The BIG "Hi, I'm new here" topic part 75

Also a totally valid goal! I hope you find lucid dreaming and the community here helpful on your journey!

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Hi everyone!
I am a 30 year old woman living in Sweden. It’s only about a week since I really discovered exactly how much I want to learn to lucid dream (even though I have heard about the phenomenon earlier), both for the sake of creativity and personal growth (including anxiety management). I have always had a close relationship with my dreams, mostly for good but even sometimes for bad. Some of my best creative ideas, mostly in fictional writing, have actually their origins in this mysterious subconscious, but from time to time I am struck by dreams so depressing that I can feel sad, empty or confused a big part of that following day. On the other hand, a really cheerful or beautiful dream can during the right circumstances give the most ordinary day a slight shimmer of magic. Therefore, I have always naturally been quite good at dream recall and can still remember fragments from dreams I had when I was a child.

Dream journaling has now improved this skill even more, even though I only have been doing it for about six days. And guess what, I am quite sure I got my first few moments of lucidity already the second day (or morning) of it! :rofl:

That has indeed made me even more eager and inspired to learn more about it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the forum @Annissa.

You may be interested in our Garden and Fruits of Lucidity forums. Feel free to share if you wish. :slight_smile:

I expect that you have already found the Dream Journal forum. You may like to post about the few moments of lucidity and the rest of the dream in there. :user:

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Oh yes, I will! =)

Welcome @Annissa
Have a great time here,im just a person who does stuff that are creative, but you should check the fruits of lucidity.also,maybe a dj here?

Have a great time with your ld’s with success



Ps,you live in sweden?Thats a pretty great country,i know some people who have told me sweden is great

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Thank you! Yes, I do :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!
Wow, that’s a really cool category! =D

How can I learn to touch dream objects? I rarely touches things in normal dreams, at least not without noticing it quite much (but I think still do).

You ‘just do’ … if this doesn’t come naturally to you, set the intent to touch objects in the dream. Visualise doing it. You could also touch items in your own home when awake to get used to it.

It’s amazing when you do it in your early LDs especially. Feeling a solid object … yet knowing it is the dream world.

You just do touch.Like moggle said,she/he gave you a start

I’m new here too. I Used to LD but family responsibilities became more important. Now it is time that there is more time for LD and it would benefit family if I was more relaxed, like I used to be when LDing was my focus. I have had many LDs and am looking forward to getting back into it. Much Love to you all.

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Welcome to the forum @the_JJ_bug

Did you used to keep a dream journal? If you did then reading old LD experiences would be a brilliant idea to get your focus back on to LDing.

Welcome to the team @the_JJ_bug

Id you had an old DJ here,you can still look back on it !

~The astral Dreamer

Hi,I am new to the forum,just to let you all know,I am @Lumiscnt 's brother! He told me to come on ld4all and check it out,so he invited me and let me use his device to go on ld4all! I got really intruiged with lucid dreaming.I have a question that my brother wants me to find on this site, “What’s the best way to practise lucid dreaming and how?”.I’ve only had 2 lucid dreams in my whole life.

Thanks! :wink:

True,she is my brother (oops) Welcome to ld4all! :welcome:

I thought you were one of my friends for a second,lol.

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Welcome @Exotic MILD and WBTB is the best combination.

Browse FAQs and Tutorials

starting with


Plus I’m sure your brother can give you lots of advice.

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Thanks @moogle! I knew there were posts,bu ti never knew the posts would be this helpful!

aah,I see,my brother?he’s a funny one.

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Hi everyone, new to this forum. I must agree with Moogle’s reply to Exotic - WBTB is also my preferred method. I’ve been lucid dreaming (I always wonder if I should say ‘dreaming lucidly’?) for nearly 20 years, and I’m currently using lucid dreams to try to generate ideas for a book cover. I love it when your subconscious surprises you… presenting you with something unexpected, rather than just seeing what you expect to see.


ooo, @benjhenry what is the book about? We have the Garden (for anything you create) and even Fruits of Lucidity (for things from LDs)
Welcome to ld4all

Welome to the team @benjhenry;

My preferred method is my own,with FILD or MILD itself.Nice to know you like WBTB,and for nearly 20 years?I haven’t eve reached 20 yet,i’m still a teen!And as moogle said,your book cover ideas could be placed in #garden-of-creation for anything you do!Hope to see you in future posts!