the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 68

welcome 333, Belgarion and RainingStars! :wave:

Zhuangzi here. I’ve had a few LDs, but none of which were actually total control (I could feel the presence of a rifle in my hands, just not see it, I could feel myself dancing, just not see my partner). I hope to be able to better my LD situation.


I only found out about Lucid Dreaming a couple of days ago and thought it sounded interesting, so started looking into it over the last couple of days. I hadn’t been able to remember a dream in months, but over the last couple of nights followed the advice I found on the internet, and managed to remember a couple of images on the first night, and last night I am confident I could remember images/a few minutes of 3 different dreams! :happy: I’m still waiting to have my first lucid dream :sad:

Welcome Zhuangzi and zipLD :wave:

Don’t worry, it’s just a matter of practice. Your first LD or better LD’s will come, just keep trying and avoid getting frustrated. :wink:

I’m a long time dreamer :smile: , and current regular semi-lucid dreamer. I’ve had some amazing semi-lucid dreams, and am really excited about having more of them. I also cannot wait to become more conscious as I dream, so that I can become more lucid and more direction in what happens during my dreams. I’ve come to this community because i want to connect with others involved in this amazing internal journey. I cannot wait to meet you.

Warm Wishes and Sweet Dreams,


P.S. I’ve noticed that you all use a LOT of abbreviations in your posts. Is there somewhere I can go to see what they all mean?

Welcome, dydreamer! Here’s our “dictionary”: click. Hover the letters with your mouse and it will show you a short description. :smile:


Hey everyone I’ve lurked for a while and decided to take the plunge with a dream journal, I’m hoping when I look back I have more dreams than nightmares :happy:

Hello spoonfed :wave:
it’s my opinion that the good dreams will far outweigh any nightmares. Hope you enjoy your time here :smile:

new member here, just figured i’d make a quick introductory thread.

i’m 23 and live in new jersey (usa), out from under the family finally as of 6 months ago. i enjoy gaming, playing tennis, reading, watching tv/movies, and just about any discussion that wouldn’t fall into the realm of “small talk”.

natural ld’er for as long as i can remember, have pretty much full control over what goes on in my dreams (although i don’t like to exercise it, at least not as much anymore… more interesting to let things play out and see what happens in my opinion). the only thing i can’t control for whatever reason is the initial setting and sometimes cast of characters i get to deal with as soon as i start dreaming.

anyway, finally decided to do a quick look for a community/forum for lucid dreamers and see what i could find, and this is what came up :smile:. i’m interested in reading about other peoples experiences, discussions mostly pertaining to ethics/morality, what other people like to dream about (ideas are always useful lol), looking at the pros/cons of being able to do this (the pros seem obvious, but lately i’ve been talking to people who both can and cannot lucid dream, and i think in some regards lucid dreaming might be detrimental, especially when you can’t shut it off…) and maybe some speculating on some of the social/psychological ramifications from being able to lucid dream (for example: a lot of people talk about nightmares and such, and yet i find myself generally missing the experience. i can elect to end the dream if its undesirable, and the fact that i KNOW i’m dreaming sort of negates any sense of urgency or fear. very curious to see others views on this).

that paragraph had way too many commas and parenthesis, but whatever lol. right now i’m basically just skimming other threads and seeing what type of threads go where and such. work in about half an hour, i suppose i’ll be more thorough when i get back.

any links to resources or interesting discussions that i might miss (dated stuff, other things that might not be obvious to a newbie) would be greatly appreciated, and i look forward to doing a lot of reading :content:

e/ oh boy. i appear to have thrown this down in the wrong section (just saw the automated introductory message) and now i feel like a fool :sad:

hopefully someone can move this lol

hello 987, brilliant first post :content:
first of all, welcome to the LD4all community :smile:
and now…

If you mean LD experiences, then probably lucid adventures, some DJs and some of the general luc discussions.
Cloud often has some brilliant ethical/philosophy discussions with a nice mature approach to debating ideas and different opinions. Flaming is quite rare.

We have had topics about the pros and cons of lucid dreaming. If I find a good long one I will edit in the link later.

I think you will have a wonderful time exploring the threads here and we even have an archive forum for earlier topics :wink: So it will be years before you run out of interesting stuff :yay:

Hi, everybody, i’m Alexander and found this forum by chance on google. Really happy about it, I cant wait to go to sleep so I can try being lucid.

English are not my native language(I’m from greece) so I’m sorry if they ain’t that good. : P

