The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - Part XX

:welcome: hello again Aelfrede, you asked the same thing when you joined Sealife quite a few months ago :grin: I live quite near Wigan and Ormskirk.
/me looks around to make sure no stalkers are about :scared:
I hope you enjoy being a member of LD4all :grin:

:wave: Welcome to LD4all jermo

The main reason for the non flaming is even when we disagree in one topic we will be talking like friends in a different one :happy:

:wallhit: that must be so annoying. Well the more LDs you experience, the more your confidence in your abilities will grow :grin:
:thumbs: good luck tonight…
/me sends some lucid energy to jermo :grin: :dream: :fly:

Hello ! :smile:

Here’s a bit about me :
I live in Paris, France, and I am a physics student. In my free time I learn foreign languages, I cook, play guitar, and read a lot of stuff on the internet.

I first learned about LD by reading the Wikibook in summer 2004, but at first I was too scared to try. About a year later, I read the book again, and succeeded at my first attempt with the WBTB technique. It was kind of strange, you can read my first post in the “First steps” section of the forum.

I hope to have enjoyable discussions with you all about that fascinating topic and have the opportunity to explore hidden corners of my brain : )


Hi i just joined last night after reading about lucid dreaming for a few days now. I was just wondering if there were any helpful tips on how to realize that you are dreaming. Last night i had a dream that i got in a fight with this kid on my football team, but i remember when i was trying to hit him i felt as if i was punching under water. I thought it was kinda wierd but i didnt really think anything of it at the time. shouldnt that be a cue?

Hi Neese :content:.

Helpful tips for realiing your’re dreaming… yeup, we have a couple :wink:.

  1. Take RC’s throughout the day
  2. Keep a DJ
  3. Use techniques (such as MILD and WBTB).

Info about all of those can be found on the main site if you look around :smile:.

That indeed would have been a cue that something was up - but weird things happen in our dreams all the time and we never question it.

Part of the idea of LD’ing is to realise that things are weird, and such we must be dreaming :smile:.

Hello everyone, My name is Contage and i am from Illinois. I have actually known about LD’s for about 3 years now, a freind introuduced it to me. I just never really had time to try it out. I have been navigating through the forums lately, and i decided to join. Hopefully the LD’s will come. Oh btw, props to PasQual(sp) on this website. It truly is great. Later Folks…

Welcome aboard mmestre and Contage I hope that you will like this site. I am new here also but I have found out that this site is a very nice place to be. Have fun and explore.

/me gives Nice Dream a slushy :grin:
/me denys he was bribed to say that :tongue:

:welcome: hello mmestre, Neese26 and Contage, welcome to LD4all
I hope you all have fun exploring your dreams and this forum :wink:

Hi mmestre -As you study physics you might be interested in Astronomy (one of my favourite topics :happy: )? Anyway welcome to the messageboard.
There’s a lot of interesting things to read here - dreams, philosophy, science, games etc.

Welcome to the board Neese26 and Contage - glad you decided to join

Hey, I just joined after a friend of mine, Neese26, showed me this site. I’ve been reading up on this all day. I had a dream last night where I was driving a motorcycle I would love to buy, GSX-1300 “Hayabusa”, but my parents would never let me get it. I guess that should of been a clue that I was dreaming. I’m going to start writing a dream log every morning and have RC’s during the day. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of LDing!

Welcome! :wave:

Everybody’s pretty nice here and will give you the info you need. You can start your DJ in the Dream Diary section if you’d like. :smile:

Happy LD’s! :fly:

HI! I’m new here!

My name’s Brandon, I’m of 19 years and I live in Denver CO.

It’s really good to find a whole forum about lucid dreaming and other important things! I think I’m going to love it here!

:welcome: Heya Brandon!

I’m sure you’ll love it, everyone’s really nice. :smile: (And the layout’s great too! :razz:)

Later! :wave:

/me is surprised that Moogle didn’t catch this one early on. :content:

:wave: hello Subliminal Thoughts and kappakaeru.
It’s great when someone discovers LD4all then can’t resist telling their friends :boogie:
I hope you both enjoy your time here. It’s a very informative and friendly forum :smile:
So if you don’t find the answer to any of your questions just ask and a member will come along and help :grin:

anyone would think it was a race to the topic :tongue:

It isn’t? :grin:

/me flies away to the PG. :razz:

Welcome Subliminal Thoughts and kappakaeru :smile:
Good luck with improving your LD skills.

Hi all , my name is elizabeth , i have been having lucid dreams for as long as i can remember. i also actually had 1 obe, but i got scared. the things i cant control yet are when i have sp’s they are always very violent …sooooo im hopin that i can figure some things out on this forum with your help. thanks for listening, cant wait to get to know everyone…

Welcome Jupiter

There is a big sleep paralysis and old hag topic here
I hope that will help you :smile:
And the people here are very friendly and they will always help you :content:

:wave: Hello jupiter
welcome to the forum. From what I have read, it appears the SP old hag experience is directly linked to what you expect and your level of fear. If you can stay calm and realise it isn’t real, it will get better. But this is easier said than done :sad:
When reading about the Lucid Crossroads, I came across a passage that said you could use “the visitor” as your guide to the Lucid Crossroads by just expecting them to be your guide and they will take you there. I think it was on the Lucid Crossroads site.
Anyway I hope you find your help/answers in the topic that Black Angel gave you.

thanks moogle and blackangel. i went to the site and my sp differs in one way , everyone seems to only see one “old hag” i had 4 of them around my bed just watchin me, i wasnt aware at the time it was an sp so i didnt know what to do. got alot of tips on how to make them not so scary thanks… :smile:

/me shakes hands with Jupiter. :confused:hake:

I used to live in NJ! How’s the weather? :razz: