The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXVI

:wave: hello ShawnDB, Ix3Kelly, Deerdancer, Simba, Chromex, Fizyk and CellaRd00R :grin:

A lot of new members are finding us through wiki now … I wonder if it ever overtake search engines as the means of finding LD4all :eh:

did the banana do it’s magic?
I moved your other post into his topic :thumbs:
I figured if I could control my dreams, I would be living a life all day long while having fun. Darned old hag scares me though and sometimes delays my LD practices.
You are more likely to come across SP etc if you practice WILD. If you practice MILD, WBTB and RCs … you will have as little chance of coming across this old hag experience as a normal dreamer. Also once you know what SP is it takes away any fear and you just know you are getting real close to a LD when you experience it :yay:

it varies from person to person - I advise you to read the choosing your technique topic

you will know when it happens :content:

it will vary from person to person, but doing it with WBTB or directly after waking up after a dream should reduce the time it takes.

When you stop recording dreams, recall will suffer. It could even happen that you have a LD but can’t remember it … which would be a waste of time :cry:

Congrats!!! :yay:
I hope you post it in our sticky “My First LD Collection” in the dream diary forum :happy:

/me waves to CellaRd00R :wave:

wow so many new people :boogie:

I’m just being friendly… :tongue: is mentioned at least 25 times throughout the wikibook on LD’s. So ya, it was almost like subliminal advertising, I saw the name so much, that I just had to check things out. =P

And welcome to all new people, I don’t have specific responses to everyone of you, because I’m just as new as you guys are, and… saying welcome to each and everyone of you since my initial post will just take way too much effort… ><

My name is kaleshwar and I read about LDs a few days ago and yesterday was my first attempt at LD, it wasn’t a success but it was wiered anyway I will create my dream journal now and you can read about it in that.
I am also looking forward to shared dreaming and OBE through LD.
Also I hope to make some freinds on this forum

Lo everyone,

Just got out of summerschool so my vacation has finally started, and I figured with the lower stress, and lots of sleeping I’ll be doing, it would be a great time to try for and LD.

I’ve remembered about 3 dreams a year, but everyone of them was educational. Especially when I died and visited the “afterlife.”

I"m a dysfunctional sleeper, takes me hours to fall asleep, so I was wondering whether the lucidness-inducing techniques helped bring on normal sleep too.

:wave: hello kalesh7 and Ganimedev :grin:

My goal is a shared dream too … but I would be equally happy with a normal shared dream as a lucid shared dream :boogie:

/me is confident you will make friends … just post a little and you will find the members that are interested in the same lucid dreaming topics as you are … or even other interests (we have gathering, lounge. garden of creation and wolfgame! :wolf: )

I recommend reading
the BIG remembering dreams topic (which is now on part IV) click
Sticky: Insomnia - Can’t sleep! click

I hope you both have a good time while visiting LD4all :yay:

This was the thread I was looking for, lol. I just joined and couldnt find anything like this in the forum, so I just went on ahead and posted my first experience in the thread were you share your dreams.

Oh well.

My real name is Paul, and I am from Mexico. I have come here to make some good friends to share dreams and experiences and to learn more about lucid dreaming. I found about lucid dreaming through experimenting with polyphasic sleep and my curiosity about the secrets of the mind and photoreading and stuff like that.

Welcome Flakes57!
There’s lots of topics about lucid dreaming and any other physcological and spiritual things you need to discuss can be posted in “Beyond Dreams”

Again… Welcome!

:wave: hello Paul :smile:
I just saw your first post click- you can add any future dreams by clicking reply on that topic so you keep all your dream experiences together :yay:
Atheist has recently started a new topic about polyphasic sleep and there is an old topic in the old lab.
links… … 495#118495
old lab … … 381#108381 … 619#197619
newest … … 274#300274 (please do any replies in this topic :smile: )

I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all … it is a great forum community :boogie:

Hello, I’m Tcc. But my real name is John. I’ve been reading the forums for quite a while now (about 2-3 weeks). But now I’ve decided to actually join in on discussions. I’m the quiet/shy person so I’ll probably will only read and post on threads that really interest me. :eh: But anyway I’m really looking forward to my first LD.

