the BIG "How to stay lucid" topic part II

to stabilize my lucid dreams, i always rub my hands together, and that works very well. when i spin around i usually just get dizzy and fall over for some reason

Every time I get lucid sooner or later my thoughts go running wild and I wake up. This is improving slowly, but does anyone have some tips or experiences with this they want to share?

Try to calm down and look around, it worked for me.
You could also try to do something as soon you get lucid, like flying, teleporting, etc.

I used to have lucid dreams naturally when I was younger, but i haven’t in years, although I always remember my dreams vividly, until today. I took a nap around 1ish and I had a dream as usual but at one point I realized i was dreaming, then I woke up, actually a FA, but I continued on as if things were normal then i had another FA, and this happened another 3 times,which got quite frustrating. It seems as though i’m waking from excitement only to still be dreaming over and over again. So i actually woke up, did a couple of RC 's, and fell back asleep. I had another dream in which i became lucid, and i stayed calm, rubbed my hands, and spun, but as i started to spin I woke up again and could fall back asleep. This was somewhat odd, to have so many lucid experiences at once, considering I’ve been trying for about a month, any other ideas on prolonging lucidity?

I just had my first LD and im pretty confident in myself as a dreamweaver.
Once I started lurking in these forums, reading post after post, 2 things said really changed my perspective on the subject and initiaed my LD, and sustained it too!

1. To produce LD for me, is to use your imagination specifically linked to you’re 5 senses before falling asleep. Before I learned to “imagine” like this I used to think of a tree. Just a vivid tree in my mind. Then after reading an insightful post, I applied my 5 senses to the tree. Feeling wind behind my ears as it blew the leaves, smelling the soft forest smell of the greatoudoors, tasting more fresh air with my lungs, walking up and tracing the lines of the bark. I do this to ANY object or scene before I got to bed and my mind starts going on autopilot. The scenes of my mind start unfolding by themselves! So just imagine the feeling, with 5 senses and you will be close to LD.

2. For me, I came across a digital clock that read something like “L4:-2” and thought what the shit? Looked away and looked back, letters changed and I became aware of the dream. From my observations after the dream I noticed that you have to be free to wanderlust! Just walk around and let things happen, do not try to concentrate on one thing too much or you will lose touch with the dream! So like that other guy said in this forum, let your ADD be free and expierence different things all the time to keep the LD going. Before my LD ended, I was limbering up to have acrobatic sex with this girl, The dream started fading as my singular objective was my only focus, and i awoke. :sad:

Wow, the tree thing is amazing, I don’t think I could do it at this point. It’s hard enough to get into my dream-body and rub my hands together… haha.

I completely agree with your second point. You have to trust the dream, go with the flow. I even read in a book that if you wanna wake up from a terrifying lucid dream (?) you should focus on a single point.

As Sting says: But perhaps the dream is dreaming us… :smile: The same way life is living us by the way. :smile:

i dont remember ever waking up due to excitement, i tend to lose lucidity and go to a ND. i still haven’t found a method that helps yet i just try whatever i can think of during the dream. however these have helped

frequent Reality checks, mine is holding my nose and breathing.

saying over and over “this is a dream” i dont like saying “its not real” or even thinking this because to me, it IS real in a sense. all i need to do is remind myself its a dream.

looking at my hands. this doesn’t work as a reality check for me but once i am lucid i will look at my hands and move my fingers and this seems to stabilize the dream a bit more.

but the one thing that really seemed to help a lot is touching things, going around and feeling the texture of objects and reminding myself that these things are a part of my mind, a part of me. i actually am quite fascinated by how real they can seem, you can see and feel them just like in real life but its all in your mind. so doing this helps me to stay lucid a bit longer or at least it raises my lucidity.

i am still pretty bad at staying lucid, but these things have helped. and i also cant ever eat anything in a LD, when i do it has no taste whatsoever! its awful, this morning i had an Ld and i tried a grape, i love grapes but i had to spit this one out immediately. i tried briefly before eating it to imagine what a grape tastes like, maybe i didnt imagine it enough? maybe i could eat something before going to bed or before going back to bed for a WBTB and then conjure that food in my dream, and if i eat it before going to sleep it might have more taste? i just need help with how to make things taste less bland. i think i need to raise my lucidity levels, i often think i am lucid enough but maybe i wasn’t?

i keep hearing about how amazing taste is in Lucid dreams. i know from plenty of NDs i have had that things can taste quite interesting, i had a very strange but delicious kind of foamy ice cream once in a ND, i wish i could have it again :smile: but in a LD i have no taste at all, i want to experience the things others do, and do the taste expirements, like one person ate the sun and said it tasted like pop rocks, i want to try stuff like that.

