The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - part XIX

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I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all Ryan

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Hey…im new here to…(note it prolly says Posts:1)

Hai. =]

I’m so very new here. I don’t really know what to say…I’m a dreamer & I’m starting to get into Lucid Dreaming. I haven’t really tried to do it before, though I’ve had experiences where I wonder if it was a Lucid Dream, but couldn’t be sure. Maybe it wasn’t anything, but that’s why I’m here right? To learn! =D

Soo, my name’s Mallory & I’m 18. Yay. I live in Canada and I’m going into University for Photo Journalism, and I’m quite excited. Photography is my life, so naturally I’m happy to study it…my other strong interests include studying the paranormal, traveling, & music.

Feel free to ask my anything else, or talk to me anytime!

:wave: Welcome Andycakes and Cimetiere! :wave:

Mallory- You’re into the paranormal? You should check out my dreams. A couple have told the future, and we were just talking about them the other day. I’m a believer. :smile:

Really? That’s awesome, I guess I should have mentioned that I frequently have Prophetic dreams too, but it’s mostly stuff that I’m going to do, people I’ll meet, or places I’ll go…

:welcome: welcome to LD4all Andycakes and cimetiere
I wish you both well on your lucid quests :grin:
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if you are into the paranormal cimetiere, you may be interested in some topics in “beyond dreaming” or you could start a new one in the lounge forum. just read the forum descriptions to help you to decide where to post. :wiske:

Hey people.

My name’s Matt. I’m 18, and I’m from Detroit, Michigan. I play drums poorly in a band, and record our stuff in my basement. I’ll let you know when I’m famous so you can brag about knowing me. That was a joke. I make jokes sometimes. Yeah I do. I play tennis and golf, and I like taco bell. My name here has no significance at all, at least that I know of. Maybe I’ll find out while I’m dreaming.
I’ve been trying to Lucid dream for about 9 months with a fair amount of success. I’ve recently gotten freaked out by SP and haven’t really slept in 3 days. I joined the forum here to get some help. I read posts about people getting over nightmares in their dreams, but I just can’t get myself to try it again. I’m thinking that this type of thing goes in cycles, and eventually I’ll be less freaked, but verification from someone here would be tremendous.
I’ll probably ask this somewhere else, since this is not the place I probably should, but I’m and insubordinate, lazy bastard and I don’t feel like posting somewhere else right now. Besides, if you’ve already read this much, then I might as well ask.
I’ve heard of people getting visual artistic inspiration from Lucid Dreams, but I can’t draw or paint and I write like a 6 year old. I was wondering if anyone has ever written a song in a Lucid Dream or because of a Lucid Dream. That’d be tremendous as well.
I look forward to becoming a forum addict once again and getting fired from my job because of it. Thanks in advance.

:wave: hello cheesebacon (btw seeing cheese in your user name just made me hungry :tongue: )

you should browse our Fruits of Lucidity forum.
Song lyrics made up in a dream (Siiw)

Artwork painted from my dream(s) Updated: 10/08 (DM7)

Flower arrangement from a dream ended up in the shop :cool: (Siiw)

and many more.

was I supposed to maybe say sumthing about myself? well, im 16 and i dont play in a band or play tennis, im not into paranormalness…somethings i do like are um sitting, sitting is always good, better then standing…maybe, but i guess not quite as good as lying down…or is it lieing down? …(this would be so much easier if i could read…) and i think eating is pretty great too, taco bell is alright cheesebacon, (oh btw cheesebacon i had to go get a bacon cheeseburger at a restaurant cause of you name and how hungry i got from reading your name…hey i guess i can read)…is ne one still reading this? :/? ne ways just if youre wondering (are you? i hope not cause um its not very important…) but the restaurant was Harvey’s…yeah well, NE ways…i guess i really didnt say much about myself did I?

oh hey if you can tell me what show i got my um quote thingy from i’ll give you a prize, or a present …hey dont you think that wizard should be spelt wizzzzzzzuuuuuurrrrd? ive always kinda thot that…you know like when its in books…oh yeah and also does ne one wanna help me bring back the ARPAnet? which reminds me ne one wanna go to my website…its maybe…no it is one of the worst websites ever made…umm …the freeservers part should give you an idea of how of bad it is…(btw none of the pics are of who they say they are…if you really go, that guy i claim to be me, isnt really me, sneaky eh?..about websites i also had the second best website specifically on the topic of Bob Einstein (Super Dave Osborne)…yeah second best site…the ladies were all over me :wink: maybe… no they wernt…any ways i dont have that site ne more, there were only 2 site on superdave at the time tho (this is a true story…) wow if your Still reading this…just think that it took me even longer to type it…hmm i guess i went a lil off topic during this thing…maybe you should just ignore this entire post, yea, did i mention i have ADD and am feeling really wound up? could you tell? ne ways i also like whatching tv while i do my sitting, oh and most important of all is that i especially also enjoy um dreaming…there i tied this nonsense nicely into the context of the weber sit its on:), yeah this lucid thing sounds great i really havnt started trying but ive had about 10 as a kid just by luck, and last year i read about it in a book by sum castalaga guy (sumthing like that)…um ok see ya, i hope this wasnt too long and unedited,but see how my mind works? its like a laser…(btw thats from the same show as my quote…good show


Do I win a prize? :hurray:

Cool site man. I actually read the WHOLE thing! have fun here. :thumbs:

wow you read the whole site? ! um prize…well i didnt really have any thing in mind when i was writing that…i guess I could send you a dollar in the mail or sumthing tho?

Hi, I’m from Brazil, 22 years old…

Since my primary language is portuguese I’m having trouble with some initials, I have already discovered the meanings of DJ and LD (this one is kinda obvious hehe). Could you guys help me with the other initials? And I also want to know what “mild” and “wild” is…



:welcome: welcome to LD4all Lady Sin
if you place your mouse over these letters … the words appear.

MILD == Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream – A method of lucid dream induction done by falling asleep with the presleep intention to remember to recognize the dream state.

WILD == Wake Induced Lucid Dream – A method of lucid dream induction done by focusing on something to keep the mind awake as the body falls asleep in order to enter the dream state fully lucid.

VILD == Visually Incubated Lucid Dream - Dreamer incubates a specific dream setting in which he/she will do a R.C and then become lucid

WBTB == Wake-Back-To-Bed method - Method when you sleep for between 4.5 and 6 hours, get completely out of bed for half an hour or so, reading something about lucid dreaming or doing other stuff, and then get back to bed.

Being a LD4all member and reading posts here will help you improve your english in a fun way :happy:

hello?..he…hellooo?..this thing on?? is?..ok then ehem
hey im new here (obviosly)
im 15 year old amutar film maker :cool: and im also lonley as hell :cry:
(coughto any girly’s out there who are 14 15 16 :shy: )
anywho’s …uuuhhhmmm…that about it…
p.s :cool_laugh: (wtf is up with that smiley lol )
p.p.s bow to my awesome sig :content:

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hi im new!i kept a dream diary for about six months and had two very brief lucids. i fell off the wagon, but now i’m back for good, and i think being part of a forum will help me dedicate myself.

Hmm… strange. I am also an amateur film maker and lonely as hell. Hmm…

hi im christian a 13 year old male from us and i first ld when i was 7 it was a nightmare but when i realized i was dreaming, i could not control my dream im like WAKE UP WAKE UP but nothing happened so i tried other things to control my dream but i could not so i evenmtually gave up and i eventually woke up. soo i came to this site in order to try to do it again sooo here goes nothing