The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXVI

Hey everyone, I’m new here. I started LDing a few months ago with a decent amount of success. I think its great that there is a place where Lucid Dreamers can share their their stories and ideas and help other people achieve the wonderfulness that is Lucid Dreaming. This is the first forum I’ve ever joined and I’m excited to share ideas with other Lucid Dreamers.

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Hey Im JM and Im new here… I’ve never had a Lucid Dream that I can remember , but thats why I am here. My goal is to become a Lucid Dreamer I have already started a ‘Dream Diary’ to help me with the first steps remembering and writing.Im open to any suggestions you Pro-LDers have to offer. The only thing that comes close to out of the ordinary in my dreams are the Deja Vuo(sp?) ones that I have very often. I can have these dreams everytime I go to sleep, and its really weird. However, I want to become a Lucid Dreamer because it sounds like it is alot of fun and a cool experience. I also want to learn about shared dreams so if anyone has any info. on that please fill me in.


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:yes: recall is important, it enables you to know what your usual dreams are like - so you can spot them when dreaming. Also it’s a waste of time having a LD if you can’t remember it afterwards :tongue:

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It may be an idea to post them in our dream diary forum - knowing that others are reading your journal can motivate you to keep it active.

Shared dreaming is discussed in our Beyond Dreaming forum, so you will find information there :happy:

I hope you all enjoy your time at LD4all, there is something here for all abilities and tastes :boogie:

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Hi, I just joined. I was doing some research for a psychology project when I found this site. I’ve been lucid dreaming for a rather long time, and it’s nice to meet other people who have them, too. Usually people don’t know what I’m talking about when I mention how I dream.

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I’m new here, and I just (as in last 30 seconds) became re-interested in lucid dreaming. I was able to do it frequently enough after doing a lot of research, but late this summer I had a few issues I needed to fix up, and lucid dreaming was completely wiped from my memory. I even lost all of my dream journals and all of that gooble-dee-gook.

So I have a first question I don’t think is worth creating a new thread for…

I know that if you look at a book or somthing written, it should change everytime you look, which is how I was dreaming my first time.

But is it possible to memorize, lets say a peice of sheet music and bring it up correctly and accurately (and possibly play it) in your dream?

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As long as your memory’s good enough, you should be able to remember a sheet of music. You don’t have to really use that as a guide as long as you remember the music though. :razz:

Free your mind, man, free your mind… :cool:

Its not that I want to remember the music as much, but I would like to see if I could (yins guys are gonna find this funny) practice music while dreaming, and see if it would apply to my real life playing.

As I’m aspiring to be a music major, I can never practice my instrument enough, not that its tedious, but rather its the most relaxing, enjoyable thing I can do for myself.

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It would depend on the person. I often read text without it changing and have many forum dreams with stable text in them.
So it should be possible to do what you say, but it would depend on the particular dreamer. But if you can actually memorise the music … you wouldn’t need it in front of you in order to play it :tongue:

A lot of people do practice instruments in LDs, so I guess that there’s some merit to the idea. I don’t, personally, but that’s just because I have better things to do in LDs. I guess I could try it, though, but only if it’s convenient.

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