the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 68

This is Part 68 of the big “Hi I’m New Here” topic.

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Keeping all the intros in one topic prevents us from having thousands of individual “hello, I’m New” topics and keeps the forum from getting cluttered up. :content: Anyone is welcome to post here :user: , new and old members. So don’t be shy :peek: , we don’t bite :wolfbite: .

(please remember to not carry on long chatspeak conversations in here, we have a wonderful private message system, chatroom and playground for that :thumbs: ) :moogle: [/mod]

So a little about me… Well I’m a very open-minded Christian who is struggling with depression and who has managed to make a number of improvements to himself. But things keep weighing me down, keep trying to draw me under, and it’s hard to stay afloat.

I discovered the 150.00 section at my library and found ways of improving my brain power, dealing with anger, and of course having Lucid Dreams. Mark McEllroy’s excellent book, “A Beginner’s Guide to Lucid Dreaming” was my first book on the subject. I had my first Lucid Dream a few days after reading it, and my last set of 4, 3 of which I remember , a week after that. Been blocked since and will post a thread concerning this elsewhere.

I’ve been recording my dreams for 20 years intermittently, although recently, since McEllroy’s book, I picked up the habit again. I’ve started to learn how to translate and listen to the messages in my dreams. I’ve found some encouragement in Robert Moss’s work, although some things like invocations and the like push the limits of what I feel I can do as a Christian. I’m not about to summon up anyone or anything. But I figure I could substitute an invocation with a simply prayer to God for guidance.

This whole world of Dreams and Lucid Dreaming in particular is like finally finding the magic I’ve been looking for in the world, which usually is just a cold, gray place to me. Of course I guess it doesn’t help I live in the Northwest! So depending on the kind of community I find here you guys might be seeing me around for a little while at least.

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Hello everyone you can call me Bane
Until a few months ago I had little understanding of lucid dreams but in my studying of Buddhism I came across dream yoga and that started my interest in lucid dreaming. I have been naturally having lucid dreams from time to time for most of my life but really didn’t understand it. After doing some research and using this site’s great guide I can lucid dream much more often and more clearly and I hope to learn even more from all you guys now that I am finally a member :smile:

Welcome to the forum, Bane!

You’re already someone I envy if you’ve been having lucid dreams for most of your life. :happy:

Welcome to LD4all. There are some discussions on OBE in beyond dreaming forum. Seems like your LD ability is coming along nicely. :smile:

I’m sure you will love the LD4all community. Sorry for the late reply.

There is something for everyone … from beyond dreaming to the stuff dreams are made of (for normal dreams). We also have a dream journal forum where you can create your own topic to post your dreams.

:happy: It’s brilliant how natural ability can really flourish more with a little knowledge. Welcome to the forum.

Hi, my name’s Katte (pronounced like CAT)! I don’t know what to say about my dream life other than it frequently involves vampires…Haha :tongue: Anyhoo, I’m an actress, and I love it! I’m a writer on the side, and I have very diverse interests…Dark Shadows to Nightwish to reading to Phantom of the Opera…and these are the more similar things! I hope to have fun with lucid dreaming. I wanna meet my Spirit Guide (who I’ve met before, but haven’t seen in a while), and get better at flying…I’m not too good!

Welcome MagykKatte! :welcome:

I believe that “fun” is understatement :grin: .
Hope you’ll master flying… My favorite thing to do when lucid. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Good luck!

Another candidate for vampiregame? :bat:
Welcome to LD4all Katte :yay:

Hello :smile:
I’m 15 and recently discovered LD4all about a month ago and decided to join. I’ve been fascinated with LDs ever since I discovered this forum and started doing the dream journal and everything. So far I’ve only had one but I don’t count that since I woke up in about a minute from getting over excited :cry: . I’m really interested in music. I only play the trumpet now but I plan on learning piano and guitar on my own soon and hopefully i’ll be able to compose music in my dreams :grin: .

Welcome Xeno14! :smile:

You know, waking up after a whole minute from your very first LD is actually pretty good! I woke up after a few seconds and I wasn’t even that excited…

I wish you many more LD’s!

Good to have you on board, Xeno14.

I also hope you have fun in learning to play guitar. I’m certainly having fun learning it. And as Leijona said: a minute is pretty good for a first LD. Just wait till you get that first real long one. It’ll blow your mind!

so I’d rather prefer being “new” here, because I feel I never really connected to LD4all. Whatsoever, I’m here now.

I had my first incubated lucid dream in 1999, using La Berge’s methods, been around there until 2003. Ever since I’m active on the worlddreamspeacebridge, a group of active dreamers, meaning we combine dreaming, peacework, charity, trying to create a peaceful universe. There are lucid dreamers, and some shared/ mutual dreaming happens most of the time (the meshing type mutuality, but also - rarely - the meeting type). But lucid dreaming is not THE focus of the peacebridge.

For my part, I am most intrigued by mutual lucid dreaming, better said it is my goal to have dreams like these, and explore mutual dreaming reality.

And that is what gets me here. As you see in my signature, I’m also looking to increase the frequency of my lucid dreams, but must add also their quality (prolonging, increasing lucidity IN the dream, navigation, and remembering working on tasks AND ENJOY them:) I know how important a community of like minded fellow dreamers for reaching goals like these, and I am very pleased I got to know some LD4all members during the IASD Psiber Dreaming Conference.

