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The name’s Kelli (age 21) but I like to go by the pseudonym Gnossos online. I have always had a passing interest in lucid dreaming (one of my favorite films is Waking Life) but have remained quite skeptical about the importance of dreams. Lately I’ve been led to research LDs because I’ve been having some very strange ones lately.

Since I’ve been unemployed for the past 2 months, I’ve slept a lot more than usual and been under a lot of stress, in addition to my anxiety problems I’ve had since I can remember. I believe this is what has spurred some strange occurrences in my sleep.

It started with the old wives’ tale of “a witch riding your back”. When I dream, about 9/10 the dream is either a nightmare or just very negative, probably because I am just a generally negative person. The initial occurrence of sleep paralysis grabbed my attention.

More recently, after crashing on a friend’s couch one morning after a long night of drinking heavily, I had a nightmare with about 5 or 6 false awakenings. Each time I thought I was awake but would see something weird, realize it was still a dream, and “wake up” again. In one instance, I looked up on the ceiling to discover the pillows from the couch levitating just below the overhead light. Frightened, I looked in the corner to see a demon-like figure smiling eerily at me and realized once again that I was dreaming.

I started to think it had something to do with sleeping on couches when a few weeks later I had a horribly terrifying nightmare in which I realized I was dreaming but couldn’t wake up. It’s always toward the end that I become aware. The dream started off fairly normally and led into a horrifying nightmare in which I was being chased. Lucid, I wished for my boyfriend to save me. I ran into our bedroom to find him seemingly dead (or asleep) on our bed, demonic/possessed, scantily clad women making out in the floor surrounded by baby toys. I kept screaming in the dream for him to wake me up (he was asleep on the couch beside me), but it took awhile to finally be able to come out of it. By now he’s fairly used to me waking up sobbing or hyperventilating. After this, I did a search for “lucid nightmares” and sleep paralysis… it definitely piqued my interest.

What finally solidified things was when I had yet another one of what I’ve come to call my levitation dreams. Once again, I was napping on the couch. I had noticed in passing that my boyfriend had put a sound cable on the counter a few feet away from me, and in the dream I looked at it and it started uncoiling and coming toward me in midair. The thought occurred to me that wouldn’t it be cool if I really was making things levitate in my sleep? But no, since I sleep next to someone I’m fairly sure that wouldn’t go unnoticed… Still I wish I could record myself when I sleep sometime, I think it would be interesting to see.

Has anyone else had any similar dreams, as far as the levitation thing goes? What about false awakenings in nightmares, or nightmares where you can’t wake up? I’m sure it’s fairly common.

Hello everyone! :content:
Today I found this site and decided to join. Lucid dreaming is something I discovered few days ago so I can say I am new to the term but I was always interested in dreams. In childhood I used to write them down, like a story, giving each of them a name. They were always inspiration to me, not only for writing or drawing but for learning about myself.
In one period of my life, not so long ago, I had very powerful dream, very intense that had a healing effect on me. I cannot tell was I aware that I was dreaming cause I never paid attention on that, but I can tell that after waking up I thought to myself “This was real! I wasn’t just dreaming!” Well, for that very dream, I started to “investigate” dream theories and that is how I found out about lucid dreaming.
I would like to share that dream with you but I’ll have to introduce myself to the forum a bit since I don’t know where is the right topic to put my story in. :wink:
Anyhow, nice to be here , glad to be part of this community! :content:
kind regards~~~~

Welcome gnossos and TealBlue to the LD4all comunity! :wave:

gnossos, at one point everyone wonders if they are doing with their real body what they are also doing with their dream one; but in most cases, the answer is no, fiction and reality stay mostly separate :smile: I can’t really advice you on Lucid Nightmares though, as I’ve never had one. You can find a topic on it, though.

TealBlue, dreams can be so powerful sometimes, they can change our very essence. Glad you come to us to seek information, I’m sure you’ll find plenty, plus an affable community of users! :colgate:

Good luck to both of you :content:

Hello! I came from DreamViews, and I wanted to see what it was like here. I might start lucid dreaming again, although it’s alittle hard to keep up with my dream journal, epecially when you don’t remember a dream at first, and you continue on your way and then you do something that trigers the memory to come back, but by then, you aren’t in the mood for writing down dreams.

My dreams are like I got transported to the Nostalgia Filter, and are very nostalgic to me.

