The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - Part XXI

ahem:hide:stands up…hi everyone…waves… My name is Mary and…deep breath…i want to be a lucid dreamer…looks around…well that wasn’t so bad. But anyway…i’ve been hanging around quitely in the corner seeing how everyone interacts and everyone seems so nice…i figured i’d finally join in. Well, i’m a college student trying to get through as a psychology major…the first time i lucid dreamed was when i was really young and i made my gym class appear so that we could play dodge ball over and over again…i haven’t been able to LD since then and i was hoping maybe i could fine tune it here…or at least get it started up again… but yeah…anyway…ahem…hi :smile:

/me waves back :wave:
Nice to meet you maria0485
Everyone is friendly here indeed :yes:
You might wanna post your first lucid dream in this tread
I hope you will have another lucid dream soon.
Good luck with it :content:

Welcome back Kindreaming :content:
I couldn’t resist to look at your profile either (espacially not when moogle gave a link to it :smile: )
I didn’t know you then (I wasn’t member yet) but I hope I get to know you now :smile:

:welcome: hello maria0485
/me claps :clap: maria0485 for her intro speech
and I hope you get your next LD soon :thumbs:

Peace be with You BlackAngel, I hope to get to know you too :smile:

Welcome Maria. This is a good group to join, I think you will like it here. :cool:


Hi everybody!,
Just a quick introduction to me: I live in Ireland for 6 years but I’m actually french. I just like that country…but it is also true that having an irish girlfriend also help me staying here! :grin:
I had few lucid dreams in the past , but never actually manage to generate them volontarily. I also have a strong memory of a Hold Hag I had when I was seven…I never mange to exlain it untill I red something about it recently that discribed excacltly the phenomen…I was 7 and still remenber it…
I remember my dreams very well, I can describe usually very long dreams…
My last LD was 2 months ago.
Anyway, I m here to learn, hopefully I will manage to have a lot of LDs!!

(sorry, I think I create also a new topic instead of replying…) :bored:

:wave: hello romukief

no, you appear to have done it right :grin: you are in the correct place :thumbs:
it would be a good idea to read the choosing your technique post it will help you decide which tech will prob work the easiest for you :content:
if you wish to post the first LD that you remember, we have a sticky topic called “my first LD” in our dream diary forum :read:
I look forward to reading your future posts and getting to know you better :wiske:

Hey romukief!!

Welcome to the wonderful ld4all forum. I hope you get the LD cascade going :wink:

Good luck!

  • Gerben

Hello everybody. I am new to these forums, but not new to lucid dreaming. I’ve had several over my life, and in the past year or so they’ve been becoming more frequent (or I’m just getting better at remembering them), to the point where I have one every month or so.

I had a really awesome lucid dream last night, and then decided to research them in depth today, which is what brings me here. The dream was loads of fun. I got to fool around with the hot girl who sits next to me in Russian class, walk around the school halls smoking a joint, and have a bloodless gunfight with my brother. Naturally I want to experience this omnipotence again, and since I usually dream about what I’ve been thinking about all day, I figure if I read up on lucid dreams for a few hours before bed maybe I will dream about lucid dreams, and in theory that might trigger me to realize I’m dreaming.

Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Levi and I’m a 20-year-old college student in Buffalo, NY. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you guys and figuring out how to increase the frequency of my lucid dreams even more.

Peace. :smile:

[color=green]Hi sennomulo

:welcome: to the forums :smile:[/color]


sup mate, welcome to the forums, nice dreams. Keep at it, post a dream journal in the dream journal section, n post, looking 4ward 2 reading!

Welcome sennomulo.

I look forward to seeing you on the Forums.

Smokin a joint in the halls… Nice touch man, nice touch, keep tokin, and stay lucid my friend.

Hello everybody! My name is Vincent and I am 20 years old. I stumbled into this website when I was browsing the internet, and I find the whole phenomenon of lucid dreaming to be very fascinating. I want to be in control of my dreams, and I want to create my own dreams, so I really want to master being a lucid dreamer. I realize this is going to take time, and I am willing to learn everything step by step. Anyone that would be willing to help me would be incredible. I would greatly appreciate it. Hopefully I can learn a lot of new things here, and meet some new interesting people in the process. Thanks for letting me be a part of your community.

Welcome Vincent! I’m sure you will find a lot of help here and I wish you all the luck on your quest for LDs :content:

Thank you so much, that is very kind of you! I had a question. In my profile there is a setting called kin, what is a kin? It has kinds of different pictures and symbols to use. I wish I knew what they were.

:wave: hello sennomulo and wannabe_lucid_dreamer
welcome to LD4all :boogie:

There is an enormous ammount of help posted on the forum already…
beginning with the choose your technique topic in the library
then the sticky topics about VILD, HILD, WILD and MILD

the kin are the mayan galactic signatures, depending on your date of birth you could be one of 260 different kin.
you can find out more in our dreamspell forum and by clicking the kin symbol for the day on the top right of the forum pages
you can find out what your kin is by using the kin calculator

hope that helps :wiske:

Hey all. I just joined the site.

I love the stars on the site here.

I have had lucid dreams before. Not every night maybe once a fortnight.

lucid dreaming is amazing. If I were to buy a game console, I’d want one that can do what my lucid dreams can create. Like A vitual reality of creation from your imagination. Programming user friendly and unlimited.

Lucid Dreams must be the future technology of video games right? (like matrix technology, could be used for training purposes, self development, recreations, sky is the limit)

Except my dreams are much more valuable and cherished, than a video game console. Something about them that is amazing. And more meaningful and personal.

love ya all, :wink:

hey ya Sonic, welcome to the forum :smile:

lucky you :happy: im not that good yet… only about 2 a month.

Hey everyone, how are you?
So glad I found this site, it’s wonderful (both in content and aesthetically). I became interested in lucid dreaming a few months ago when I read about it on the internet and actually managed to have a very night (extremely short though :tongue:).

Anyways, that’s about it for me.