The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 64

Welcome lolnoob to LD4all! :wave:
It happens often that, when DR is untrained, you recall only particular dreams; this happen because those dreams tend to provoke stronger emotions in you, leading you to waking up shortly before they end, remember them more clearly, and thinking more about the during the day. No wonder then :smile: but with some effort, you can recall any kind of dream :content: just put your intent into remembering them before you go to bed and when you wake up! Also, trying to understand what they could mean (since they often reflect the way you see reality, tied with you issues and visions concerning it), leads to a much bigger understanding of yourself and your life, not to mention sweeter dreams ^^

By what I’ve hear, Calea Z is a pretty good herb, have fun using it :happy:

Thanks :smile:

hey :smile:
My name is Mark Timon (i know the name sucks :grin:.I am 15 years old and i come from Germany. I heard about lucid dreaming a few days ago when i watched the movie Inception (a very good movie by the way :wink: ). I am very happy that I noticed this topic because the opportunity to do whatever you want is just awesome. Until now I never had a LD but I hope I will have my first one soon :smile:. When i finally have my first LD I plan to fly and to talk with my DCs about funny and stupid things :happy:. Currently I try to improve my dream recall and I do some RCs during the day. I signed up to this forum because it’s very interesting to get an insight in the (lucid) dreams of other people and because I think that I can get some help here (when I need it :razz:).


P.S.: I am very sorry for my bad English :sad:

:welcome: TOX to ld4all :cool_laugh: well, you have found the right place for your Quest for Lucidity :tongue: and the people here will help you :grin:

Plus your english sounds fine, dont feel sorry, we are a nice forum here :tongue:

Welcome Mark to LD4all! :wave: You did the right choice to join this community, I bet you’ll find yourself at home here in no time! :content: It’s a very friendly and helpful community here.

I suggest you follow the outline laid down by this guide for now, it is very useful for starters. Good luck with your lucids! :mrgreen:

Not sure if this is the right place to post, so I appologise before hand if it is.

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself - some of you may have already met me on IRC chat as I’ve been there a few times but for those who I haven’t met, well… hey!

Hi CraigFox. You might know me from chat (as Scarecrow).

You should have posted in this thread.

Welcome to ze forum.

Welcome to the forum CraigFox! :wave:
Be sure to check our Knowledge Base subsection if you haven’t already ^^ and hope you have a good stay! :content:

:welcome: CraigFox to ld4all :cool:

I use to be in IRC too :tongue: nice to see you in the forum :colgate:

Hi, I’m called Orio (age 13) by a lot of my friends (Short for Oriana)! i have been into dreams for quite some time, ever since I had “awoken” inside a nightmare I had when I was 4 years old. I was being chased by a monster down my hallway I had tried to close my eyes but I could see as if my eyes were transparent. being a logical child I realized that this was impossible and ran near my door to hid. I than hummed to myself to wake up.

Ever since then I have been wondering if this was possible…or even healthy. After looking at a dreaming thread on another forum I found a link to this website. I hope this explains a lot about why I’m here.

Welcome Orio to LD4all! :wave: I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun here :grin:

Don’t worry, Lucid Dreaming is one of the best and healthiest habits you could find! What else could let you use 8 hours of the day that you previously didn’t :tongue: and in the best ways you can conceive! Entertain yourself sometime in finding all the things you’d want to do in a LD, imagination is your only limit! ^^
Be sure to recall a lot of dreams, and good luck with your Quest :wink:

Good morning,
I’m new here, and so, I write my presentation.
Before anything, I would like to say that I’m french and I’m learning English, but it isn’t really good, but I hope that you will correct me, it will be nice. Because, with help, I can learn more quickly. :smile:
I’m thirteen. I began LD the last week, and I had 4 before-LD since.I’m a girl… And…
I decovered lD4all when I wrote “contrôler ses rêves= to guid ours dreams?” but the french forum is closed so I’m on the international forum with you.
In ten minutes, I will sleep and try to have LD. I began with the autosuggestion…
And… It’s over. I don’t have something else.
So, if you have somethnig to ask me about my presentation, you can. :smile:

Welcome Wyzima to LD4all! :wave:

Here’s a good way to raise your chance: imagine yourself in a LD! What would it be like? How would you have become lucid? What would you do then? Invent and explore the possibilities :content:
Also, don’t miss our Knowledge Base, there’s plenty of guides to get you started :happy:
Good luck and sweet dreams ^^

Thanks a lot! Yes, I read the Knowledge Base (8 once, maybe, in French :smile: ) but how can I see me in a recent dream and realize in one picture in my head that I’m dreaming?

Well, when you invent some story, of just daydream, you imagine things in your head, don’t you? ^^ You just imagine the dream as it was a story you’re in, make your events happen (liek realizing you’re dreaming), and let your imagination drift like in a daydream :content:

Okay, thanks, I try this now! It’s easiest to understand for me! :happy:

Welcome, KocoBassa and Wyzima! :smile:

And welcome CraigFox. I remember you from our nice chat in the IRC channel last week. First day for both of us if I recall correctly.

Hello, I am Grigorios, from Italy.
I found this forum through an article by Ryan Hurd and hope to find useful and interesting material here (still have to investigate the forum…).
Dream and Dreamlife have always fascinated me; until recently I had a very poor dream recall though, then I decided to start working seriously on it, started my dream journal and now my dream recall has amazingly improved, together with some experiences of lucid dreams.
I am still reading and learning on the subject, and I have to say, it is a really fascinating journey.

Ciao Gregorio! :wave: Welcome to LD4all :content:

Be sure to read the articles we have in the Knowledge Base ^^ also, I’d suggest to follow this guide to achieve successful LD’ing :wink:

Good luck with your Quest! :smile:

Well since im the new kid on the block i spose it’s polite to introduce myself so here goes:

My name is fay and I’ve always had an interest in dreams since i can remember, I had a few LD’s when i was younger but i had no idea what to make of them. I assumed it was normal for people to become aware in dreams every once in a while until one day during this summer where one fateful nap changed everthing;
I literally whent to sleep on my couch and woke up on my couch IN MY DREAM, fully aware mind you. Ever since that day; I have been teaching myself how to refine my LD skills and have ben successfull in my journey so far, I even started posting images about Lucid dreaming tips and things related to dreaming and lucidity to try and get people on board the LD ship :happy:
Its like finding treasure that I want to share with everyone!

So here is the link to my LD-related art, it IS a working progress but i plan on updating regularly, and it can be interactive, feel free to ask questions about whatever i post or things you woul like to see illustrated and i would be glad to help out in any way i can
:content: hope you guys s top by :smile:

~ * ~

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here is the link, sorry i forgot to post it, i got carried away :lol: