The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 64

Welcome Mudkip now i have to question how big of a pokemon fan you are when your favorite(mudkip) came in a few games later XD. but read up on all you can and your lucid dreaming dreams will come true :smile:

Thanks Y4ZT :smile:

I Know Mudkip came in the pokemon after several generations but he is the best pokemon :content:

Yeah, I hope lucid dreams will come true !

Welcome Chris! :wave: I just had to do this presentation :tongue:

You’re doing great so far! :happy: You could keep a online DJ (maybe of your LD’s only) to share the beauties you’ve met and explored with the community ^^ It will do great to your English, plus it’s extra motivation for other users! :content: Be sure to read others’ DJ for your own inspiration as well ^^
Good luck and sweet dreaming! :dream:

Thanks you TosxyChor ! :smile:

I don’t know if I make on online DJ. In fact, my english is really BAD

I couldn’t write my DJ correctly and I couldnt’ choose the good words :cry:

Yeah, I Quite like pokemon, but Im no addict of it :tongue:

About your english, as you keep being here your english will get better, plus writing in the language is actually a good practice :smile:

Neither do I but I like the game lol

Yeah, I hope my English will get better !

Hey everybody,

As you notice I’m new here, just getting started with my Lucid Dreaming-Quest, I have read many Articles, watched Inception, searched for many Guides in the Forums and think I have enough about LD in my head so far.

I’m not that person who remember his dream, I have never taken it seriously, just 7 Days ago I started writing my dreams in my DJ and trying to recognize dream signs, I had 3 normal dreams so far but I really noticed that I’m getting better and I can remember every second dream better than the first one.

The first thing I tried to do is recall a previous Dream, I had about 3 Months ago!, this was the only interesting dream I had this year, it was an important dream for me because I can get an answer to a very important question, witch I think I cannot get in Real-life, and maybe my SG could help me with it :smile:.

And as I said I had 3 normal dreams, this first one was the recall from the dream had 3 Months ago, just from first attempt I sat my intent and tired to remember and thinking of the details of that dream as much as I can and happened to me, and second dream was the next night and I actually continued my previous dream(Two nights one dream :smile:…, third wasn’t that important but still I wrote it down in my Dream Journal. Now my point is that none of those dreams was Lucid or Vivid :sad: however I can now remember dreams better than before and I can easily recall a dream, and I think it’s just a mater of time.

And I want to know if there is any guide about how to get more vivid Dreams, my dreams are so blur and I can only remember few colours, I heard so far about Kohlrabi and going to try it tonight. :smile:

Merged into the Big Hi I’m New Topic, and welcome :wave:

:welcome: amir to ld4all :cool_laugh:

Nice that youve read articles, watched Inception, it surely will improve your LD ability :grin: and your DR will get better as you want to remember more dreams :tongue:

Also, follow the link in my sig to the Game topic (do an RC) :tongue:

Youll also find many helpful members here :happy:

Ps, here is our big topic :wink:

Hey Guys, I’m new here :smile:

Hi ! My “fake” name is “Over”, I’m 31, I’m French.
I did my first LD yesterday night. I’m only frustrated by the fact my lucidity made me awaken, and that the LD french site is closed.
See you for chating
Over !

You evil, evil GHOSTIE :tongue: better not to greet newcomers with a “you lost”, it’s a bit rude for those who don’t know yet, capiche?

Welcome Amir and Over to LD4all! :wave:
Amir, be sure to develop your DR to good levels first, it will ease things by a very good amount :content: here’s a guide on the how-to.

Over, congrats for your first LD! ^^ Next time you recognize you are dreaming, remember to stay calm and take some deep breaths, if you take time to stabilize yourself and the dream, the LD gets much longer! :happy:

See you both around :wink:

“Alea jacta est” :tongue: I didnt mean to be rude, but this Game topic is a good way to do RC’s (although it is frustrating to lose, I admit :tongue:) and since its in my sig it means I cannot greet newcomers anymore :tongue:

:welcome: Over to ld4all :cool_raz: the french site has been down for Quite long, and congratulations for your LD :colgate:

Im always in IRC when online, see you there :razz:

Having it in your sig is quite different, as people don’t look at sigs as often, and it is perceived less directly. If you greet them with a reference to the game, it’s more like a personal attack instead :tongue: I hope you get the idea. Besides, you said it yourself, your sig would be more than enough to direct people to the game RC topic, no need to do that in greetings as well :smile:

Hello everybody ! Ghosties 11, TosxyChor, Amir ! Hi !
Thank you for the advice, now I’m just impatient to make another LD.
In my dream as well as in the reality, I felt as if my legs became like coton wool, like jely. This gave me the impression to do a kind of decorporation, I mean to separate myself from my body.
the next time, I 'll try to stay more relax.

See You


Hello everyone. I’m not actually new to this forum, and I used to come here with a different account. I was Vampirism45. The thing is, that was a long time ago ( I consider 3 months a long time), and I have no clue what the password was anymore. :sad: Plus, the email that I registered with with was one I don’t use anymore. Heck, I don’t even know what that particular email address was. So, seeing that I was screwed, I just decided to create a new account.

Hi everyone.I came across lucid dreaming about 6 months ago, but couldn’t really learn this fantastic skill because I was busy with school. Now that exam’s ended, I finally have the time to start this quest.

I read the LD4all guide a few days ago, and I have to say, it’s been a pleasure reading it. Thanks pasQuale for such a simple, short yet deeply inspiring guide. It is easily the best lucid dreaming guide on the net. I have read Tim’s guide on Lucidipedia, but in my opinion this is better.

Hope to learn from you guys and maybe make a few friends. Also, please bear with me;English is not my first language, if I made any mistakes, please feel free to correct me.

Welcome lucky christmas-cracker, and welcome back Vampirism! :wave:

lucky, you’re surely up to great things :happy: if you want to improve dream recall first, I suggest you follow Rathez’s guide on this. Good luck on your Quest :wink:

Vampirism,try asking a mod, maybe you’ll come to an agreement and you’ll manage to get your old account back :smile:

hey lucky christmas-cracker ( how did you come up with that name? )
Thanks for the compliment :smile: It’s always nice to hear the guide is still inspiring, after all those years. :smile: I think you will make new friends here soon enough, good luck becoming lucid!

also: @vampirism54/frankenduck : drop me a PM if you want your old account back :smile: (If not, I’ll delete that one. In any case, let me know :smile: (welcome back, by the way!)

Hi TosxyChor. Thanks for the reply and the link to Rathez’s guide. It’s a fantastic guide. I understand more about dream recall now.

pasQuale: Thank you for the warm welcome! Never thought I’d be talking to the creator of LD4all. Anyway, no, I didn’t come up with that name.I’m not that creative :grin: . I got it from a christmas username generator site :content: :content: , since I couldn’t come up with a nice name for myself. I’ve always had a thing for christmas and because the name(my username) seems rather appealing to me, I thought ‘’ why not use this’’? If you want, you can visit the link here and discover your special christmas name :smile: !

By the way, how long has it been since the LD4all guide was created? Sounds like it’s been here for quite some time already.

my name is madison and i have been on this website a lot, i just today decided to become a member :colgate: