question about extending lucid dream time

I’ve read on the net that you can make a clock appear and focus on stopping the time, then you could make your lucid dream seem like it lasted for days. But in reality on only lasts 30 min or so? Does anyone know if this works or tips on doing it?

hmmm, i have not heard of thsi myself but it is very interesting to think, that becuase it is said that while LDing anything you can imagine can be done, why not imagine time going very slowly, however i think for thsi work you would have to concentrate on making time go slowly and wouldnt be able to enjoy the time you have to work with anyway, but i shouldnt say much as i have no experiance on the subject :eek:

the only reason i was asking is because i read something about a professor who studies human dreaming reported having an OBE for 200 years but it had only lasted for 2 hours in reality

:cool_laugh: holy thats madness, wow actually think about that for a second, if you needed mroe time for a dead line at work or osmehting, just zap out and get all this thinking done that wouldve taken years, in a couple of minutes, hmm interesting concept, but realisticly 200 years in like 2 hours i dunno, that means he went through like two average life times on earth in two hours i dunno, unless OBE are OTE’s ouuta time experiances :confused: i dunno? lol

oh well, i’ll definitely be experimenting with it

:eek: Can you find back the reference of what you read ? That’s really strange. I knew that it was possible to have the feeling that a LD lasted very long, but it was like in a movie, based upon flash backs, ellipses, etc.

i’ll try

okay sorry it was 100 years but i found it just scroll down until you see2.23. HOW CAN I STOP REAL TIME IN MY LD’S?

I’d guess once you’re lucid relax…Enjoy yourself, I notice that I feel a little tense when I go lucid…Maybe that helps, but then again, I’m clueless!

Lars’ LD FAQ is very doubtful. :uh: It’s said to be the alt.dreams.lucid FAQ, but in fact, this guy has posted it every week, without modification, like a spam, for years. I don’t know if he continues yet. Some people tried and mail him, asking to correct something, or noticing that what he says has nothing to do with the content of alt.dreams.lucid, but he never answered.
About Robert Monroe (a very famous OBE’ist) and his 100 years OBE, that’s possible, but I don’t remember I have read this in his book. :read: He wrote a lot of books anyway.

Have somebody else read this report somewhere ?

Um… when I first LD4ALL (just over a year) I remember reading a post about an LD (I think it was LD - may have been OBE) that lasted for a hundred.

The guy… managed to increase the length of the dream… a little at a time. By… I dunno.

It’s hard to remember.
Maybe if you do search on it, you may be able to find it?

I have dreams sometimes that seem to last for days. I wake up, look at my clock, fall back asleep for what seems like a very long time. However, when I wake back up, the clock will only have progressed ten minutes or such. However, this is not something that I have activly tried to do, just something that happens.

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Hasnt this been brought up a few times before on this forum?

Wow making your dreams last that long.

I wish i had thought of that…

/me wooooooow that is exactly what I’m looking for in a lucid dreams. Actually one of my principal motivations when I started