For instance, I have lots of Metroid dreams. They feel very nostalgic to me (atleast they invoke that feeling), and they are good ideas for a game :wink:

BTW, I am using Netscape 3 because it is really fast, although the graphics don’t display well, the layout is more or less correct
(thankyou tables)

Welcome kargaroc! I’m sure you’ll find yourself at home here :content:
Remeber that the first step in having LD’s is always recall! How would you be supposed to remember what you do at night otherwise? :tongue:
Keep a good DJ, enjoy all the dreams you have (seems like you already do for some :smile: ) and keep out for the time you’ll find yourself in a dream! ^^

Also, Netscape must be pretty old, may I suggest Opera or Safari as fast browsers? :content:

Your welcome is much appreciated, tosxyChor. I think I’ll like it here :smile:


I actually like it here more than dreamviews. :yes:

Bit late I suppose. But better then never.

Ello, I’m Nat. (Read Eilatan backwards :tongue:) I joined here because lucid dreaming is cool. Except, I’ve never been able to pull it off. Though, I once had a dream about lucid dreaming. Which was mean because I can’t do it. But I shall! One day! <3 I really like stuff like anthropology, sociology, philosophy, history, biology and like sparking odd conversations about people with my knowledge of random facts.
Did you know, you’re more likely to be bitten by mosquitos if you’ve recently consumed bananas? And it’s only the female that bites, not the male.
I’m not sure what we’re meant to write here so I’ll just say random stuff:
Yes, I live on the island known as Australia.
No, I don’t live in the desert nor have a kangeroo/koala in my backyard (Technically, I haven’t seen them outside the zoo).
Yes, I like this country but living anywhere for too long always makes you bored of it.
No, I’m not extremely tan like everyone in this desert country should be.
Yes, I’ll quote Sheldon because it’s true: “I’m so pale, I get moon burn” .
Of course, I do tend to randomly quote movies and tv shows. (sometimes books, but no one ever gets the books I’d try and quote so not much)
Yes, I like odd people and am an odd person. I find the odder the better. But not too odd! What is too odd? I’m not sure.
No, I don’t bite.
But yes, I kick when tickled. (I’m uber ticklish)
I find it crazy that all the veterans here have like a million posts. But I find it awesome that they’ve stuck with this place.
Yes, I do stalk the playground.
Yes, Mr Toxsy is awesome for replying so fast to everyone.
Yes, I do like hearing about other peoples adventures. As long as I’m not sleepy. But it’s okay if I’m over sleepy. But not if I’m doing something that is more interesting. But I’m usually not. So it’s okay.
Yes, I talk with punctuation and yes, I do have horrible grammar.
But, it’s okay because people still seem to understand me.
Anddd. I think that’s enough of me embarrassing myself. Hello world. It’s nice meeting you. :thumbs:
Please don’t eat me <3?

Welcome Nat! That was sure a sweet presentation ^^

I see you’re getting accustomed to the place already, I love it when people settle here so easily :content: it means we’ve been doing a good work at keeping a nice and working atmosphere.
You may want to have a look to the In-jokes topic to get truly baptized though :tongue:
And about LD’s, a suggestion I often give to starters is following this guide :smile: It helps a ton with having your first LD’s! :happy:

See. Tosxy is really awesome. And yeah, the people here are all nice and pokable. (Yeah, i read the in-jokes topic. Pretty funny.) And that guide is good. Thank you for your help. I like it here, it’s all warm and cuddly. <3

I’m new here, so bear with me If I;m not in the right place :smile: I’m 36 years young and I like to think I have expperienced LD’s but have not confirmed this to myself yet. I have had a very disturbing SP, and wish I never do again… I have been reading up on LD’s etc for a while now, and was looking extremely forward to going to bed tonight to WILD, I have been practising in mind ALL day… Now nighttime has fastly approached, I have now got a severe case of the eeby geebies, and cannot sleep, let alone go to my room… My whole point of this post is I need some support and help with feeling secure enough to return to my own sleeping pad !! I have read loads on POSITIVE experiences etc and was amazed earlier at how fun my life could be if I just relaxed and stopped being scared !!! Sorry if I’m coming across as a right wimpo but right now I am too scared to sleep, teh SP I had was more in reference to an Alien, and alll I see now is floating things around my room that I chase with a very tired finger, I no longer jump out of my skin now I know they are not real, but am gettin kinda bore of them and dont know what to do or get rid of them… Sorry for the long post, I am very stressed xxx

Hi there, Stormrush! :happy:

Did you know that seeing strange “shadows” around you during SP is perfectly normal? I also had some SP episodes where I believed my room was full of aliens or strange people trying to get hold of me, but guess what! It’s just part of SP! So don’t be afraid. All these symptoms are perfectly normal, although a bit creepy.

