The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 64

Welcome FishMan and murrealism to LD4all! :wave: I’m sure you’ll verily appreciate the community here :content: It’s all so friendly and helpful!

murrealism, be sure to experiment more with your sleep habits, it helps a lot with learning what’s good for you, and for taking good decisions. For the FA’s, just make sure to check whether you’re dreaming each time you wake up.

Good luck and sweet dreams to the both of you :wink:

Welcome FishMan and murrealism. We hope to see you in the Quest of Lucidity, and we’re all happy to help :content:

Ok, so I’m new here and i wanted to get into the Lucid Dreaming Community and i stopped by this website, it’s the best so far and i’m intrigued with all of the stories.
I’ve had one or two lucid dreams but they were VERY brief and somewhat boring. I want to go for the gold and have complete control over my dreams. i’ve been trying MILD whenever i can and im not too good at it. I’m definetely going to start to post on this site more often i just love the idea of controlling my dreams.

Thanks! Dream on

Welcome InjectedPoisons to LD4all! :wave:

It’s definitely a fantastic goal you’re going for :happy: Keep improving and you’ll get there! Also, remember to put intermediate goals in the middle of your journey for you to accomplish, and please ask for advice whenever you’d need to! :content:
Sweet dreaming! :dream:


I’m from India. Though I knew about a lucid dreams from a friend who was a natural LDer, I came to know that we could train ourselves for that. And since I’m yet to get in my first job, I have at least a few weeks to sleep as much as I want… It’s good to have a forum dedicated to this cool thing. Hope to get lucid and take control from all this.

Hello everyone :peek:
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Having just now created an account I thought i’d make a little introduction. Ever since I heard about Lucid Dreaming i’ve been fascinated by it. For a little period i tried to have one myself. I failed.
Now i want to try it again. I’ve created this account and im planning on writing a dream diary or write my dreams here. Along with reality checks I hope this will help me on the way.
If anyone has got any tips it would be much appreciated. I’d also like to know what LD, SD and all the other short terms mean…

Edit: Silly me just realised where this should’ve been posted. If someone could move it it would be greatly appreciated. Done, no problem. :wink: :dragon:

Welcome ty13rdurt3n and Spasm :welcome:

ty: Don’t worry about too much about a poor sleep schedule. If you can sleep you can dream, and if you can dream you can LD :content:

Spasm: Good luck on your new attempt, let us know if you need help!

Both of you be sure to check out our FAQs and Tutorials section, there’s a lot of good tips there for beginners. Best of luck!

:welcome: A warm welcome to all new members :grouphug:

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