The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 64

Welcome Abrax to LD4all! :wave:
Your English is fine, plus I’m sure it will get better and better by writing in your DJ :content:
Congratulations for your first LD, and hope you will have many more! ^^ Good luck to you.

Welcome to Abrax and Pehr.

Abrax, your English is fine, and I’m sure the longer you’re on this forum, the better it’ll get!

Pehr, thanks for the nice little introduction!

I don’t normally welcome new people, but I’m going to get into the habit of it
nobody seems to know me anymore…

Oh boy Download, what’s with you and being forgotten? I assure you that there may be a lot of new users, but all the others sure know and remember you :content: plus the newcomers will learn to know and appreciate you ^^

Also, welcome Pehr! (overlooked your introduction) :wave:
I’m very glad you decided to put your creativity into motion, it does wonders to both WL and dreams! I’ll be eagerly waiting for your creations, and your LD’s as well :happy: Best of wishes!

Thanks all.
By the way download, now you got 1 more person that know you :smile:

Hi! I’m new! I’m primarily here for research purposes (see my post in the lab if interested) but I am finding the whole topic of LD to be completely fascinating. My only personal experience with LD is having that moment, in a nightmare, of recognizing that it is a dream and that I can wake myself up. Would love to have a little more control over the direction of the dream itself! So fascinating!

Welcome christie to LD4all! :wave:
Most of the secret lies in becoming engrossed in your dreams in general, so it is good practice to write down and appreciate all our dreams :content: This guide in particular can help you with the subject. Have fun, and plenty of LD’s! ^^

Thanks guys, and welcome Abrax and Christie!

Hello there :smile:
so I was browsing through the internet, while searching for some personal experiences about LD and I came across this Forum. :smile: So naturally, interested how others experience LD( how puts it really well, since I haven’t been able to pull off a LD, but I am very optimistic that at one point I will, at least for the time being I am :razz: ), I signed up.

My name is Christophe, I am 18 years old and come from Luxembourg ( a veryyyyy small country in Europe, right in between France, Germany and Belgium, for those who don’t know ).

How did I stumble upon LD?
Well, one day I was listening to Franz Ferdinand’s ( the Band, not the actual guy :smile:) “Lucid Dream” and it gotta me pretty curious. So about 4 months ago, I was doing some heavy research, but sadly I haven’t been able to get lucid in any of my dreams. I lost confidence after 2 months and took a break. With the beginning of the new school year, I started again, and yeah… Here I am ! :smile:

Note : I find the Dream Journal and the Creativity section truly astonishing, wow! I haven’t been able to browse through it all, but as for what I’ve seen, I am truly amazed :smile:) Keep up the good work!


P.S: English is not my native language, so please bear with me :smile:

Welcome!! :grin:

Welcome Cristophe to LD4all! :wave:
Your english is pretty fine :content: and I’m happy you’ve already enjoying our forum sections! Inspiration plays a big part in dreaming :content: as well as motivation and confidence.
Remember to write down your dreams! It’s the most important thing. You can have a look at this guide for starters.

Hello, my name is Nicholas, my username is just a username I have always used, you can call me anything easy to remember.

I’m 15 and I first found out about lucid dreaming about four days ago when I was talking to a group of friends. The conversation somehow got to dreams, and wanting to be the coolest I lied and said that I could control my dreams. Later that day I started thinking to myself what if I could control my dreams? I went to my good friend Google and looked it up. After many different websites I was very curious about lucid dreaming. All I could think about is lucid dreaming. I stumbled upon this site and found it the most helpful so here I am :content: Currently I am trying WBTB combined with the WILD so any tips would greatly appreciated.

Welcome Nicholas to LD4all! :wave:
Wow, that must be the most bootstrapping story of learning the concept of LD’ing I’ve ever heard. Seriously, pulling it out of nowhere, and then getting interested with the idea? That was nothing short of amazing :content:

A good thing to do for beginners, more than actively trying to LD, would be getting accustomed with the idea. So a MILD would be slightly better (especially if you’re not that used to the practice of meditation), and overall, try and see yourself being in a dream during the day, remembering what your true dreams felt like (a good occasion would be when you do a RC); that way you learn to recognize dream situations more efficiently and to become lucid ^^

Hello, I joined this site today because I am very very interested in lucid dreaming, and more so the secrets of the subconscious. I think my main reason for trying LD out is to solve problems in the real world or to create art pieces in a dream that can be replicated in the real world. I ‘think’ I have had only one lucid dream before, but I did not know what it was at the time. In my dream I had the power to control lightbulbs (I would hold my hands out and either make them brighter or dimmer), but when I woke I thought the dream was actual reality so I tried it in real life and failed. I plan to have insightful LDs in the future, and probably lots just for fun.

Welcome gallopingapple to LD4all! :content:

Whether for intuition, inspiration, or just plain fun - lucid dreams are as good as it can ever get! :happy: Be sure to put your decision to fruit, and start remembering more dreams, and question reality more often! :smile:
Good luck on your Lucid Quest ^^

Such a warm welcome, and it wasn’t copy and pasted! Well, as far as I could tell :content: I’m loving this place already. Thanks for the advice, I’ll be sure to try it!

hi I’m new here!

Ehm I’m 17 years old, I really like music and drawing (part of the reason why I want to have LD’s. For inspiration out of my subconscious) Anyway when I heard Karma Police (a song by Radiohead) in a really vivid dream yesterday and it just sounded so weird, and I knew that it sounded strange. When I woke up I thought o my god how could I have missed that dream sign. So… I started to get into lucid dreams again ( half a year ago I was too).

Oh and I’m from The Netherlands… Holland…
EDIT: and my name is Mark :sleeping:

Welcome Mark to the LD4all community! :content:

Remembering more and more dreams is a very important step: not only most dreams are really interesting, but developing DR helps you being more conscious in your dreams, so you may get lucid easily! You can follow this guide for more info. ^^

Good afternoon, everybody. My name is Amanda. I’m 18 years old and a university student, completely uncertain of where I want to go with my life. I spend most of my waking time watching movies, surfing the Internet or studying. I used to read lots, but lately I’ve been reading so many text books that I’ve temporarily lost that particular passion.

I’ve never had a lucid dream before, but I’ve interested in the idea of having one for a few years now. I found this website by accident and decided that I absolutely had to sign up; I spend quite a lot of my time thinking about dreams, the subconscious and just what happens inside one’s mind when they’re asleep. I think I’ll enjoy myself here.

Hello Amanda, and welcome!

As suggested previously, you may want to try MILD before any other method, but look around, see what works for you. As for you enjoying yourself, you surely will. The community here is great, and very welcoming.

Hi everyone :smile:

I am lolnoob from the Netherlands. I am a 20 year old man and I recently got my hands on some Calea zacatechichi, also known as the Dreamherb.

I am very excited about using it because it is supposed to help remembering dreams better, having longer dreams and even have lucid dreams. Has anyone have experiences with this herb?

I only been aware of dreaming a couple of times in my life. These dreams were sort of nightmarish and I was happy to wake up immediately. I didn’t know what lucid dreams were then. Normally I only remember 1 dream a month or so, but I am going to try to remember them by writing them down immediately after awakening.

The dreams I do remember having were having some similarities, like driving a car when I wasn’t able to drive and being scared to get pulled over by the police (now that I can drive I don’t have these dreams anymore). I also often lose my pants and am trying to find them again throughout the dream. I don’t know what these dreams mean but I haven’t put much thought into it.