the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 72

I’m sorry for the late welcome Strangegravy, I thought I had made a post.

Congrats! and I’m sure they will become more frequent now you have joined ld4all. :content:
BTW Robert Waggoner is a member of this forum. :happy:


I’m new. :smile: just starting to get into lucid dreaming. I have always taken dreams for complete reality, even after I wake up sometimes… So it feels especially hard to recognize that while still IN the dream.

Anyway, I had my first lucid dream a month ago, lasted less than a minute, and it inspired me to try harder! It was an amazing experience and I am looking forward to exploring more of my own frontier with you folks.

Welcome to LD4all, jicca :welcome:
That first lucid experience is always awesome. :yay:

They will get longer :spinning:

Thanks for the welcome! :smile:

I just saw that Mr Waggoner was a member, I just read the article he wrote. Got me thinking differently again about how I was approaching LD’s.

Really says a lot about the reputation of the forum! :smile:

Thank you very much. :smile: Now that I am more focused on it, I hope you are right!

Just a quick hello to everyone! Im 17 years old from Scotland and am very intrested in Lucid Dreaming hoping to learn from peoples experiances and any advice would be great :smile:

Hello to you all, I’m also 17 but from England.

Over the past few months i’ve been expiriencing SP natrually, almost always during a nap but never hallucinated. So i’ve come here to try and turn this into lucid dreams.

EDIT: And I can see i’ve made a great start by instead of posting in the topic, i’ve accidently made a new one, I apologise :shy:

:wave: hello Snoop420, greetings from south of the border :happy:
I hope you enjoy your time on LD4all.

:wink: If we are quiet no-one will know. :whistle:
Welcome to LD4all TheSuperLime :wave:
There is a good WILD FAQ in Article Space.

I’m a 37 years old male from Finland. I’m new on the forum, even though i have known the forum and ld4all site since the summer of 1999 when I became interested in lucid dreams “for real”

Last time I actively tried to induce lucid dreams(and I actually had a number of them) was 1999-2000, so it’s a long time ago… but the interest in lucid dreams have remained and now and then I have have had some sporadic lucid dreams, altough I really haven’t been that active for many many years.

Now in my “older” days I think it would be nice to start working to induce those nice lucid dreams once again :smile: But it’s a bit harder nowadays I think, because I’m much more cynical thinking and narrowminded nowadays compared to when I was 22… But never say never, I miss those lucid dream adventures…

Well, that was my reason to be here in a nutshell.

‘Welcome back’ Stäin
We still have the archives from the old forum if you want to go down memory lane and find your old posts. LD4all Archive 1999 - 2002. This is a link to the first LD4all N54 forum.
I’m sure you will be experiencing lucid dreams again soon since you have done it before :spinning:

Helllloooo Everyone !! I’m Theskyfender ! I’m 18 , also a boy and Unicorns are my favorite animals !

First let’s make 2 thinks clear ! I’m not American and my native language is french so I hope you guys won’t go to hard on me XD !

( I’m also the kind of adventurer guy * whispering behind you * )

Ok ! In my life I guess I’ve made something like 2 LD and I wasn’t really in a high conscious level ! So after about a year of break I’m back :happy: ! And this time I’m really willing to get better at it :slight_smile: ! I really wish to integrate myself in this community !

Dreaming is just something fascinating and having a relative control would be awesome ! So yeah ! I’ll take any advices , suggestions etc. !

Hi everyone,
I’m Michouwou, i’m 17 and i’m french. I decided to join now for many reasons. First it’s going to be a year since a know this forum, I thought this could be a good idea :tongue: ; next I am writing my DJ since almost a month and I just wrote my 30th dream. I am really interested in LDing and the whole last year, my motivation has been nothing but increasing. I hope everything will go well and that I will be useful on this forum.

Welcome to ld4all, Theskyfender and Michouwou

It’s good to see you are so motivated. Good luck. :content:

:grin: Will you be sharing any of your dreams in our DJ forum? Or would it be too much of a chore to translate them into English?

It’s great to see so much motivation. :cool:

Hello all :smile:

I am 17 years old and very interested in this area. It all began quite recently when I questioned myself “Why do I think so much?” Because I’m such a deep thinker. One thing led to another, since then I have been researching psychology and all about the mind. It is wonderful!!! I can’t believe there are so many cool things out there that not many people know about! After school I hope to study psychology and become a psychologist. After lots of research I then found out about lucid dreaming. I have never been so interested in something like this in my life before. I have only just started practicing lucid dreaming, no lucid dreams yet but I hope for one soon! I look forward to meeting new people here and find out more beauties of the mind :smile:

Hi all. I’m Jim Duffy, and I’ve been a lucid dreamer for about 20 years now. One LD issue I continue to have is the ability to stay sleeping once a dream becomes lucid. For some reason, once I reach lucidity it only lasts a few seconds to a couple of minutes, and then I wake up. I’d love to learn from all of you how to stop that from happening. Needless to say, it’s more than frustrating!

I’m an author and TV producer, and I’ve tapped into my LD experiences quite a bit for my third novel called “eDream.” (If you check my post in the Garden of Creation section of this forum, you’ll see more about the book and how you can get it for free from Amazon.) I felt there just were not enough novels that focused on lucid dreaming, so I took a break from my historical novels and wrote one. :smile:

:welcome: hello lostchild, welcome to LD4all.

I will watch your progress, don’t forget to post in our first LD topic in the dream journl forum when you experience your first. :yay:

:wave: Hello Venture JD
It’s great to see the subject of lucid dreaming being featured in fiction. Unfortunately your garden topic went against forum guidelines (no posts requesting votes) so it was removed. Nevertheless, I wish you luck with Amazon…

I’m just a 17 year old wannabe lucid dreamer who hasn’t had much luck yet :cry: which is why I joined this site to pick up some info :woo: and hopefully make some new friends!
Smell ya later! :tongue:

Welcome to the forum! :content:

Thank you huggles

Welcome to ld4all :wave: and it seems your luck has now changed :yay:

Link to I did it!!! :grin: