The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - Part XX

thanks for the ww wolf…you know jersey the weather sucks…lol…im up north close to new york and the summers here are very hot…

Hello everyone! :smile:

So, I’m new here. My name is Selene, I’m 14. I live in Canada and frolic with beavers in my igloo. :grin:

I found out about lucid dreaming a while ago, but I haven’t been really trying it until recently… I’ve had two lucid dreams so far. Both times I have woke up the second after I realized I was lucid, but it’s a start. :content: Anyhow, I can’t wait to start reading some of the posts here and hopefully have a real lucid dream soon!

:welcome: hello FruityTapewormKiller
since you have had a couple of tiny LDs (waking up right away), at least you know you are capable of recognising that you are dreaming :grin: You just have to work on stabilising your LDs.
I look forward to reading about your future lucid dreams :happy:

I WAS going to post something like that, but The Moogster beat me to it! :razz:


Hello! :wave:

My name’s Lita and I’m just over 15 and a half. I live in the United States in a tiny little dust speck on a map.

I’ve known about lucid dreams for about a year, though I’ve never had one. Then again, I never knew how. I always remember my dreams and write them down. It’s easy for me to remember them.

Well, I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Hope to see you in the forums! :smile:


Welcome all new members :content: :wave:

Internal_revolt, here on this forum you will get to know who you can have a LD. Good luck!

:wave: hello internal_revolt
welcome to LD4all. It would be a good idea to look at the “choosing your technique” topic in the lucid library, it will help you to decide which method may work the best for you.
/me wishes internal_revolt luck with her dreaming :thumbs:

Hey, everybody. I just found out about lucid dreams a couple of days ago and decided to give it a try last night, unsuccessfully. I was trying the WILD technique which is probably too advanced for a newbie like me.
So I signed up on the forums today and voila, here I be. checks reality Yep, I be here. :content:

:wave: Allo Schmut! (like your name and ‘hello’ :content:)

You might not get one RIGHT away, it takes time. Not an automatic thing either, but your accuracy will go up in time. Everyone’s nice here and will help, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Happy LDs! :fly:

:wave: hello Schmut

well it depends on the person… some dreamers find WILD easier and some find MILD easier. You should read the choose your technique topic in the lucid library, it will give you a better idea of which method to try first.
I hope you post your resulting LD in our “My First LD” topic in the dream diary forum.

Don’t get frustrated if you don’t LD right away, some people just take longer than others. But when you first experience a LD it is awesome :boogie:

Thanks moogle and Wolf.
I already looked at the choose your technique topic and I think I aught to be trying the MILD technique. I will try again tonight. I’ve not been frustrated. I know it takes time for some people.
Thanks for the positive encouragement.

Hello there =D
My name is Guilherme A. Costa, I’m new here and i’m from brazil!
I know about ld4all some months but just today i register in the forum.
I don’t write very well english, but i think it is clear to undestard =}

i alredy have some LD. three times.
The last one was two weeks ago :}

and i’m enjoying here =D


:wave: Welcome Guilherme!

It’s great that you’ve had some LDs already, good job! :thumbs:

Your English is pretty good, no worries. :grin:

thanks wolf :wink:

but my ld’s don’t was a high level one =(

so…i hope increase my “powers” with the forum :content:

No prob, and they WILL increase from being here. :grin:

Just wanted to introduce myself. Been poking aound the boards for the past few weeks. Learned alot so far. Seems like we have a good, intellectual crowd here and I look forward to arguing with all of ya. :wink: . I live in Texas and grew up in Connecticut. Been around a while and hopefully have alot to share.
I am having problems motivating myself to write. I have a few novels in the works but can’t seem to complete them. Hopefully LD’s, better sleep, and LD4all will help me out. It has already helped break my EQ addiction. :cry: .

Well… see ya out there.


:wave: hello nmd_ and Qman32
LD4all is a very friendly, helpful forum. I hope you both enjoy your time spent with us :grin:

hehehe, we have a new Q among us :tongue:

hmmmm a new Q, hugh? Or better said another Q, b/c our Q is irreplacable.

Welcome to everyone, can’t wait to see you around. I’ve seen a few already and I’ve been slow coming on here to welcome all of you. But Welcome nonetheless

Hi all,

Just discovered this site/forum yesterday, and I’m utterly fascinated. ^^ I believe I’ve had a few (very short) lucid dreams in the past, but I’d love to try and explore them further - looks like this is the place to be!

On most forums I visit (with a few exceptions), I lurk far more than I post, so I probably will not be the most prolific of members - still, hope to get to know some of ya. :slight_smile:

edit: forgot to say a little about myself - my name’s Adam, I’m 23, and I’m a grad student at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh - one more semester and I’ll have my Master’s degree! :o Alright, I’ll shut up now. ^^