The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic VI

Hi Carmius and MindWalker,

Welcome to ld4all forum! Please feel very welcome to explore around! :biggrin: There are A LOT of information hiding. :wink: That’s where search feature comes useful :look:

Anyways, good luck on your lucidity journey! :wiske:

Hey all :cool_laugh: I just joined this forum because I’d like to learn more about lucid dreaming. In the past I’ve only had one lucid dream but it was extremely interesting and since I am always having crazy dreams I’d love to learn how to take part in them instead of just being an onlooker. Nice to meet you all :shy:

Stine, it’s really nice to meet you! Welcome to ld4all forum! Don’t be so shy to explore around and have a blast time! :biggrin:

Congrats on your LD and hopefully more LD’s will come soon! :happy: Good luck on your LD journey!

thank you thank you :happy:

Hi everyone. I decided to actually join this forum (I’ve been reading all of your posts for a week or too) because I had my first lucid dream last night. I first started trying a few years back, but gave up (no staying power I know), but recently I started again and have been more comitted, and its starting to pay off.

Hey stine and ihatejacknjills, welcome to the forum and yarr, don’t be shy! Er, I’ve about given up the attempts because they all seem to fail because I don’t put enough heart into it (I hate myself…) but if you have enough enthusiasm for it you’re sure to have it pay off faster! It’s like putting money into a bank and getting more interest! So never get discouraged, WBTB and MILD all the time!!

W0w I just went all over the place with this post. Er, good luck and have fun?

Hi MindWalker, Stine & Ihatejacknjills (I’d love to know the meaning of your name, if there is one, PM me :happy: ) welcome to LD4all! Good luck on LD’s and have fun exploring the forum, and the dream world! :grin:

Hey All :smile: ,
I’m semi-new to lucid dreaming but new to this forum. I hope to use lucid dreaming to abolish my depression and paranoia :help: , i’ve had one so far but I wasn’t able to maintain my lucidity. As soon as I manage to get a LD i’m gonna sit aroung in my dream and chill out, read a book or have a beer or something. I think It could be theraputically relaxing…

Am I the only person that really likes false awakenings? After I’ve had one I always wake up and laugh at the fact that I thought I was awake! :content:

Welcome to the forum, Son of Nitrous! I always thought that FA’s were a little creepy. Fortunatly, you can turn them to your advantage by using them to become lucid. Just do a RC every time you wake up.

i just wanted to say hello! :wink:
i am new in this forum (haven’t been here since registering), but not so new in LDing. i have read some posts and found some really usefull information. so i hope i’ll come here more often and we’ll have some interesting talks.
good luck and sweet dreams to all :wink:

p.s. sorry for bad english

Welcome aboard, Lotus! I hope you find this forum a great source of help in your quest to become a better dreamer. Good Luck!

Hey Carmius, MindWalker, Stine, ihatejacknjills, Son of Nitrous and Lotus.

Lot of names there. Hope you guys enjoy it here. I’ve been here for a while and I already made progress. Good luck with your dreams! :smile:

I like your signiture super dude :smile:

heh thanks :content: , my friend told me that one.

psst psst make sure all your avatars are under 65x65 (sorry its gotta just that, no excuses about having the same area as 65x65!) pixels or you’re gonna get nailed!

(all except atheist, right? ) :wink:

Hello Everyone,
I’m just checking in and saying hello. Dreams are a passion of mine. I’m glad to find you.

For some reason it took me until now to notice this topic so when I did i figured i would say Hey. I am new to the site and was reccommended by a friend in RL (killaklown). I Have had a few lucid dreams 5 or 6 since i started working on and off with dreams for the past year or so. I went through some times where i didn’t much care about dreams but now I am back and more interested than ever. i am very happy to be a new member of the site and keep up the good work guys!!!


Hello Anotherdreamer4U and Nightmare_B4_Christmas
I noticed you when you first joined Nightmare_B4_Christmas because of your user name…did you like the video "Nightmare before Christmas too?
Anotherdreamer4U enjoy yourself reading all the posts you will soon feel like this is a home from home. If you have any questions there are always lots of members ready to help and give advice. :wiske:

I was practically going to say the same thing…

Welcome to the forum…

Check again, wise guy. :wink: