the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 72

:welcome: hello Soupfruit, wowitworks and TheMaskedMarvel. :grouphug:

It’s so annoying when that happens :scream: … you trust the friend to return it and it never gets brought back. :sad:

That should be interesting. Good luck with your goal. It will happen and sometimes when you have to wait to succeed at something, you value it more. :content:

Welcome back. I wonder if I remember you from last time… :uh:


:grin: Makes note to self to hide my ld4all journal from psychiatrists.
Good luck with your OBE goal. :content:

Thanks moogle…Lancashire is my home county too! :happy:

good luck masked marvel and wowitworks. :smile:

hey there maskedmarvel and soupfruit happy LD’ing

I tried way too hard this morning I think I was concentrating too much, I remember the WILD transition been a resistance free transition - will try again tomorrow

good luck!

Hey Everyone,

I’m glad I found this community, it seems full of advice and help for those wishing to start having Lucid Dreams. I’ve always been interested in the subject, and feel as if I have experienced it in the past as a child, but haven’t achieved lucidity in years.

I recent bought a book titled “A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming,” and have been reading it every night before bed. I’m still not at the point of lucidity (only a few days in) but have started keeping a dream journal to improve my recall. I’m sure I will have plenty of questions for you all as time goes on!

Here is a link to my Dream Journal [

Welcome to ld4all schusteb :wave:

By the way you can put a link to your dream journal into your signature by pasting this code. (make sure there are no gaps in the url address)

 [url=]Schusteb's Dream Journal[/url] 

BTW it’s a good idea to read the LD book before sleep since it will focus your mind on lding before dreaming. :thumbs:

Good luck with your LD quest.

Thanks for the welcome! I’ve added my dream journal to my sig.

I have recently expereinced LD (not fully), it sparked an interest so I have decided to join your community.I hope I will be able to harness this better, hear stories and techniques.

Happy Dreaming,

(Ps… is my symbols appearing through the title, and signature?)

I can see the clock and moon.

Welcome to ld4all Bliss :welcome:

Hello everyone. New/old soul here!

I used to have an account here, a long time ago, however through the years I have lost access to it (forgot password/broken e-mail, unable to post, etc). Back then I didn’t do anything about it as I had lost interest in lucid dreaming and related stuff.

However, now I really want to get back into it, and I decided to start off again with a clean slate and for this to become my account. I want to relearn how to lucid dream and see what’s new in the community :smile:

Hello all you Lucid Dreamers and Non. I am Plagoo, if you couldn’t notice by my username to the left. I have recently found this site, after looking into some things that had happened in a dream I had (ie. taste, specific feeling). I am happy to have found such a great place, and hope to start contributing whenever I start having dream experience.

Hi and welcome, SlenderApple and Plagoo! :cool: :welcome:

Hello everyone :smile:

Very happy to have found this forum focused on the subject of dreaming. My screen name is somniatis, which means, “to dream” in Latin. I have an adjective here and that’s to meet other individuals that may have similar dreams as myself to converse with.

For many years I’ve had dreams that I call “Super dreams”. Basically, it’s a dream that is so very realistic that it might seem to be something of reality in another realm other than the one I exist. I can wake up from these dreams to go to the restroom and quickly re-enter this dream realm continuing where I left off. Also, I have very little amnesia associated with the dream when it is over and can remember the same dream in detail for years. One of the key markers to my “Super dreams” is that nothing ever strange will ever happen in the dream. Nothing will ever “appear” as odd and or “fantasy” like. The dream has a normal continuity as in real life. I can also feel euphoric when I reminisce about the dream, even years later.

Thank you for your time.


I’m Max, I’m new here and I really want to learn how to lucid dream, and I have a few questions, after I can lucid dream do I need to continue with the dream journal and reality checks? And I downloaded a lucid dreaming app called Awoken, and I was wondering if it’s any good and if there’s any point spending money to get it all

:welcome: hello Nikita

:wave: somniatis

So, if they aren’t strange, odd or fantasy-like what is the cause of the euphoric effect?

It is best practice to continue with the dream journal (and reality checks). You can achieve LDs without paying for apps, supplements etc. You would be best asking about Awoken in the quest forum with Awoken [app] as the topic title to see if anyone has used it.

I hope you all enjoy your time at LD4all.

Moogle wrote:

That question I’ve pondered myself many of times. In the beginning I questioned if it was some sort of psychosis I was going through. Or, some type of hidden need my insecure self was seeking at the time. I’ve had my neurological system mapped out for a very unfortunate situation in my life. (I went through kidney failure due to ingesting non-pasteurized milk that was bad. During this event a port that was tapped in my armpit was put in wrong, opening the way for many blood clots. Was given emergency surgery as one of the clots was at the base of my neck.) No pathology in my brain was ever found.

I feel very comfortable with my decision to seek out other individuals with similar dream experiences. BTW, I’m also able to lucid dream and have experimented with Astral Projection with limited success, on an academic level.

I hope your health situation is under control/resolved now.

I suppose the euphoria could be down to the super dreams providing an element that your waking life doesn’t contain? No need to answer that. :wink:

Yes, I agree with you one hundred percent. The best comparison I could make is when I hear people talk about their NDE (Near Death Experience). They often talk about “how right” it felt and “how this is the real place”. The dream could be banal in nature and I will still feel this way during and after my dream.

Well, I think I carried on enough. Thank you for the warm welcome/questions and input.


I’ve just joined and wanted to say hello. I’m very interested in browsing through the forum and reading everyone’s thoughts, tips, hints and stories on Lucid Dreaming.

I’ve only started to get into it a bit more serious in the last few months, regularly recording dreams in my dream diary app, and I’ve read a few books on LD, the best being Robert Waggoner’s “Gateway to the Inner Self” and Stephen LaBerge’s “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming”

I feel like it’s just starting to make a bit more sense to me now, I’ve had around 10 LD’s so far so hopefully this forum will help inspire me to have many more.

All the best,


hi everyone. :smile:

may all your dreams be lucid. :wiske: