The BIG "Hi I'm new here!" Topic XIV

welcome Yehuda - and you’re welcome :content: glad to hear LD4all has inspired you :smile:

:wave: Welcome to the ld4all community Yehuda and Rudoka, you will find we are all friendly and like sharing our experiences. :content:

:boogie: Congratulations on your first LD Yehuda, you may like to post it in our sticky “My First LD” topic in the Dream Diary section or even start your own dream journal in there. :grin:

This is a good idea because then you have many opportunities to just explore in detail your usual dreams and you will be able to come up with many insights this way. :cool:

I’m new to this forum, obviously, and haven’t had an LD yet although I am very fascinated by the idea and have always loved dreaming, have always had vivid dreams and usually remember at least one or two a night, so I think I’m a good candidate. I am waiting for Stephen LaBerge’s book Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming and Lucid Dreams in 30 Days by Keith Harary to arrive in the mail from any day now while reading everything I can on ld4all and every chance I get.

Well, I shouldn’t say I never had an LD, once in the last six months I had a nightmare and knew I was dreaming and it was so frightening that I was trying to wake myself up and had trouble and I must’ve been pretty spooked and making noises because my boyfriend helped me wake up and soothed me afterwards…that’s the only time I can recall knowing I was dreaming and it wasn’t fun at all. :cry: I hope to banish any and all nightmares through LD but mostly just to enjoy the many types of experiences I’ve been reading about in this forum and elsewhere. :content:

Regarding my sig, if you’ve never read them, look up the lyrics to that song…pretty cool!

Hello, I am new here. Obviously you can tell that since I’m posting to an “introduce yourself” thread. :smile: I still don’t know if this lucid dreaming thing can be done. Well, I know the lucidity of dreams can be true, though perhaps I am confusing that with vividity of some of my past dreams. I can distinctly remember a few dreams from my past, even those that are a few years old. What I don’t remember is controlling the dreams completely and utterly. That possibility boggles my mind, and I can only imagine what secrets and truths could be uncovered concerning life, both personal and universal. I am sure I will become quite a different person once I master this ability. I suppose I should warn you all that I am starting this “journey” as a complete skeptic. I have no illusions concerning the outcome of this experiment. I’ve never been a very spiritual person, I have no idea if there is a God or some higher power, or if it is even possible to know if there exists such a thing. In fact I don’t give much weight to a lot of this new age, but I figure I should give everything a try before writing it off. And so here I am. I hope to have some progress soon. I never remember my dreams so that’s where I have to start. Happy sleeping to you all. :content:

I am 27 male, living in cape town south africa.
I have some experience with lucid dreams. hoping this forum can help me gain strangth in this area.

:wave: Hello Cynster, Dreamrunner and ptah
Welcome to ld4all. No matter what level you are currently at with your lucid quest there is a lot of information on the forum to help you on your way. :content:
Dreamrunner, you should work on your dream recall first … there is a sticky topic in Lucidity Intro on remembering dreams
BTW vivid dreams aren’t the same as lucid dreams. When you experience a lucid dream you are aware that you are dreaming while actually dreaming.
Cynster, once you get the books that you have ordered you will have a lot of valuable information always at your finger-tips :happy: I hope you experience your first lucid dream very soon.
Hello again ptah… history is repeating itself… I said hello to you at Sea Life last night :wink:

Thanks for greeting us, moogle…you must be a FF fan like myself if you are “moogle”…I’m a big RPG fan and am wondering if that’s a thing I’ll be able to explore in my sleep once I start having LDs…as in, visit the kind of world I love playing in RPGs like Zelda and FF. I’ve read that “anything” is possible in LDs but can it be like that too or do things always have to resemble 3D waking life (if you’re following my meaning)? Meaning once I have the skills, should I be able to conjure up anything my heart desires, such as have my environment resemble an RPG landscape or hear my favorite Zelda music in my dream (windmill song, one of my all-time faves: … 4inwml.mid) ? Thanks again for all your advice, I can’t wait to have an LD…Amazon says my books have shipped from a warehouse only 15 mins from my home…hope they are in the mailbox after work on Wednesday! :smile:

Yes, I’m a final fantasy fan … I’ve played and completed final fantasy I to X (with the omission of final fantasy III ), I’m getting final fantasy X-2 soon. :grin:
There are a few final fantasy topics in the lucid lounge you will have to seek them out :wink:

Yes, you will be able to create a dream about video games or anything else your mind can think up. There will be no stopping you once you have your two books in your hands. :read:

Hello all,

My name is Arthur, and I’m new here. I discovered this site a long time ago, and have had a few lucid dreams following the techniques given here, they were very helpful. I have been reading the forums for a while, but never bothered to sign up for a forum account.

I don’t post much, but I do enjoy reading these forums, as many people have interesting things to say.

I suppose that is all for my introduction.

Welcome, Arthur nice to meet you. Looking forward to reading some of you posts and getting to know you better.


:wave: Hello Arthur, I’m glad you finally decided to register. :cool: Quite a few of the forum sections can only be read by members. Will you be posting any of your lucid dreams in the future?

I consider most of my dreams to be of a pretty personal nature, but perhaps I can look through my dream log and see what I’d be comfortable with posting. Maybe even start my own dream diary here.

Why not start a dream diary you don’t have to post everything.

Hey, Whats up People of this forum. I Guess I’m just supposed to introduce myself so my name is marcus, Im 20 years old from Raleigh, NC and of course I love to dream and engage in any type of activities that have to do with the mind i.e. meditation, AP, etc…

Welcome :happy:

Welcome lucidintelligence hope you enjoy yourself. I lookforward to reading your future posts.

[color=indigo][b]welcome to ld4all!

No doubt you will learn lots, experience lots and have lots of fun while you’re here!

And if you don’t…I’ll just have to hold you at gun point until you do!

:angel_fly: :devil: :angel_fly: :devil: :angel_fly: [/b][/color]

:wave: Welcome to ld4all LucidIntelligence :grin: (I merged your introduction post into the “Hi I’m New Here” topic)
Does your choice of nick mean that you have experienced some lucid dreams already? :eh:
I look forward to reading all your future posts. :cool:

Yes I sure have and I truly love it.

Anyhoo, I’m Mark. No LDs yet, but that’s what the future’s for, right? I hope there’s a nice breeze up there in dreamland. Why, do you ask?

Winter sailing! :content: