/o college student who has been interested in developing my LD skills for a while now. I’ve had three LD’s that I can recall…one being last night. I’ve been poking the back of my hand as a RC for the past couple weeks and when I poked my hand in my dream last night I got so excited that I was lucid I decided the first thing i should try to do is wake my self up haha (dont exactly know why I would do such a thing but I felt it was a good idea at the time). What actually ended up happening was my dream was changed in to an entirely different scene and had turned in to a ND. Anyways, i’m going to start writing down my dreams starting tomorrow morning and maybe after a while i’ll start a DJ in the forums here. It looks like i’m really going to enjoy this forum and I can’t wait to get in to it.

:welcome: hello Lucidism
Since you used to lucid dream regularly, I would advise you to visit the lucid adventures forum. It will give you a lot of inspiration of what to do in your LDs and you can even earn the quest wings by completing a current LD4all monthly quest.

:wave: hello iwymore
I like using the poke your finger through your palm as a RC … it feels odd and is a sure way to definitely know that you are dreaming :dream:


I hope you both enjoy your time on the forum and make yourselves at home :content: