The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXVI

This is Part XXXVI of the big “Hi I’m New Here” topic. The previous part can be found here. All links to previous parts including the “shake hands” topics can be found in this post.
Keeping all the intros in one topic prevents us from having thousands of individual “hello, I’m New” topics and keeps the forum from getting cluttered up. :content: Anyone is welcome to post here :user: , new and old members. So don’t be shy :peek: , we don’t bite :wolfbite: .

Hello everyone.
I’m DarkLight, from Ireland.

Im here to learn more about Lucid dreaming (also shared dreaming) and hopfully make some friends in the process.

About my dreams well:
I’ve had a few lucid drems but not intentionally.
I created a dream world of my own naturally, and it never changes just grows.

I’m starting to actually attempt Lucid dreaming now. Trough the general techniques and other things.

:wave: hello DarkLight
/me wonders what your dreamworld is like and hopes you post about it in either the dream diary forum or stuff of dreams :smile:

/me waves to DL. :wave:

I’m sure it will be great to have you here, and it’s great to hear that you’ve already had lucid dreams in which you’ve greated your own world! :cool_laugh: Just by trying, I’m sure you’ll be a pro at this. :wink:

Its actually not in Lucid dreams.
Its just created in normal ones, but I really want to explore it while I’m lucid.
I tried to map it out once but its pretty much impossible.
there are parts like if I go out of the house trough this door I come out of another door in some completly different area. Or if I go up this road I’ll come back down that road etc.
And windows in my house are the strangest, while I look trough them everything is normal outside, but when I open them its a completly different thing, I see black and dark purple swirls like liquid but it dosn’t pour in. Its something negitive anyway because I feel really bad when I see it.

normal dreams are just as interesting :smile: … still feel free to post about it in the dream diary forum or stuff of dreams (stuff of dreams is for general dream talk) - Bruno even made a topic about dream locations if you don’t want to make a new topic :smile: link

Tell me. Shared dreaming, is that a concept here?

Hi, my name’s Mark. I am 18 and just graduated high school, and am set to start college this fall. I first learned of lucid dreaming from a great teacher over a year ago.

Recently, after a lot of self exploration I kind of realized there were a lot of things in my life I was to a degree putting off for whatever reason. Despite finding it intensely interesting, I have not thought significantly about lucid dreaming since I first learned of it, but earlier tonight I just kind of thought about it. I have a lot of questions about my life and life in general. I have read a lot that makes me think maybe lucid dreaming is a way I can communicate with my subconscious, or even a devine of whose existence I am not even aware. I am very excited about the idea of lucid dreaming, but never having knowingly done so look forward to progressing to that level and maybe making a few friends… :smile:

:wave: Welcome Mark and DarkLight

DL: yes, it’s a concept in here, the board in which we discuss shared dreaming is called Beyond Dreaming, be sure to have a look at it! :smile:

Thanks Bruno.
Well I’m preparing my DJ for posting now, and well I guess thats it. :smile:

Hi, I’m Kelly, and new here.

I had my first lucid dream after watching the movie “Waking Life”, which made a great impression on me. I later read Stephen LaBerge’s book “Exploring the World of Lucid DReaming”, and had a few great lucid dreams (and a few not so great).

I hope to one day become a lucid expert who can have lucid dreams at will, but at the moment this is far from the case. Look forward to share dreams and experiences with you all.

Welcome Mark, DarkLight and Kelly to LD4all.

Hello DarkLight.
The dreamworld you’ve created sounds interesting. I’m sure you will get the chance to explore it in a lucid dream soon :happy: It’s great that you’ve managed to visit the same dreamscene several times. I’ve never had much success with that.

Welcome to the board also onemark34 and Kelly. :smile:

:wave: Welcome to the forum Kelly!

Waking Life is a great movie! :yay:

:wave: hello onemark34 and Kelly :grin:

only maybe? :eh: I can guarantee you will make some friends here if you just post a little :yay: LD4all is a very welcoming community :grouphug:
I hope you decide to post your LDs and even normal dreams since even normal dreams can reveal stuff about your subconscious if you ponder on them.

:thumbs: Kelly, I have just seen that you have started a DJ … moogle rushes to read it :yay:
There is a Waking Life topic in the lucidity centrestage forum :smile:

I hope you both have a good time at LD4all :happy:

Thankyou, Moogle. Then you will also see that I had a lucid dream the very first night :grin: .

That felt great, since it’s been a while.

Mark, Darklight and Kelly… :welcome:

hello, i’m cory from ohio. i’m a beginner to lucid dreaming, but it sounds like fun

:wave: hello cory welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
you will love it here :smile: and lucid dreaming is great too :yay:

:wave: Welcome Cory!


I signed up last night. I saw a link about the Seahome SD from an AP forum. I had many LDs when I was younger, but not to many lately ( last 6 years or so).