The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic VI

thanks bro!

Wel bigjedman, it’s bound to happen soon! Good luck on it!, eh… lucid dreaming has really spread…

Hey big, you live in atlanta or around? I’m in metro atl. What about you, oh and welcome aboard!

Hey Mors and bigjedman! Have fun around the forum, and good luck on all of your LD quests!

hey Mors, yea i live in Metro Atl also! i live on the north side of town in Alpharetta, if you know where that is.

ah, south side here, Henry county! If you know where that is :wink:

i know exactly where that is, i have some cousins who live in Newnan

bigjedman & Mors,

Very nice to meet both of you! :biggrin: Please feel free to enjoy exploring ld4all forum. :look: We got so many information here. :wink:

Anyways, good luck with your lucid dreaming journey! You can do it and never give up my friends! Never give up! :smile: Sweet dreams!

With a lot of… mmm flowers for you! :peek:

Hallo! I’m new (sorta)

I became interested in Lucid Dreaming way back in the first quarter of this year. This site helped me get going with obtaining lucidity in my dreams. I started a Dream Journal and it helped and actually achieved a short lucid dream (10 seconds… not much happened). Anyway, the next night (or might’ve been the night after) i had another, even shorter, one. Then i started wondering if i was actually having a lucid dream, or dreaming i was having a lucid dream. The whole dreaming thing has always been an interest of mine.
Anyhoo, some how (don’t remember exactly) I lost sight and lost interest. Probably because school got hectic (yes, still in highschool). Anyway, my interest has been resparked and i’m hoping to ‘get back in the game’

One of the main reasons i’d like to achieve lucidity would be for the creative aspects of it. I’m a musician and have written a few songs, but i’ve always felt there’s a mental block somewhere. By dreaming lucid i feel I can get around that block and discover my creativeness in my subconcious. Maybe write about what i see, or find something to give me ideas.

So in closing… hello all!

WHat do you mean ACTuALLY? Of course you’ll have lucid dreams!
Heh heh… lucid dreams are really good for creativity. My friend is making a (stupid) movie by using DCs to act out the whole thing. Cheap casting too! :wink: Good luck and see you around!

Hi Carmius!!! Welcome to LD4all, have fun and happy lucid dreams!

Hello Carmius! I had a mental block too. It was a large wooden block that was painted purple. I found it in an LD and burned it. Welcome to the forum! :happy:

I want to get DC’s to act out some fanfics for me. But does he prepare the script before, or does he get them to do their own story?

Is the latter even possible?

Laberge in his new book mentions reading the script before you go to sleep.

He even suggests reading Star Wars or Arabian Nights. I’ve never read the latter…

Welcome to the forum anyway!

Hey people. Ahem…“Hey, I’m new!”

Oh, sorry. I almost felt compelled to do that after reading the topic. :tongue:

Yep, just signed up. Trying to take control of my dreams as of now. If you’re wondering why I started here, I just had my first lucid experience and woke up an hour ago. Yes, I felt urged to sign up here. I’m hooked.

Hello mindwalker. You will find we are all hooked! Just explore around and make yourself at home.

it’s really late at night and I just HAVE to do my daily rounds. It’s like an addiction now.

Anyways, MindWalker, You’ve come to the right place. Welcome and happy diddly doo. If you’ve got any questions, ask around! We’ll be sure to make your enlightenment (snicker) as smooth as possible! :tongue:

:cool_laugh: Hi Carmius the music man :cool_laugh:

Welcome aboard!
Who knows what your dreams bring you in the future,
because there are enough ppl that use lucid dreams for experiencing
and composing music!

Good luck!

Hello MindWalker, congrats with your first lucid dream :cool_laugh:
Welcome aboard!

Hope you enjoy this forum…there sure is enough to read about dreams
and lvuid dreams. :smile:


Thanks all. Yes, I’m sure I’ll learn a lot here. :happy:

Hello to any one new here. I prommissed I would invite th new people in because I don’t invite enough.