The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - Part XX

This may sound silly but im new so please forgive me, is the purpose of doing reality checks in real life so that you will end up doing them in your dreams?

Exactly. :wink:


my names Jak (nick name is Aelfrede) and I’m very pleased to find this active forum with other lucid dreamers/obe travellers.

I had my first lucid dream, that I remember, 15 years ago. I also have obes, although the more I’ve had both, I’ve realised the difference between the two is less fixed.

My usual frequency of LD’ing/obe’ing is several times a month, but has been every other day for a while a few months back. (Which would seem like heaven to you “lucid every night” members!)

I have different missions of what I want to do when lucid/out of body. Some recent ones have focused on Dreamhackers discoveries (any of you heard of them? They’re a russian group of dreamers.)

Looking forward to chatting here :smile:


hi Aelfrede, welcome to LD4all :happy:
I have never heard of the dream hackers, can you tell more about them and their discoveries?

Thanks for the welcome :smile:

I have some info on Dreamhackers that I can share with you. I’ll start a new thread up and post “installments” there.



I’ve put the Dreamhacker thread in the Quest for Lucidity section. This was the best category, since one of Dreamhackers main quests was for explosion of dream memory and dreaming awareness (lucidity)


Hello everyone!

I have been looking through the web for hints and instructions to lucid dreams and astral travels and I remember first visiting this site 3 or 4 years ago. Now my path led me here again and thought of joining your forum as well.

I’m a greek guy, working in Tokyo after just having finished my studies in Germany (go figure :-P) I have not had any consistent LDs. At least none I can remember. Usually when I realise I am dreaming I wake up (often to emerge instantaneously in another dream). Now I want to make a conscious effort to achieve lucidity. Hope it works. Yesterday in my first attempt I just fell almost instantly asleep while doing the relaxation technique, but I can remember quite precisely the moment I fell asleep and the this morning I remembered my dream about an hour after waking. I’m positive though. I’m gonna by a dream diary today, right after work :smile:

Glad to have joined you!

:welcome: welcome to LD4all 2muchLDing, Aelfrede and Pallidmask
/me casts an envious look at 2muchLDing :tongue:
I hope you all enjoy being LD4all members… I just love how there’s a place for everyone at LD4all from people who have never had a LD to those who have too many :content:
:thumbs: good luck with the LDs Pallidmask. Dream journals definitely help with improving recall and spotting your common dream signs

I became lucid 4 times last night looking for who ever it was that had given me letters to remember before. Four times I woke in my dreams and called out looking for whoever it was in my previous two nights dreams. I told them I was prepared with pencil and paper. When no one showed up I woke up. Then this morning I woke while my body slept and was stuck for a minute or two. I kept moving my dream arm trying to get my real arm to move. I did it so many times I finally gave up and laid there wondering why on anyone would try to get stuck like this. My body woke on its own shortly after I gave up trying to move. If I keep browsing this site my life may turn into a Freddy Krueger nightmare.

Oh and yesterday I tried to take a nap and catch up on some of the sleep that I am not getting at night. Well I woke up floating above my bed and remembered that someone here had recommended that I just lie back down and sleep. So I looked over my shoulder, saw my bed out of the corner of my eye and thought “ah, huh this could work.” So I tried to float back down but it didn’t work. I started spinning. I could see everything in my room flash by me as I just spun around. I couldn’t control it. It last much longer than I would have liked but then I eventually came back down.

I really appreciate all the advice I’ve received. Thanks everyone.

hello everyone im new here :grin: i cant really think of anything to say exept my dreams are really wierd

:welcome: Heya Meh! (finally someone whose first post was in the right area :tongue:)

Everyone’s really nice here, so you should enjoy it. Check out all the subforums. (Dn’t forget my kingdom in the playground!)

Happy LD’s! :fly:

I’m giving Moogle has some welcoming competition! :content:

:wow: ooo I hope you will be posting some then :smile:
we have a topic called “the first dream you remember” in stuff of dreams
and a dream diary forum :smile: and a Big “my first LD” topic
:wave: welcome to LD4all meh :grin:
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Hello… I’m Cal… And I even haven’t started doing anything to get lucid dreams yet… but I’m gonna start… Can’t wat :happy:

Nice to meet you all

:welcome: welcome to LD4all Sharki
I read your posts in Completely freaked out and can reassure you that lucid dreaming is completely safe and is a truly awesome experience. :grin:
I hope we see your first LD getting posted in the “my first LD” topic in the near future.

Hi Moogle,

I just noticed you are from Lancashire. I used to live in Rossendale in Lancashire a few years ago. What part of Lancs do you live in?


Hello everyone. Ive been lurking around these forums for like 2 weeks now and man there sure are some deep spiritual discussions here. I love how everyone can talk about there beliefs so openly here its rare these days. Anyways i started trying to LD a few weeks ago but i didnt know what to do so i looked on the net and found some good techniques. ive had 2 very short LDs last night and the night before while trying the WBTB method which i consider pretty decent considering i havent really been trying for long (although i have a new habit of checking my watch 3 times each time i look at it hahaha). i never seem to check my watch in my dreams though, i just realize im dreaming because i get this weird feeling in my body then im like “oh i must be dreaming” then i have like 2 minutes until i wake up. school starts in a week though so i wanna try and get 1 good long one in before it starts. Especially since even though i know im dreaming its hard to convince myself i can do crazy things because it seems so real so i start flying then i say to myself “You cant fly” then i fall and get angry cause i know i can i just need more confidence that it is in fact a dream. Well i havent been at it for long so well see what tonight brings :smile:.