The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic X

Thanks, whispa!

I’ll start posting that dream journal as soon as I find the right forum! :help:

Kidding, I know where it is! :tongue:

Thanks whispa

Aah another load of new LDers! :wink:
A warm welcome to Nefari, Nympha, adidas, DKV and OpheliaBlue!! :happy:

Happy LDing all!

Hi everybody!!! Im new here and to lucid dreaming. Im just starting my dream journal and im learning alot of great information. But any way Hi!!!

Hello! I registered to this forum yesterday, and made my first DJ.
I first read about Lucid Dreaming yesterday, so im all new to this:)
I tried recalling my dreams today, but i just woke up 4 times during the night and couldnt recall anything.
I intend to practice this untill i get it. Thats my way of the dreamworld:)

:wave: Hello Myh6686 and 1337-Dreamer :grin:
Welcome to ld4all, there is a lot of information in the different topics here.
So you will soon both be experts on lucid dreaming :content:
Good luck with your dream journals, recall and lucid dream goals. :ok:

I look forward to reading your future posts here. :wiske:

'lo. I’m new here. Not new to LDing and Dreaming in general though. Been getting Lucid since before I knew what it was … though I haven’t had a lot lately unfortunately. Hopefully this forum will inspire some :smile:

Welcome to ld4all zizzerzazzer :wiske:
You will find a lot of inspiration in some of the dream journals…i personally recommend Atheist’s journal. :wink:

I look forward to reading about your lucid dream adventures. :content:

Hi! I’m new in here! Well… Kinda… Been lurking around for a year without posting…

hi green gnome :smile:
wow lurking for a year!
glad you decided to join us!


First of all, sorry my bad english!

I´m very, REALY very happy because of this place! I never found a friend or any people in portuguese sites to change experiences or talk about "lucid dreams". My last hope, was try in english, beside of my bad knowladge and experience in english... Finally I found!!!  :cool_laugh: 

About my experiences, I already had some Lucid Dreams, but I can count this on my fingers... so I´m a beginner Lucid Dreamer. The conscience in dream is something extremally funny and intensive! Most importante than all, I bealive this can help the humanity to understand better the dreams and by consequence our brain!

It´s a great pleasure can be here!
Thanks the organization of the site!

Hello BrazilianDreamer welcome to ld4all. I’m really glad you found us. :happy:

hi braziliandreamer, welcome! And i’m sure there are more portugese speaking ppl here :happy: they might drop in and say hi :content:

Don’t worry about your english, since we are very international your mistakes won’t be noticed anyways :wink:
It’s a good way to improve your language skill, though


Welcome BrazilianDreamer!! I’m sure you will like this place :content:
Tapir is right: don’t matter about how bad your English is. As long as we understand what you’re talking about :smile:

Happy dreaming!

Welcome to the looney bin. :cool:

What a fun way to improve your English skills by discussing lucid dreams! :smile:

Well I’ve been on the IRC channel. So guess it doesn’t coutn. :smile:

The IRC channel is also part of LD4all, so yeah… I’d say it counts :content:

Welcome Green Gnome, zizzerzazzer, 1337-Dreamer and Myh6686! :happy:

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