Eilatan told me there were a group called the “Chroniclers” interested in shared dreaming (I understand mutual dreaming), trying to reach Sky Island. So please members of this “tribe” contact me, if you like. And I’ll also browse the forum and see what’s up.

(Edit: Found the “Chroniclers” thread and usergroup, I’m reading…)

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So much for a “Hi” from

Ra - :lucid: aka Ralf (Penderak)

Hi, my name is Am and I’ve been dreaming for a few decades. Started off having these annoying dreams where I’d wake up and realize I was in a dream. Later found out they were called false awakenings and what I was experiencing was something called Lucid dreaming. Back then, I was able to get together with other active dreamers in the San Francisco Bay Area to explore these dreams.

Although I never developed a professional career in the dream field, I’ve always valued that part of my life just as much as the other dream we call waking reality. In some of my early experimental days it turned out that some of the dreams I had may have been more like astral projection (which I have not explored much).

Just last night I had a dream where I met many other friendly dreamers at a conference of some sort. I asked some of my new dream friends if we could keep in touch and they told me to go to the beautiful astral projection website. Well, today I googled “astral projection” and there were many results. So, here I am on this site because I think it is one of the best LD sites. As always, I prefer to have a playful approach to exploring dreams and life in general.

Looking forward to dreaming with you.

/me noms shinning star cookie and gives Ralf a nutella cookie :happy:

Both Am and Ralf, I suggest you guys take a look at the “Beyond Dreaming” forum, where our lovely Dragon of Dreams is tending to many topics to do with astral projection, shared dreaming, out of body experiences and the like.

I hope you guys stick around here and look forward to seeing you in chat :razz:

:cookiemon: nibbles another Eilatan Nutella cookie curiously strolls over to the chatroom, looking out for more cookies thinking this forum is quite tasty :thumbs:

Don’t forget to pop into the over 30s thread on the way :smile: (link in my signature) … I have a feeling I remember your nick from the first time around :spinning:
/me thinks you will never get away now Eilatan has you addicted to her cookies. :happy:

[color=blue]edit: oh, that’s why I remember you! You started a dream journal last time you were here :smile: [/color]

I may be prejudiced … but I think it’s the best too :smile:
I hope you find what you are looking for at LD4all :spinning:

Finally welcome to LD4all to all of you :grouphug:

Uhm I hope I’m at the right place cause I got a little confused as to where I introduce myself^^;
Hello everyone! My name is Xenia and I’m from Greece. I am 20 years old and I study Food Technology at University. I learn at the moment Japanese and Korean!
What else? Erm I play the piano, love listening to music, eating food, reading manga, watching movies and stuff like that!
I learned about lucid dreaming I think 2 months ago when I was searching something about Supernatural haha xD and then I watched this particular video here: and I said wow can I really do all these things?!
After that I kept researching about lucid dreaming, ways etc but so far I haven’t managed to lucid dream ;_; well the only thing i had close to this was while i was dreaming suddenly my surrounding started to blur and I had this very vivid feeling of falling into the darkness but I wasn’t afraid. Then I kinda woke up and my left leg was numb then closed my eyes again kept falling opened them and end. ಠ_ಠ
That was it xD soo yeah I hope I can get to know everyone here and finally have my first lucid dream^^
I think I wrote a lot…anyways nice to meet you again everyone (っˆヮˆ)っ❤

Hy xenia! :welcome:

You’re just at the right place! :content:

Hope you’ll enjoy it here and that you’ll found every answer on your questions!

Enjoy and good luck!

Welcome Xenia I hope you enjoy this community as much as I do. I’ve been disconnected for a long time about 3 months as far as internet goes but when ever that happens I become more connected in my dreams and waking life. I guess its kinda like someone who is blind or challenged with one of there senses becomes stronger in there other senses. :content: I play the piano as well but don’t have a piano in my home in at the moment, I miss it, I guess I could LD about playing that would be an awesome experience! If you have any questions are just want to chat we are all here listening!
Much Love & Sweet Dreams! :content:

Hey guys. New person here saying hi!

I’m a 21 year old that wants to try lucid dreaming. I am motivated but new to this. Already read some of the articles and tutorials on the forum.


Hello, I’m sorryabout, a new member!

I’m 26 and I’ve been having lucid dreams once in a while since I’m a child. I used to “escape” from nightmares when I was realizing it was one, by throwing myself off of a building. Yeah, I know… Now that I don’t have nightmares anymore, when I know I’m in a dream, I usually start to fly by making bigger and bigger jump. I love that feeling.
But I’m always having a hard time remembering my dreams. I’ve discovered this website a while ago, and I was trying to follow your advices but I was unsuccessful and I forgot about it.

But last night it happened! I tried to watch the time and as you guys said in the guide, it was distorted, I’ve never seen that before. It was weird because the dream had some kind of interference or “static” when I was observing that, like the dream was getting weaker. I also asked people in my dreams who they were, but I unfortunately don’t remember the answer!
It’s a shame I don’t have much recollection of it! Can’t wait to get back to sleep!