The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 64

Hi TosxyChor. Thanks for the reply and the link to Rathez’s guide. It’s a fantastic guide. I understand more about dream recall now.

pasQuale: Thank you for the warm welcome! Never thought I’d be talking to the creator of LD4all. Anyway, no, I didn’t come up with that name.I’m not that creative :grin: . I got it from a christmas username generator site :content: :content: , since I couldn’t come up with a nice name for myself. I’ve always had a thing for christmas and because the name(my username) seems rather appealing to me, I thought ‘’ why not use this’’? If you want, you can visit the link here and discover your special christmas name :smile: !

By the way, how long has it been since the LD4all guide was created? Sounds like it’s been here for quite some time already.

my name is madison and i have been on this website a lot, i just today decided to become a member :colgate:

welcome madison! :smile:

/me gives lucky christmas-cracker (your name is a lot cooler than the one I get there :tongue: ) a dusty old history book Enjoy :smile:

Welcome madison to LD4all! :wave:
Have you tried to have some LD’s for yourself yet? You should definitely write down a list of all the things you’d want to do if you had the possibility, than go and do them for real in your dreams! :happy: Good luck and sweet dreaming :dream:

yeah i have. i have been trying for about a month now, but i have only had one LD. it was amazing but yeah, i didn’t know what to do so the next day i made a list on microsoft onenote. :smile:

Hey yall. I am new here. Well not actually new. I browsed through some years ago and now I am back serious and determined to have a lucid dream. :grin: . I had one but it was so brief , anyway just wanted to say hi.

Welcome hashashin to LD4all! :wave:

Your determination will surely be well rewarded! ^^ Remember to develop a good DR first and foremost, here’s a guide to get you introduced to the concept. :smile:
Sweet dreaming! :dream:

I am Falconstein (which is actually the name of my motorcycle in the waking wolrd heheh)

I am not new to the art of lucid dreaming and I have certainly had my fair share of fun and aventure in the dream world.

In joining this site i have taken on one mission/objective in particular, and that is to encouter my spirit guide. I have been searching for a while now, even tried calling him/her/it to show up. The faces that tend to appear have been those of a few very close people to me, who claim they are not my spirit guide but are still “extremely important”.


I think this is a fatastic and vast library of information for dreamers of all “levels” (everybody is equally capable) and I am excited to be an addition to the community. Being a major subconcious activity, I find dreaming to be an important and extremely beautiful way to understand yourself as well as the world around you. Our dreams are valuable; becoming aware of them can be a perfect gateway into becoming aware of the realms that exist beyond our own.

To all you dreamers out there, i hope you find what you are looking for.
Keep dreaming.

Welcome Falconstein to LD4all! :wave:
An experienced LD’er cannot be mistaken, you already posted some good insights on the topics around here :content:
Thanks for joining, your participation will surely be a great addition to the community. :happy: I hope you will achieve what you are searching for as well, and I can tell you’re on the good path already ^^ So good luck, and of course sweet dreaming :dream:

hey guys,

I´m not really new to lucid dreaming, but your site (esp. forum) already helped me a lot.
So I thought it´d be a good idea to join… anyway: “hi” :happy:

Im sort of a natural at Lucid Dreaming, I dont know how to make it happen to often, but it does just sorta happen every now and then (I mostly just fly). I only got interested becos I was reading about it of Wikipedia and it mentioned False Awakenings. They plague me relentlessly and I think if I can have better control and reality checking skills, then maybe I can stop waking up all freaking morning (they seem to happen in real time for me).

I have a lot of sleep related issues, it often takes hours to get to sleep and then it takes hours to wake up. When I was a teen I actually subconciously learnt to sleep under the blankets so I had a limited amount of oxygen. It took months to un-learn that little trick. Im very ADDish, un-diagnosed but rather likely, just ask my long suffering mother. I also used to get sleep paralys a while back when I was in a bad place mentally. It was terrifying and shot me up with adrenilin, so I couldnt get back to sleep :roll: . I find I get the false awakenings when im really stress about something or when im sick (gladular fever! Omg it was hidious).

What I’m trying to say is that my sleeping issues get in the way of living a healthy life and I am going to deal with it best I can. This will include seeing real people about it, as much as I hate to admit it a docter will be nessasary. But I also want to address this from as many angles as I can, just incase.

Anyway Im looking insight and help, I just want to get this sorted and get on with life. With the added benefit of being able to Lucid Dream more and better.

Welcome FishMan and murrealism to LD4all! :wave: I’m sure you’ll verily appreciate the community here :content: It’s all so friendly and helpful!

murrealism, be sure to experiment more with your sleep habits, it helps a lot with learning what’s good for you, and for taking good decisions. For the FA’s, just make sure to check whether you’re dreaming each time you wake up.

Good luck and sweet dreams to the both of you :wink:

Welcome FishMan and murrealism. We hope to see you in the Quest of Lucidity, and we’re all happy to help :content:

Ok, so I’m new here and i wanted to get into the Lucid Dreaming Community and i stopped by this website, it’s the best so far and i’m intrigued with all of the stories.
I’ve had one or two lucid dreams but they were VERY brief and somewhat boring. I want to go for the gold and have complete control over my dreams. i’ve been trying MILD whenever i can and im not too good at it. I’m definetely going to start to post on this site more often i just love the idea of controlling my dreams.

Thanks! Dream on

Welcome InjectedPoisons to LD4all! :wave:

It’s definitely a fantastic goal you’re going for :happy: Keep improving and you’ll get there! Also, remember to put intermediate goals in the middle of your journey for you to accomplish, and please ask for advice whenever you’d need to! :content:
Sweet dreaming! :dream:


I’m from India. Though I knew about a lucid dreams from a friend who was a natural LDer, I came to know that we could train ourselves for that. And since I’m yet to get in my first job, I have at least a few weeks to sleep as much as I want… It’s good to have a forum dedicated to this cool thing. Hope to get lucid and take control from all this.

Hello everyone :peek:
(If this is the wrong forum, please move it :smile: )
Having just now created an account I thought i’d make a little introduction. Ever since I heard about Lucid Dreaming i’ve been fascinated by it. For a little period i tried to have one myself. I failed.
Now i want to try it again. I’ve created this account and im planning on writing a dream diary or write my dreams here. Along with reality checks I hope this will help me on the way.
If anyone has got any tips it would be much appreciated. I’d also like to know what LD, SD and all the other short terms mean…

Edit: Silly me just realised where this should’ve been posted. If someone could move it it would be greatly appreciated. Done, no problem. :wink: :dragon:

Welcome ty13rdurt3n and Spasm :welcome:

ty: Don’t worry about too much about a poor sleep schedule. If you can sleep you can dream, and if you can dream you can LD :content:

Spasm: Good luck on your new attempt, let us know if you need help!

Both of you be sure to check out our FAQs and Tutorials section, there’s a lot of good tips there for beginners. Best of luck!

:welcome: A warm welcome to all new members :grouphug:

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