Do you know what hypnagogic images are? Well, I used to see alien faces forming in front of my eyes that would just give me the creeps. Now, I just manipulate the images whenever they start forming, I face them and I go like “who are you?! Who is behind that mask?” and I visualize I remove the mask from the creature. I generally encounter people behind it that tell me “oh, it’s me, Lucho! Hi!”. I generally see University professors, for example. :lol:

So, welcome, Stormrush! You’ll be perfectly fine, don’t worry! :ok:

Thanks, that was a very warm welcome… I have read alot about Hypnagognic images or whatever they are called lol, I see them every night even when I have just got into my bed. ( are these LD’s?) I stared at the little red balls floating last night and started poking them , was quite funny, I have to be honest, not here but on other sites, when I have read bout these demonic shadows, I’m too bloody scared to go to bed incase they play on my mind and I conjure them up lol… I know it sonds silly but hey ho. The Alien Head thing i saw in my SP was like notihng I ever experienced before, every emotion i can think of I felt… Scary lol The only thing I could do was groan :sad: I go on hey, but all this is new ish to me. Were you scared at the beginning of your experiences?? ! x I may have to do a RC tonight whilst poking my balls haha x

I’m new and a hippie wif an Alex Grey t-shirt fer hallows ween!!! :grin: (I’ll show yu mine if yu show me yers) :peek:

Hi I am 19 years old boy from Bulgaria. I’ve learned from a Bulgarian forum about LD and googled it. That’s the way I found your site. I am pretty exited because It’s sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve red almost everything. Now I am trying RC’s method and MILD. I am hoping that soon I will be able to tell the story of my first LD. :smile:

Welcome Sarah and mitakaJ9 to LD4all! :wave: I’m sure you’ll like the place.

Many wishes of plenty of LD’s to both of you! mitaka, I’m sure you’ll make it soon. :content: Just remember to write down as many dreams as you can, they’re the foundation of your progress with lucid skills! :wink:

Hello everybody,

the name’s Peter, but I go by Pehr (pronounced pear, with a rolling r), and I’m 21 years old.

How did I get here?
I’ve been into LD’s for about 5 years, off and on again. It started when I was in secondary school when I was about 17 years old. I was into writing poetry and stories, reading fantasy, and being spiritual back then. I meditated occasionally and was really busy finding out who I was and what my place in the world was.

I don’t quite remember how I got to LD4all, but I did somehow. It was in it’s early stages back then and I read everything that was on it. I was fascinated by the concept of Lucid Dreaming, because I could remember that I had had them when I was younger. Back in the old days I had a recurring dream that I got to school (primary) and suddenly realised I was naked. This is a nightmare for most people, but I always realised that I would never forget to put on pants (RC if I’m not mistaken?) and I would know that I was dreaming. So, I just flapped my arms and flew back home, to lie down in bed, go to sleep, and wake up for real.

When I found LD4all I started a dream journal, and when I could remember a dream a night I started to try the WILD technique. I kept at it for a few weeks and even had succes once or twice. It was always for a short while though, I couldn’t seem to stay lucid for long and could not do it consistently. So I quickly gave up.

That’s 5 years ago now, and in that time I’ve tried from time to time to get back into the game, but I’m always unsuccesful a couple of nights in a row. But this time it’s different. I’ve started writing again because that always took a lot of stress and pressure off me, and I have had a pretty bad year so far (depression). I realised a few days ago that what made me happy in the past is reading and writing, so I turned off my TV and just put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard to be more exact). It was hard at first but I gradually got into it, and it really did make me feel good. I want to go back to the intellectual and spiritual person I used to be so I plan to start meditating again (I did it once, a few days ago, but haven’t found the time or peace and quiet yet) and I really want to get back into Lucid Dreaming.

So I decided to see if LD4all was still up and, pleasant surprise, it is, and more active than ever as far as I can see. I plan to be active on this forum, share my DJ, learn more about LD, hopefully find a technique with which I can do it more often, and maybe find some people who are interested in doing WBTB with me in the chatroom for instance. By the way, I’m dutch, but figured there might be more people on the English forum, so I hope there’s some people in the same time zone to chat with while WBTB-ing.

So, prepare to see a lot of me here, I might even share some of my writing with you guys, hopefully LD-ing will be an inspiration for future writings.

I look forward to picking your respective brains and hope you feel the same.

See you out there!


Welcome Pehr…

A lovely piece of writing, look forward to hearing all about your future Dreams. !x

Wow, what a quick response!
I really think I’ll like it here.
First thing tomorrow morning, I’m posting my dreams of tonight.

Hi everybody, my name is Phil and I am 16 years old. I live in Canada and I am a french-canadian so excuse me if my english suck. I discover ld4all 4 days ago and i had my first LD last night. I hope you will read my DJ and you will like it.

See ya! :smile: