the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic [part II]

Welcome Phayden :smile:
Good idea to start right away with writing your dreams down!

Good luck with lucid dreaming :wink:


Hello all,
Another new member. I’ve been trying to LD for a week and a half now, ever since i thought it would be interesting to look up dreaming on the 'net and found a bit about LDing.
I love the site and I can’t wait to get my first LD (looking forward to going to bed all day).
One thing that has really surprised me is the number of Pink Floyd fans out there! The only other place I have seen so many floydians was on the pinkfloydonline website. I’ve been totally and utterly obsessed with music (PF in particular) for the last 5 years of my life. My 15th Birthday is tomorrow… :content:
I would describe myself as an individualist and I love having different tastes and ideas to everyone else. my mum thinks i’m eccentric and frankly i think so too. :grin: I’m interested in Drama (mainly) and I started Karate at the start of the year. My real name is Danielle and I spend most of my life wired to the computer because I don’t know the meaning of life yet and I love having smart conversations with people I can only talk to on MSN.
Cheers and cya all in the forum…

Great site and I’ll be posting here, I’m also susprised no one ever picked the name sleepy…oh becuase it sucks… :bored:

Welcome Deev :happy:
Pink floyd is greast music and indeed there are enough fans here of them.
hope to c you around…and tell us all about your dreamworld :wink:


:happy: hi sleepy hehe indeed funny your the first that took that name.
Cool avatar, i like it :cool_laugh:

Many lucid dreams!

Hello, another “Hi! I’m new!” post here!

I’m Azelma, I’ve been reading about lucid dreaming and this is the first time I’ve decided to try it in earnest. I love the site and am looking forward to meeting and talking to some interesting people!

Ok… (Trying not to bore people here…) I’m an aspiring actress, I love Les Miserables, and I’ll see you on the board!

on to part III…

Hey Wingsoffury, Phayden, Deev, Sleepy & Azelma !!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Lucid Dreaming and of course the LD4ALL forum !! I really hope that u guys will experince your 1st LDs(if u havent already :alien: ). I wish u all good luck on your lucid journeys!!! ^_~

hey everybody I’m probably never gonna have a lucid dream but oh well
I just started last night because my friend sent me this link…

Well I wish everyone happy dreaming and by the way Kat i was Watcher in the chat channel… bye

hey those lucid dream diaries are super cool!

Well hey again infection ^_^.
Dont say that u will never have a lucid dream…because if u really want it…u Will have 1! Just work at it and it will happen. I hope the info i gave u yesterday was helpful :wink:
Good luck with your lucid journey !
Bi :smile:

Hey Kat, I notice your rating just changed in light of your recent posts :smile:

Hey, where would I ask someone (hint hint Kat hint) what their first Lucid dream was like?

I’m greatful for this forum and the technology that allows this easy flow of information. ld4all was one of my first stops in my google search for “Lucid Dreams” that began on Saturday June 21st 2003.

Also in my list of “Thank You’s” is that once an understanding of what “Lucid Dreams” are, my realization that i’d experienced “Lucidity” many times. Sunday the 22nd (last nite) I remember having one in which my spouse and I were at a Kenny Loggins music-concert and Standford University in California (i’ve been there for concerts before, but not Kenny Loggins).

There were many places during the dream that concious decisions were made to solve issues and such. The funny thing about the dream is the context was totaly unexpected. Last Friday I passed by the CD section of the local store and saw a Kenny Loggins CD on the shelf (he sticks out for me cause there are physical/facial similarities). Saturday i’m reading on lucid dreaming and the author of the article is from Standford.

I had a good laugh upon waking realizing how my everday events had molded into a dream that was quite enjoyable.

Just for fun, if you happen to be into virtual worlds or 3d chat, there are four (so far) that I’ve created and are posted at my website The direct links are at two seperate pages below: these two are just for fun-exploring. these two were developed for a message board at and focuses on discussions about “End Times” and fulfilled prophecy.

Enjoy your visit if you do, and drop me an eNote :smile:

Take care, I’m here to learn and explore.

Hi! I’m new here!

I am also new to lucidity, no LDs as of yet. I can’t remember how I first found out about it, but it sounds extremely interesting :cool: One big problem… I can never seem to remember my dreams, and if I can it is only the smallest details. I have tried keeping a dream journal but it is fairly useless if there is nothing to write in it! Any tips for this would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Secondly, I read the thread about mint tea and I’m hooked! Mint tea rules.

Thirdly… I probably won’t post much to start off with, just lurk and read other stuff until I get into the swing of things. The forum look very, urm, big.

Byee :content:

Greetings everyone!

seems this is the place to introduce myself… I’m Jimmy, call me jimi if you like, or sokkles, I have many names… :content:

I just surfed in on this site, found a link somewhere, nice place! And great colors
and, though I’m new to the words “lucid dreaming” I noticed that’s not anything new to me, I dream conciously once a week or so, although a bit uncontrollably. I guess this is the place for me…

Love, peace, blessings,

Jimi Sokkles

Hi everyone. I’ve only had one 10sec LD but it made a strong impression. I have very bizarre non-lucid dreams all the time however. I even got an encryption program for my dream journal cause if anyone read it they would lock me and my sick mind up for sure :wink:

Nice website btw, so good i even had to register in the forum :smile:

Bye, it’s bedtime…

Oh God!Firehorse is not on duty!

On his (and ours)behalf id like to greet warmly all our new members!
Im bit nervous cuz i do it first time…but ill try…

Hi Accrete,Hi Foolish,Hi Jimi,Hi Ancient_pretzel_monster!!!
Welcome to the forum:)

Pretty good job Jack, Thanks for taking up the slack.

Here goes,

Hi WingsofFury, good luck to you too!

Welcome ancient_pretzel_monster, after you read a few of the dreams on this forum, yours may not seem so bizarre.

Hello Azelma, if you are looking for interesting people you came to the right spot!

Welcome jimi , yep this is the place for you.

Hey accrete, I’ll check out your website when I get a chance.

Welcome foolish, the longer you are here the smaller it gets, trust me.

Glad your here infection0, don’t worry, it’ll happen!

Welcome Sleepy, Cool Name!

Hi Deev, individualists are always welcome.

Welcome Phayden, fun it is!

And welcome back grandpaDEATH.

Goodnight all (I’ll go back and see who I missed tomorrow)

Under the better late than never heading,

Welcome rainyeternity, LDing is better than drugs in my opinion, it helped me drop weed, actually it was a either or situation. I hope you’re still checking in.

Hi Sezil, I hope your dream journal is going well.

Welcome Xoalin, cool site!

See ya around the site.

is he the official welcom-er here???

or does he just do that because he loves kids?

I think he wants everyone to think he does it because he wants them to feel welcome, return and hopefully have a LD, but I think he does it because he is a self-aggrandizing ego-maniac who will do anything to be noticed (and it doesn’t help that Jack encourages him).

i didn’t get that. are you talking about yourself in third person? and that’s bad jack