I hope everybody’s having as many insights from ld4all as I am, great to find more experience online about dreaming!
I’m probably having a lot of FLD, but a couple of weeks ago had a real one, tried to find a stone as it said in a book about LD and I found it in one go, knew I was dreaming and realised that I was lying in bed at the same time. That freaked me out a bit, so not long after that I woke up. I was LD for about three minutes I guess. But here’s the weird part. In the dream I was not able to control much more than finding the stone. I did manage to relax a frightening image though, somewhere in the dream before I could get to the stone. But I mean, I was not able to remove a cord that was making it difficult for me to walk, it didn’t seem woth the time and ‘effort’, the only thing I thought was to get the stone asap. I didn’t feel free to take my time and adjust my pants :smile:
I’ve been wanting to do the WILD thing for a couple of years, but didn’t know it actually was a thing other people did, I just followed my intuition. I have been getting better at falling asleep more consciously, but never practiced regularly.
I was/am suffering from ptsd, causing nightmares throughout my life. Falling asleep more consciously helped me digest the dreams more easily, not being so frightened anymore, making it possible to have a better quality of sleep :om: . So I’m glad that I already have some practice, even though the reasons for me being more conscious weren’t to be able to wake up in my dreams.
Also (at the risk of sounding crazy :tongue:), I’ve almost always remembered a lot of my dreams, sometimes I even wasn’t very good at ‘dividing’ reality into night and day, it sort of merged. Because at those times both seemed very real, different, but real, equally vivid maybe, actually, the dream one was more vivid.
Well, I’m sure I’ll find more answers here, but if anyone reads this and thinks I should read a certain topic, please tell me. I’d be very happy!
Well, I’m looking forward to reading more and hope to have some fun with it as I tend to be overly serious :wink:

Lots of love! :love:

Hey guys,
I’ve been interested in learning how to lucid dream and thought it might be helpful and motivating to join this forum. I don’t know how big the forum is, or how often people post on it, I’m only part of one other forum and it’s pretty small, so hopefully this forum is not too huge.

Anyway, I will share any insights I gain about lucid dreaming, and hope to make some progress by sharing and getting advice on here.

:wave: hello ZeLiGa, a lot of our members don’t have English as their first language … and I’m ALWAYS amazed at how fluent they are in writing their posts in English :content:

We have a topic on the forum, asking how members got here and a lot owe their arrival here to google :user:

Hello Muze :welcome:
Since you managed to complete your goal with the stone. You may like the challenge of the monthly LD4all quest or the LD challenge :happy:. both are in the LD Adventures forum.

:wave: hello jman

Small enough for all the regular posters to know one another. But big enough to contain a LOT of information and personal experiences. Also since chatspeak is against the LD4all guidelines, you don’t have to wade through lots of short irrelevant posts to reach any interesting ones :wink:

I’m sure you will all enjoy your time on the forum :yay:

Ello everyone Im Koharo. I joined earlier this week hoping to find new methods to becoming a master lucid dreamer and to hang with people who are open minded and arent afraid of the supernatural.
My very first LD was when I was 10,but from 10-12 I didn’t have as much interest as I was at age 13. I started having LD s regularly,3-10 each month, when I was about 13 after being informed on the dreaming concept from a friend, who is basically my brother now. Aparently I had a shared dream with him the day before I met him. After afew weeks of hanging out he explained the lucid dreaming concept, not knowing that there was a term for it and that its common among certain people like us. Since then I’ve pretty much been experimenting with LD s using supernatural abilities, roaming, brawling, and having a blast with random people, supernatural beings, celebrities, and fictional characters. Another friend I told about LD s sent me a link explaining what the dreamin method was called. I did some research got into biaural beats on youtube ( :music: 7 Hz is awesome) :lol: I even recall stumbling upon this site months ago in my research but never got around to registering until I once again stumbled upon the site earlier this week.

Hello everyone. I’m new here and wanted to say hello. I just started reading into lucid dreaming today and got REALLY into it. So into it that i went to Barnes & Nobles and bought a dream journal i liked! Plan to start it tonight. Wish me luck in my quest for lucidity! :lol:

Don’t give up! A great DJ will give you better DR and help you LD after time! Oh, and WELCOME antom!

Hello everybody,

I am new here and I’d like to share my experience and my way to this awesome site. I began interesting in dreams after I had played PC games: The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: the longest journey, but I hadn’t enough time - after long day at university only thing I wanted is to rest. So I put “researching dreams” in my to do list for my holidays. When previous semester was almost to over, I was browsing an entertaining blog, and suddenly I came across with very interesting post (actually it was just a random comment to the post) about LD. It hooked my attention, at that time I didn’t even know if there was such term and whole knowledge about it. So I googled it, scan read some results and I realized that it was what I was looking for - I could learn about dreams and about LD as bonus :content:. As soon as my finals were over, I opened this site and my journey began.
I’ve already read whole Guide and now I’m reading topics on forums.

Now little about my dreaming experience. Sometimes I remember my dreams, sometimes not, sometimes I recall them just after I wake up and then forget them, but sometimes I recall them during the next day. Also I remember some “special” dreams from past years and from my childhood and also, I remember that I had several LDs, but with very low level of lucidity you know, when you can’t control it as you wish and when it ends after few seconds. :sad:
One more thing. Something funny happened to me recently. I woke up and couldn’t remember anything, I was frustrated, but as I said above, sometimes I recall my dreams during the day. So, while having breakfast I started recalling my dreams I remembered one thing - something unpleasant was happening and I said to myself: “at least when this dream ends, everything will be ok”. :ohno:

Ok, enough with my stories :smile: , Hello again, thank you for this great site, I hope with your help guys I will master this art and sorry for my English. :smile:

Welcome! Don’t worry, your English is fine. ^^ Glad that you joined us!

As you’ve probably read already, it’s a good idea to start a dream journal. (They’re interesting to reread too, later, as well as being useful.) :tongue:

I’m sure you’ll find lots of useful info here! Hope you enjoy your stay! ^^