Welcome Josh. I’m glad you decided to join the forums, its a great place. About being shy, trust me, you will open up here. Everyone on ld4all is great! :content:

…Except BlissfulBlues… :razz: .

:grin: Just kidding! BB is awesome! :good:

:wave: hello Tcc aka John :welcome:
I think you won’t be able to resist posting in some topics and make some new friends while doing so :smile:
:thumbs: good luck with the lucid dreaming … I hope you don’t have to wait too long until you experience your first one.
I also hope you won’t be too shy to post it into the Big “My First LD Collection” in the dream diary forum when you have one :peek: … though usually members are ready to tell everyone they can since the first time is so awesome and proves to yourself it can be done :cheer:

Hello everybody. I just joined this wonderful place last night and read up everything I could on the main page. I’ve been doing extensive research on the subject of LD for the past couple days now. I’ve always wondered to myself, wouldn’t it be great to be able to actually control your dreams? No matter how bad of a day you had, there would still be something to look forward to. That was before I even knew LD was possible. So when it was brought up on the message board I frequent, I had to learn everything I could. I’m going to be making a post in the First Steps forum in a minute about my first attempt with autosuggestion, and then WBTB+WILD. Feel free to look for it :cool:

:wave: hello Blakers
( link to Blakers’ post)
welcome to LD4all :smile:

Hey everybody! :cool:

How’s it going? New here, but not to the concept of Lucid Dreaming. Got interested in dreams in general (and anything spiritual, come to think of it) a few years ago, stumbled across LD’s while reading up on normal dreams, and got hooked (who wouldn’t :tongue: ). But soon after, i got sucked back into life, moving houses and starting university and such, and unfortunatly lost that motivation i had to explore this wonderful world. But over this summer holiday, i had a dream (one of those that sticks with you for a while), with a low level lucidity for a short while. Woke up, and decided to get serious again about Lucid Dreaming; figured this is a great place to start again, so here i am!

Anyways…hello! :content:

Hi everyone! :3 :wave: I’m new to the concept of LDs, but I’d really like to give them a try.

I’ve never really been good at remembering my dreams. Generally, when I manage to wake up during one, I go back to sleep in order to continue it. But that makes me forget all of it. I actually read about LDs yesterday. :razz: And I started a DJ of my own to help with recall. In a little while I might make one on the forums. xD But my dreams tend to be… wacky. And childish.

The main thing I want to do in a LD is FLY! I’ve never ever had a falling dream, or a flying dream. xD It sounds really fun.

Oh, and everyone can call me Jessi. :slight_smile: Kyedi might be a little hard to remember. xD

Hey ld4all Users!

I’m new here, but I’m interested in learning about LD’s. I’ve never actually had one, but it sounds like something really cool. I’ll probably be mostly in the First Steps to LDs forum for a while, so look for me there.

Anyways, Hello!

:wave: hello LiQuiDreamz, Kyedi and Disneyguy :grouphug:

It’s great that you got your motivation back :yay:
did you have a lot of success last time? before life got in the way.

We have all different types of dreams in the dream diary forum. Personally I love reading wacky dreams :smile:

I never flew in dreams until i had a LD :fly:

good luck :thumbs: … I’ll look out for your posts :look:

Hi. I’m new here.
I don’t think I’ve ever had a lucid dream, but I can remember my dreams very often. I had talked about dreaming and nightmares with some friends of mine, and one of them said something about taking control of the dream. I didn’t think much about it at that time, but something made me search for dreams yesterday, and I found a link to this page at wikipedia.
I want to have LD’s, and to learn about them as well. I’ve already read a lot, but I don’t think it’s enough to read about it, I want to experience it.

Well I’m new here. I remember just fragments but getting much better at it already.

Mostly I’m just hoping LD will be able to help with all my constant nightmares.