The BIG "Hi I'm new here!" Topic XVII

when I wake up and still in SP I feel this static sensation in my head sometimes it leads to an OBE, I was just wondering if anyone else has had this to happen


1 LD and counting.

I became interested in Lucid Dreams when I stopped being able to remember my dreams (“I don’t have dreams anymore”, I thought)

My theory is that certain unmentionable traumatic experiences I had more than 10 years ago have scarred my subconscious, making it difficult for my mind to travel to those places and in that way again.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when I became aware one night while dreaming, but the thrill quickly faded as I struggled in vain to cling to the dream state.

Cheers to a pleasant journey for all you dreamers.

Greebings stv2049. Strange name. Welcome. You are using the internet. Congratulations. <.< >.>
Yes… good… hmm…

welcome to LD4all steve :smile: I see you are a game designer, LD’s (and ND’s too) can be very inspiring to design games, did you ever use your dreams for that?

'lo all, i’m new here. Came here cause the finnish (yes i’m finnish) own LD site’s forum is too dead and i can speak english pretty much as well as finnish. :happy:

:help: As there are those “help” thingys (I suck at explaining, live with it) in every LD word, like LD, WBTB, MILD etc. etc. And when u put ur mouse over it, it has the question mark next to it indicating “Help” option is available. So i hove rmy mouse around for while and get a start of the help but it ends in … so where can i find the full ones? :help: As i said, i suck at explaining but i hope u get my meaning

welcome to LD4all magic letters and stv2049 :boogie:
you should be able to post in the beyond dreaming forum about the OBEs magic letters :wiske:
Good Luck with the lucid dreaming stv2049, I hope you get your next one soon :thumbs:

:wave: hello Wrox
the topic for the mouse help is here Sticky: Dictionary - Acronyms

Basic information about LDs etc can be found on the drop down menu on the main page
Further information can be found in the lucidity intro forum and quest for lucidity forum.

I hope you enjoy being a member of LD4all Wrox :grin:

Greebings Wrox. You are yet ANOTHER Finn to join.
/me sweeps all the Finns away

hey you all, my name is Greg, online name is Geoffy cause the name stuck while I was playing Day of Defeat. I have really been trying to get onto the track of lucidity, any help would be appreciated :smile: I lurv my dreams.

:welcome: hello Geoffy, you should find the answers to all your queries in the different topics on the forum :grin:
Have fun browsing :user:

WOW, :wow: look at all the new people that have joined! :partying_face:

Welcome to everyone. :welcome:

Hi, I’m new! :tongue:

Welcome DrunkenDalaiLama :beer:

I hope you enjoy ld4all.

I find lucid dreaming to be a truly awesome experience and I hope you will too. :good:

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Happy Dreaming :smile:

Hello everybody

I’m Sandra. I’m 15 years old. I never had a LD but I’m trying to get one. I’m Dutch, and the people who also visit the Dutch forum will know me there also as BlackAngel.
English isn’t my best thing, but I’ll try it. Reading I can do well, but writing is harder. So on this forum I will read the things but I think I won’t answer that much. And I also have the Dutch forum for other things.
I registrate myself on the English forum too, because sometimes when I’m doing WBTB I want to read something about LD. And I like to read the topics on this forum. There are also useful tips for me. And I found it much more easier to registrate myself.
I will mostly visit this forum in the night or when I’m annoying.
That’s it for now…

“I will mostly visit this forum in the night or when I’m annoying.”
Oh no,lol!

Dont worry Angel,your english is pretty fine i just had to point it out:)
Welcome to the forums,the most friendly place on earth.Many lds to you!:slight_smile:

Thanks and you’re totally right. ld4all is the most friendly place on earth. On the dutch forum I’ve been a few months. And the last time we’re saying all the time “ld4all is lief” (that means ld4all is sweet) en ‘de mensen op ld4all zijn lief’ (the people on ld4all are sweet)

:welcome: Hello DrunkenDalaiLama and Angel
I hope you both enjoy browsing the forum and get the most out of being LD4all members. :thumbs:

Good luck with the lucid dreaming :dream:

I’m kind of curious why you have to be BlackAngel with us and Angel here. :content:

Must be a logical explanation behind all this.

There isn’t, like I said in my first post. I changed it in Angel, I don’t know why actually.
But I just made it BlackAngel here too.
That’s more easier for me and for you, I guess. :content:

Welcome, BlackAngel :cool: I have seen you on the other side, too. My favourite topic to read when WBTBing is the “big favourite thing to do in a LD” topic!

Welcome BlackAngel :partying_face:

Your English is fine so, I hope you feel free to post as much as you want. It seems like we get a lot of people from the Dutch forum here which is great. I’ll have to learn to speak Dutch so I can visit over there as well.