The BIG "Hi I'm new here!" Topic XVI

Even the Cheat wants to LD, what glorious days we live in.

Rawr pear another newblet :peek: cant wait to see what this LD stuff is about :grin:

:boogie: welcome to ld4all Azkar and Ariacan
I hope you both experience your first lucid dreams very soon :thumbs:
there’s a lot of information in various topics on the forum, have fun browsing and being inspired by what you read. :grin:

Hey, I’m a newbie to Lucid Dreaming and had my first one about a week or two ago (if you could actually call it one judging on the length and amount of power in it). I hope to have a full fledged LD soon because I want to try all the things you’ve been talking about on this board. It looks like its a good community and all, unlike all of the trolls from other popular boards. I hope my sporadic dream recollection won’t stop me from having real nice dreams. Well, anyway, I’m glad to be here.

P.S. At the GameFAQs Paranormal/Conspriracy Board (dont ask why we were having an LD conversation there) some people said that there was a way to actually have a Lucid dream for a very long time (while in dream). Some said Days, and some said weeks. Is this even possible? :confused:

Hi, I am new to this website but not lucid dreaming and other conciousness exploration techniques. I have had about 5 lucid dreams in my life with varying success and an OBE or a partial one anyways. I am 18 soon to be 19 and I can’t wait to participate on this forum.

:wave: hello Sean and patrjl
welcome to the ld4all community :cheer:

Yes, we are a very friendly forum :grin: and are always keen to help other members with their LD quest.
To help with your dream recall, you should have a look at our big remembering dreams topic

There is a short thread on this here “question about extending lucid dream time” … highlight=

now you are a ld4all member and can browse all the various topics to get ideas on extending your LD abilities, your LD frequency and control should increase. :grin:

I hope you both enjoy your time here. :wiske: It’s always good to get new members. :content:

Hello. My real name is not HolsteinCow, but it’s satisfactory. I’ve been trying to work on my dream memory (through MILD) for 1 day now(I forgot to lie still, but later the dream came back to me.)

:wave: hello and welcome HolsteinCow … I would have been very surprised if your name was HolsteinCow :tongue: :lol:

Did the dream come back because something in real life triggered it?

Are you using WBTB with the MILD? It makes a LD more likely. :smile:

Hey everyone. This stuff is really new and interesting to me. I was just browsing the Digitally Imported forums and there was a thread on lucid dreaming–I didn’t really even know what “lucid dreaming” was until I read a few posts in that thread.

Anyway, the thought of being able to control your dreams persuaded me to do a little more research… And that’s how I found

This is the best site I’ve found so far on this kind of thing so I’ll probably be visiting here pretty regularly.

I guess I didn’t use the correct context-what I meant to say was I was using the same technique as MILD in order to help me remember my dreams. And I don’t want to risk screwing over my sleep cycle with WBTB(It takes a while for me to sleep.).

EDIT: Welcome, Aspect.

:wave: hello Aspect, welcome to ld4all. it’s good to know that you will be a regular visitor. I hope you experience your first lucid dream really soon. :grin:


I have just registered with ld4all after reading the extremely interesting “Testing the ‘Realness’ of DC’s (Dream Characters)” in the latest Electric Dreams.

I live in the United States, in southern California (Orange County). I can’t remember ever having consciously recognized the dream state and influenced my dreams in that awareness, but have certainly had some closely-allied experiences… Becoming aware in my waking dreams is another matter, to be sure – that happens a bit more often! (Like right now.)

I like this emoticon! :peek:
And this one too: :tongue:

Best wishes to you all!

Hello all. I’ve been here for about…oh I dunno, a couple weeks now I guess. And I had my first LD last night. At least the first one where I managed to maintain my lucidity for more than two seconds. But I’ll go into more detail about that somewhere more appropriate.

So yeah, I’m Niteowl, I’m 14, and I’m new. Hi!

WOW! I am sooo happy I found this site, I’m still young but I hope to study psychology and in particular, dreams. I am crazy about dreams and I’ve dreamt (not dreamt like sleeping :grin: a lot of having what I now realize are called lucid dreams… I’ve learned a lot of stuff from my dreams, and now I am hoping to learn more and experience the wonders that are rule-free, limitless, controlled dreaming… It would be so kewl to relive my telekinesis dream, but know I’m dreaming. I love you guys already, and I love this site, expect me to be a very good member here at LD4all forums.

hello goliard, Niteowl and DollarF, welcome to our friendly and helpful community :smile:

I love :love: them all.

We’re happy to have you as a member too.
Good luck to you both, I hope you both experience your first lucid dream :dream: very soon. When you do don’t forget to post it in “My first LD” topic in our dream diary forum. :content:

:wave: Hello again Niteowl
:cheer: congratulations on your lucid dream :boogie:
(btw I am the same moogle as the one on SeaLife :peek: )

Hello hello
I just found out about lucid dreams within the past few months. I used to have them when I was young but they never happen any more. I didn’t know that everyone didn’t have those at some point. haha. I used to have fun flying down my staircase.

Anyways, I hope I will be able to become a consistent lucid dreamer.

Talk to you all later

:wave: hello jbohn welcome to ld4all.
If you had them frequently when you were younger, you should soon be able to experience them again. There are lots of helpful techniques posted on the forum, just browse around. :grin:

Hello my name is Tiffany. :smile: I was referred here by another member.

I am a lucid dreamer but do have a lot of questions… Can’t wait to meet all of you and share stories and advice!! :grin:

:wave: hello Tiffany. Who was the other member? I’m curious :tongue:
Welcome to ld4all, we are all friendly and you will spend lots of enjoyable hours reading and posting on topics. :grin: have fun :wiske:
you may like to start a dream journal in the dream diary forum :peek:

Hey all! My name is Eddie!

I found this site by accident while searching on Google. You see, I had a LD the other night and it was very cool! The thing was that at the time I had no idea what lucidity was at the time, so I’m excited to learn more about it and hopefully I will be able to have some more. I hope I can get to know you soon.

~ Eddie