The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 65

:welcome: to all new dreamers!

Make sure to check out the FAQ’s and Tutorials section, there’s a lot of good info there!

hmmmmm~! since i made 1 more post i might as well… do u guys think ill be able to keep getting lucid dreams??? i think im a natural btw like i mentioned before… someone please reply :cry:

Hey, i’m new here. I just had the first lucid dream of my life last night (that I recall), after keeping a journal for a month. So, I figured i’d sign up, sort of as a little celebration.

:welcome: King Kandy, congratulations on your first LD! Good to have you here with us!

Hey faizands, don’t worry, of course you can have more LDs, that’s why the site is here! :wink: Have a look around and I’m sure you’ll find lots of useful stuff! :content:

Welcome to LD4all, hope you many lucid dreams and a nice stay :smile:

Hello everybody!

My name is Fabio, I’m 16 and I live in Rimini, in Northern Italy.

Until yesterday, I had experienced some very short lucid moments in my dreams, but I hadn’t put any attention in them.
Yesterday evening, anyway, I somehow read about LDs, and it all looked like something both beautiful and unreachable. But, yesterday night, something unexpected happened: I woke up, and I found out I had 7 fingers. :wink:
Incredible, but true! I got up the bed, got out the window (opening the window itself with the power of mind :happy: ), and flied for a few minutes around my house.
It’s nothing special, I know, but it’s been one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever had.

That’s all! Nice to meet you all, I hope I will have other LDs to tell you about ^^

One last thing: I know my english is not very good, so please forgive me for the mistakes I will make, and feel free to correct me every time you want :smile:

[center]Hello. i am new here and i am new in lucid dreaming too. Heard for that from a friend and i am willing to give it a try. Anything that can’t hurt me, is welcome in my world, so why not this!
I am 27 years old and i live in Greece. I will be happy to meet new peoples and learn more about the Lucid dreaming usage and ‘‘tactics?’’.
Well i am not that much good in indrodactions, especialy when i have to indroduce my self :tongue:.
Ps: English is not my first languange so excuse me if i do some grammar mistakes etc.

Welcome Diablus. Please, in the future, don’t bold and center your reply. Its way more harder to read. Hope you have great time on the forum and even greater time lucid dreaming!

Welcome Fabio and Diablus!

Fabio: Having your first lucid dreams is always special :happy:. And flying around sure gives a kick, it is a goal for many people :content: .

Diablus: We are happy to help with lucid tactics and tips :smile:. Just ask whenever you want, and if you need a quick reply visit the chat :happy:.

For both: Don’t worry about your English too much. If you just keep an eye out on it yourself, then no one will attack you for mistakes. I improved my English here too :happy:.

Hi I am new here! i have been keeping a DJ for about 2 weeks now and i am really excited to have my first LD!

Hi everyone, im new and im 15 years old and i just found this site yesterday and i was pretty interested in it. right now i am focusing on remembering my dreams and are going to start a dream book. well the way i heard about lucid dreams was actually on a common tv show American Dad. They talked about it and basicly based half the episode about it. after i saw that i wanted to look into it and here i am now.

:welcome: railking. We’ll be happy to help you on your path to lucidity, so just ask if you have questions. Be sure to also check the FAQ’s and Tutorials section, there’s a lot fo great info there.

Hi Everybody!!

Just came across this site while trying to work out what my dream about a talking cat mean’t. I have been lucid dreaming accidently for years - I always thought they were some form of astral projection but then I met someone who told me to find my hands when I first woke up in a dream and it’s moved on from there. However I still can’t choose to ld, it just happens.

The first time I found my hands i was in a supermarket with my little girl, she was in the shopping trolley and I was pushing her. I found my hands but when I looked down I only had half a body (nothing below the waist) and was sort of flying round the shop. I remember having the feeling that I was being chased though couldn’t see anything, and was flying around the aisles in panic. I had to wake myself up in the end because I was so terrified.

Since then I have tried to meet up with another lucid dreamer. He has described my dreams to me and I have described his apartment in detail even though he lives in Canada and I live in Wales in the Uk. I was never quite sure if he was telling the truth though and have since lost touch with him which is a shame.

Last night I was telepathically talking to a cat who was starving. She was called Wendy. I went on the hunt for some food for her and found myself in a creepy house with Hillary Clinton of all people who I felt was extremely evil. She gave me some strange food which i didn’t recognise and I took them back for the cat who told me it was poisoned my a very sinister witch and she wouldn’t eat it. Later in the dream I heard that the little cat had died and I was very upset.

I’ve looked up the meaning of cat dreams and all the web sites seem to suggest misfortune and bad luck which is worrying. I wondered if anyone here had any other suggestions?

Looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing dreams.


:welcome: hello FabioCalcinelli, Diablus, PaceMaster, railking and Lucid Loz :grouphug: welcome to LD4all

:eek: When ever I read posts of first LDs, I can always put myself in the place of the dreamer and feel the excitement too. :yay: ALL LDS are special :smile: It must have been truly awesome :content:

I don’t like making introduction posts too. But the most important thing is to just say hello :happy: and settle in. Hope you enjoy your time here.

Good luck :happy:

oh :eek: what was the name of the episode if you remember?

Dream interpretations are best when you ponder the dream and contents and consider what it means to you.

[color=blue]Now if it was my dream the food would stand out more than the cat.
The cat was starving.
You went to search for food.
Got suspect food from a political figure.
The cat died.[/color]

have you any thoughts on your dream now?

Hi Moogle

All I can think of is - don’t trust politicians!!! I was so excited that i could talk to the cat though. I thought if I can do this in a dream I can do it in real life, like when you fly or jump great distances in dreams. I’m sure we humans are capable of so much more if we could only activate that part of our brain.

Thanks for your response.


Maybe it’s this?

Merlot Down Dirty Shame

In the subplot, Steve has a lucid dream and refuse to teach Klaus. Hayley, who finds the dreams annoying, teams up with Klaus and decides to brutally embarrass Steve by making him think he’s in a dream in reality.

Did not see it myself yet

Hi everybody, I’m new here so I will introduce myself.
I’m fifteen and I’m french so I don’t know if my English is correct.
I try to have lucid dreams for two mounths, actually since I discovered the french forum Attrape-Songes,which is a great forum. For the moment I’ve made only one lucid dream but I’ll keep trying. I hope being on this forum will help me, 'cause this one is more complete than Attrape-Songes. I’ll try to be the most active I can.

:welcome: Saul
Your English is perfect except for the ‘u’ that slipped into months :smile:
We do have the french LD4all (link) but it is read-only at the present time. But it has a lot of archived information that you should find very helpful.

i think you will enjoy your time on LD4all since it is a truly international forum :happy:

Hi saul and :welcome: to LD4all :smile: dont worry about your english, its well enough to be understood at least.

Of course this forum will help you :grin: we have a lot of articles about techs, an own DD section and more :wink: also Lucid Adventures is a good place to find inspiration what to do while lucid :cool_raz:

Good luck :cool_laugh:

Hi to all, im GG im from singapore. I have read about lucid dreaming for seven years but have not quite put in effort to develop it. I had a few i remeber.

Im now studying in exeter, uk