The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - part XIX

:yes: anyone is welcome to post here :user:

So a person who we just welcomed can welcome another newbie with one less post? :tongue:

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Well then, welcome to the frendliest forum on Earth.

Hi Isildur Bassam :smile: glad you could make it here.
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Hi.Just got here. Ive been getting interested in LD as a part of my ongoing interest in shamanism. Im one of the people that for a long time thought that "I dont dream anymore". Now however, in the last few weeks Ive been slowly remembering more dreams,and today I made my first entry to my dreamlog. So I`m making progress and hopefully this forum will give me a boost in my quest to have a LD. Nice to be here :smile:

:wave: welcome to LD4all Malis

:cheer: it’s amazing how much dream recall can improve with just a little effort. :grin:
soon you will be able to start trying for LDs, reading the “choosing your technique” topic in the library will help you to decide which method is more likely to work for you. <–URL
I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all :boogie:

Well, I’ve posted a few times around here without an official “hello”.

So, I’m 19, Canadian, and a natural but infrequent LDer… I had my first LD in a year last week which inspired me to look some stuff up again, and I found this forum.

I’m really interested in the WILD technique, which I hadn’t heard about before, and I guess my goal is to develop that so I can use it.

I don’t look for much spirituality in dreams, I am a scientist and a bit of a hedonistic type. Dreams are weirdly magical though, and they really make me think about that kind of stuff. So even though I’m not looking for it, I often find it :content:

I also used to meditate, but am too busy now to find the time.

:wave: Welcome!

This is, as TNO put it, “the frendliest forum on Earth.” Everyone is very nice and helpful here, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Happy LD’s! :cool:

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:wave: hello Rectifier
:smile: I’ve already read your journal posts and look forward to reading more in the future. :boogie:
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[color=darkred]My name is Lord Draker. I’m 18 and have been researching Magick for little over 3 years. I’ve been a practicing member of Magick for about 9 months (give or take a couple). As of recently I’ve started to get more in to the Psionics side of practice(again about 8-9 months). Obviously no i’m looking into dreams.

I hope that explains a few things. :tongue:[/color]

:welcome: welcome to LD4all Lord Draker :grin:
:boogie: I see you live in the UK too :wave:

well we have an enormous ammount of topics for you to browse and enjoy, have fun :happy:

[color=darkred]Yup, i live in Wiltshire. Thanks for the big welcome. :smile: [/color]

[color=darkred]So i can see, i hope i am able to help out with anything here that verges on any psionic/magick practices. See you around :wink: [/color]

Hey everyone! I have had lucid dreams about once a month all my life, but most are only mildly lucid. I hope with practice I can increase that number by a lot. I was prompted to get motivated by a dream I had a few nights ago. I think it was the saddest dream of my life by far. Anyway, hello everyone, once again.

:wave: Welcome!

Sorry to hear about your sad dream. At least it inspired you to get more into LD’ing! You should start a DJ and write it down so we can read it.

Happy LD’s! :grin:

Yea just started one. I dont know if I will talk about the sad dream just yet, but maybe someday.

Heyyyy, Im new here! I REALLLLLLLY Want an LD Dream, if anyone feels like sending me a message on how to WILD their way, feel free too! Thanks

Heya Scream! :wave:

I’m not an expert on WILD, but I’ll still try to help if I can. :shy:

Talk to you later! :grin:

I am also new. I have had some lucid dreams in my life.

One time I had a lucid dream where at first I was happy and wanted to explore my surroundings, but later, I decided I wanted to wake up (why did I want that?!)but I couldn’t. Later in the dream, I was in a two story house and it was snowing outside. I went upstares and jumped out the window to try to wake myself up, but I appeared back indoors and a DC asked my why I jumped out the window. I told him that I was trying to wake up. He asked me why. Then the dream faded and I woke up.


Greetings seekers of lucidity.

Looking forward to consuming the wealth of information here.

:welcome: Welcome to LD4all The White Lie, Scream, ian1 and possom :boogie: :cheer: :cheer: :boogie:

I’m already following your dream journal The White Lie :grin:

Scream, you should read the sticky WILD topic in Quest for lucidity … the latest part can be found here :content:

:bored: you may have wanted to wake up because of the fear of experiencing something new? :confused:
I wouldn’t know why anyone would want to wake from a LD when you can experiment with changing things in the dream. But if you ever want to wake up… try shutting your eyes or spinning. Even if you don’t wake up they should change the dream for you. :wiske:

Well that will keep you busy for a while. We have so many topics full of information and personal exeriences :grin:

I hope you all enjoy being members of LD4all.