The BIG "Hi I'm new here!" Topic XVI

Hey all! My name is Eddie!

I found this site by accident while searching on Google. You see, I had a LD the other night and it was very cool! The thing was that at the time I had no idea what lucidity was at the time, so I’m excited to learn more about it and hopefully I will be able to have some more. I hope I can get to know you soon.

~ Eddie

Hi i’m Lukas!

:cheesy: I found this site at another forum i visit and thought it was so cool because i am very very interested in dreams and sorda want to know how to fly in them :cry:

Anyway, welcome me to the LD4ALL Forum.

I like you…WELCOME


:wave: hello char99bok and Lukas101
welcome to ld4all forum. Congratulations :cheer: on your first LD char99bok, once you read more about them you should soon experience them more often :grin:
:lol: I never levitated or flew in a dream until I started to have lucid dreams. :content: I’m still trying to perfect my technique. :happy:

:wiske: I hope you both enjoy the ld4all experience :tongue:

Hi! My name is Marian and I’m from Romania!

Man! I didn’t realize there could be SOOOO many discussion on LDing. :tongue:

I had my first one last summer! These days i try to get back at LDing! Hope it lasts! :grin:

:wave: hello Onyricon (or Marian if you prefer :wink:)
welcome to ld4all, I hope you enjoy your time at ld4all. :smile:

btw have you posted your first LD in our first LD topic in the dream diary forum?

Hi, just got an account on this page. It seems so cool to have Lucid Dreaming. Have seen the movie with Tom Cruise (Vanila Sky), and thats some seriously cool thing :happy:

My friend has talked about this for a long time now, maybe one year. But i really tought it was something “made up”. But, i started to realize everything myself. Because its the brain that “make” your vision and believe afterall. So why cant you take a part of your dream? Because in “reality”, its just the brain that calculate your emotions and senses afterall. So, ey, why not Lucid Dreaming? :smile:

I’ll tell you about my first one when iv’e got it.

Hi, bossellini :cool: Steinkjer! I lived in Levanger for years! We might have met IRL! I hope you get your first one soon :cool:

Oh, thats cool :smile:
Yeah, maybe. We humans often meet peoples!

Have you got any lucid dreaming recently? :smile:

:wave: hello bosselini, welcome to ld4all. :grin:
:peek: you can read siiw’s dream journal which contains many lucid dreams here
I hope you decide to start your own journal here :wink:

Thank you :smile:

Yes, i found Siiw’s journals, it looks like she is a profesional lucid dreamer.

I’m a little bit sad at the moment. Had a dream yesterday, I was taking the bus to the school, and i talked with a unknown girl. But the weird thing is that my friend was on the bus (he’s on a diferent school), and when we was halfway to the school, the bus stopped, and he was going to take the train to the school. And i remember that place, and it aint any trainstation there. I had this weird feeling that something didnt seems right in the dream too. BUT, i couldnt get Lucid Dreaming.

How can I realise that i’m dreaming? Have read alot on ld4all, but. I dont get it :meh:

It will happen, reality checks work … and if you always seriously consider if you could be dreaming

Hullo i’m phatidico, and i’m an alcoholic! Sorry, i ment, i am new here! I’m my self and i’m not very proud of it but i pretend to be.

Hello phatidico. I think you may find we are all lucidolics here :tongue:
We are a friendly forum and I’m sure you will feel at home in no time. have fun browsing there’s lots of information posted on the forum. :grin:

im new

Hi, I’m new here >_>

I’ve dabbled with lucid dreaming a bit, but I have just recently gotten serious about it again. Last night I had 4 :spinning:

:wave: Welcome to the ld4all forum tutut and Cheesewheel
I look forward to reading all your future posts.
Are you going to start a dream journal in our diary forum Cheesewheel? so you can tell us about your 4 LDs :grin:

Yes, I have one started. I’m out of my “special” mustarelish sauce though :confused:

Hopefully It wasn’t just the food :happy:

I’m new here…
i read about lucid dreams some 2 years ago. I was interested for a while and then I forgot about it. A couple of months ago my interest woke up again.
I’m from Finland, 18years, male. Started a dream journal some time ago and now I’ve found out interesting stuff… There’s a link in my sig.
I will probably also start one here :smile:
Still looking forward for my first real LD. I’ve been close already…