the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 72

Hello! I’m new here… Sorta, have been here about a few days posting my dreams that span about a week. I have never had an issue remembering dreams, I just have to put in the effort to write them down… as writing them down and then typing them up and color-coding everything and editing all typos can take me anywhere from one to one and a half hours. I used to lucid dream very regularly, especially when I was doing more meditation and staying aware of the present type stuff. So yea, that’s it… Just hoping to connect more in the present moment and in my dreams.

Hello and :welcome: TheUniversalOne.

Congratulations on your LDing successes. Also don’t worry if you aren’t LDing as much as you used to, I am sure you can improve it (eventually… as it can take a while but do not give up).

Good luck!

Hey thanks! I am not too worried about it, I know it’s mostly contributed to the fact that I haven’t tried to actively practice it nor have I really done much focusing on the now, which I find I am having a huge issue with at the current moment :\ I’m not sure but back in high school I found it so easy to just be aware all the time and now it’s such a struggle. Ah well, baby steps!


Hello !

I was a lucid dreamer before but i kind of “lost my dreams”.
I just wanted to reconnect with this side of me, hoping that reading dream diaries and adventres would inspire mine to come back…
Wish me good luck ! :grin:

Hey all. I’ve been chatting on IRC for around a week and decided to join the forum as well.

To keep it short: I’ve been interested in Lucid Dreaming for a few years now, but only recently I started actively trying to get into it :smile:

:wave: TheUniversalOne

Hello Sanja. Welcome to LD4all.
Reading the LD challenge topic may give you inspiration.
Good luck with quickly getting back into lding again.

:wave: nomat

sends :lucid: vibes
Good luck :thumbs:


Just recently got interested in LD while reading a article on Sleep paralysis.
Got so exited that i went out and bought Lucid Dreaming, Plain and Simple by Robert Waggoner.
Hoping it would help me become lucid, but so far no success (im still having major issues even remembering my dreams…).

But I’ve started a dreamjournal and its accually helping alot!
Im also trying to do daily realitychecks but I havent found anyone that sticks yet, (jumping around trying to levitate isnt really optimal as a plumber, the customer usually give you a strange look :rofl: )

Anyways, joined this community cuz i really liked it and im hoping it will help my chances on becoming lucid and remembering my dreams better! :happy:

Have a nice sunday everybody! Its almost monday! WOHO :puh:

I’m new here! I have been reading this forum for about four weeks now (from when I first started practice LD). I’m super greatful to this site who helped alot! :happy:
I’ve been keeping a DJ ofc, and it goes up and down with how much I can remember, but i’m practising dream recall alll the time… and oh, i’ve managed to get one LD allready (or was it a FLD :uh:?) I really dont know the difference, because I dont have anything to compare with yet. This was about two weeks ago, and I havent been close to even getting near another LD. But im patince! :om:

Hang on and keep on practising and you will get there :happy: I’m also new here and just started my journey to become lucid!

Sweet! Good luck to you mate!

But you better not have a LD before me… :lol:

Welcome, Moosebone and klardröm! :welcome:

hello everyone I am new here also, well at least I am newly active! I look forward to getting to know all of you and interacting and chatting with everyone. Sweet dreams

Thanks a lot, you too!

And welcome to LucidLeo :smile:

:wave: Moosebone, klardröm and LucidLeo

Hello fellow dreamers! I am new to this forum and I’ve been interested in lucid dreaming for a long time but have never experienced a REAL lucid dream. I only had one but I was in NREM sleep or stage or something. It was like a 3rd Person videogame. I would really like a mentor or someone that can help me, thanks!


Hi Midnyght, :welcome: to LD4all.

I would like to be honest here: a REAL lucid dream is something much “deeper” than playing a video game, it’s probably something you probably won’t forget.

There are several members who could help you, perhaps you don’t need a specific “mentor”.

Best of luck.

Hi, I’m new here! :smile:

A member mentioned this site over at another site and, being a regular lucid dreamer for many years, I thought I’d hop over and join you all.

Looking forward to getting to know you and reading lots of interesting stuff!


Hi everyone! I have been familiar with lucid dreaming for a couple of years now, but only recently decided to seriously get into it. Glad to be here and I hope that we can help each other in our lucid travels!

Hi sandwich. I’m new too. Have a good look around - there’s plenty of interesting reading.

Have fun! :smile:

I’m always really curious about the identity of the member who mentioned ld4all. :uh:
I hope you enjoy the forum and make lots of new friends.

Hello sandwichtheorem. :wave:

:yes: When I first joined I spent ages reading all the old topics.
If you want to ask questions or discuss something and it isn’t in a recent topic, just open a new one. :thumbs: