The BIG "Hi, I'm new here" topic part 75

That’s great - thanks Emperor_Thanatos, I’ll check this out.

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That’s excellent, @moogle - I hadn’t seen either of these. I’ll take a look, thanks!

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Hello everyone ! I wasn’t sure to post here or create a new topic, but I think I understood it is here I should introduce myself.

I am very happy having found this community ! I was looking for some sharing community, learning and teaching from my experience to like-minded people.

I am really looking for a safe space, respectful and open. But I think that if we gather between LDreamers, all of us have at least this wish to increase mindfulness and open minded study of consciousness.

I am having lucid dreams once a month. And I want to bring my practice to the next level, to the ultimate consistency and commitment. I feel drawn to it ! I knew about MILD and WBTB but never really tried them, having family around. My partner and a 6-month old baby sleeping in the room.

How are you doing WBTB when you are not sleeping alone ?

I want to try these techniques together because I think they would be very effective for me.

Also, I am just recently practicing with OBE, is there some people interested in this here also ? I believe it is closely related to LD

I am happy to be here now, thank you everyone, the creators and the contributors of this community. It looks like a new family :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum!

A lot of people here have different views but I’ve never encountered anyone being outright hostile or disrespectful of others’ beliefs here so I hope you find this space receptive to your views!

I figure your concern is waking everyone else up with an alarm and less that getting up would cause
a disturbance? If that is the case you might be able to adjust. Since I usually sleep alone I can only speak from what I’ve read from other people, but here are some ideas:

-If you being up causes to much disturbance, don’t stay up as long (I usually only stay up a few minutes actually, that doesn’t work for everyone but it might work for you?).

-Do you have a fitbit? I think I’ve read some people using a vibrating alarm on something like this or another kind of vibrating alarm to wake themselves up but not their partner or roommate.

-Use autosuggestions/incubations/mantras to tell yourself to wake up in the middle of the night, without an alarm. this might seem unreliable, but it can work quite well as part of a MILD technique. Check out this thread and this post for some discussion about MILD and autosuggestions.

-Drink some water or tea before bed so that you’ll wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night? :lol: Kinda funny but I’m sure I’ve read this suggestion somewhere before?

You can find and start discussions about OBEs in the beyond dreaming section of the forum! It’s not something I know much about but many other lucid dreamers are also interested in that, so you’re not alone :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the forum @Palopoli_Art
When not alone. I never set an alarm for WBTB but used natural awakenings for it. During my brief WBTB I would just use the toilet and jot down any dream recall in my notebook journal while in toilet.
This wakes you up just enough to return and use MILD in my case.


@Splash Thank you for your answer ! I totally understand and respect the differences in views, I will just try to understand if I can be vulnerable here or keep some defenses on you now :slight_smile:

By the way I saw some of your illustrations and they are amazing ! I love that you link LD and art sometimes :good:

@moogle Thank you for this sharing. I think that I can do this technique, and I like the idea to bring the dream journal with you in toilet !


Well @Palopoli_Art,im pretty sure ive seen you on anothe post :welcome:

These 2 people already beat me to the answers,so just answering you for the first 1,no-one is downright disrespectful here,everyone is friendly,although they might have different views.

Hope to see ya in future posts!


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Hei everyone!

I’m from Italy and recently turned 22.

I discovered this community thanks to a book about Lucid Dreams I’ve been reading lately.
I’m a total beginner when it comes to the “do it” side (started to practice one week ago and had only one brief LD), yet I’ve known about it for years.

I know I have a long way ahead, but I am really mesmerized by the idea of exploring the dream world. The thing that really catches my interest is the idea of “The Dream” itself, seen as a sort of “aware being”.

Hope to bring some insights in the future .

Peace :slight_smile:

Welcome to LD4all @JonTripp
What happened in the brief LD? What triggered the luicidy?
Early LDs are often short but it does improve.

Welcome @JonTripp,

Nice avatar choice. Do you happen to be an NGE fan?

Hi! Thank you!

So, I was in a childhood place and I saw a guy flying in the sky. This triggered my mind to realize that I was dreaming (without even doing a reality check). Then I told myself I could fly and I did raise vertically, but had difficulty in controlling the directions in which I wanted to go (I was trying to use the body).

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Hi, thank you!

Indeed I am. It is my favourite japanese animated work and it gave me a lot.
I also “used” it in my High School exams! (here in Italy we can choose a topic we like for the oral exam). The title was: " Neon Genesis Evangelion: Introversion and interpersonal relationships". The commitee liked the original idea!

It’s a close second place on my favorite list of anime and even the original is still going strong after 25 years.
Oh how I am waiting for the final rebuild movie. I wish they wouldn’t keep coming up with flimsy excuses why it’s taking already 6 years longer than originally planned. But I’m convinced it will be epic.

Sounds like your high school exam had quite a psychological touch. With that title you chose NGE certainly offers an overabundance of material to work with :happy:

Well, never watched the movies (maybe not a literal “fan” hahaha), except for the End, obviously, simply because I found it a little bit “useless” since from what I heard they were simply a “remastered mixed cut” or something like this. There is the Japan Blu-ray for the 1080p style.

And yeah, I tried to take the philosophical and psychological traits of the series (that are basically the reason why I love it, not much of a mech guy).

Aah,well welcome @JonTripp.I hope you have a fun time here,I sure am!But like except studeis ahem.


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