In my last Lucid dream, i jumped out into space. Then i heard my mom from real life trying to wake me up. I then woke up and got to see that my mom’s not even home. What should i do when this happens!?

I’ve had things like that happen as well. I’m not really sure how to prevent it, but you’ll probably get used to it with practice. One thought would be to trust that if there is someone trying to wake you up you will wake. So there’s no need to make yourself wake up on purpose :razz: After a few times you’ll start being able to think that it might be part of a dream and question it instead of just waking up…

This has worked great for me a couple of times and I don’t really know exactly why.

In your lucid dream spawn or ask a DC “I do” for a bottle of water and water goggles, fill the goggles with water and slip them on. “INSTANT EXTREME VIVIDNESS AND CLARITY”

This idea came from an LD I had last month where I dunked my head water and everything instantly became EXTREMELY clear and vivid, just insane colors. It was the most vivid clear dream I have literally ever had, and since it was so clear I became so much more lucid. “My real vision isn’t even that good”. So when I woke up I got the idea to fill water goggles with water and slip them on.

Well the past couple of LD’s I did exactly that, and seriously, Instantly and effortlessly my LD became more clear than my real vision, both times my heart sank due to the clarity. I mean I saw drops of dew on a spiders web hanging from a tree, and a rainbow glare when walking by it.

During my last LD I remembered what someone said on here which was not to rely on it and of course everything became dull so I had to focus to make it come back. Which leads to me to focus more on the power of suggestion and SIMPLE technique. But the clarity and vividness that resulted from this allowed me to stay in my LD’s for about 30 minutes.

I really want someone else to try this and reply with the results because this just totally blew my e-fin mind.

I’ll give it a try (if I can remember to do it, and lucid enough to remember!)

EDIT: Ok, I tried this last night! I summoned some goggles and filled them with water. When I put them on I felt a bit of that feeling of water on your eyes, but I don’t think the dream got any more vivid. In fact, I woke up right after that (or FA, who knows :neutral: ). I then tried something else: I summoned a bucket and put water in it. I put it on my head as a helmet! Somehow I was able to make it so I could see through it and that the water didn’t leak. Again, I don’t think the dream got any more vivid, but I think it did get a bit more stable. For some reason I think that was more due to me breathing under water and not because my eyes were submerged. I ended up losing a bit of my lucidity and/or waking up after a while anyway. Later on I tried another pair of goggles with the same result. I then tried a glass sphere helmet full of water, which worked like the previous helmet, except that this one was heavy and kept trying to fall off my head. I think at another point I just focused on my breathing, with no water helmet, and that seemed to stabilize things for a moment, so maybe I should experiment a bit with my breathing in LD’s. Plus, the extra stability here and there might have been due to my WBTB.

Nothing conclusive, but it was fun to try! I’ll see if I remember to try it some more, I feel like if I’m a bit more lucid and the dream is vivid/stable enough to start with, the water goggles (or helmet) may work better for me.

Awesome! lol thanks for trying man. You really gave that a go, I appreciate it.

In my last LD the goggle didn’t seem to quite work so I used verbal commands “Raise Lucidity” but that seemed to make everything fade away. Completely. I didn’t to wait for a dream environment to materialize “So for the first time I imagined a white canvas and commanded with my hands Trees>>houses>>roads>>fences!” It was very vague and I think 80 percent was from the dream environment rendering, but it was cool.

But once it did I walked up to the closest house and kneeled down at the WELCOME mat and I adjusted my vision to clearly see that, again it reminded me of those “3D cross eyed images”. “You really nailed that one btw, to the T” It feels exactly like those for me. But as I was trying to hold that clearness I noticed that when I always keep focus on something it holds longer. So as I was walking in the house I was paying close attention to the carped, walls ect… and it also seemed to keep the word intact better.

Next time I will focus on breathing, I guess mainly to stay calm.

Really most of our goals are to maintain high lucidity clearness and dream stability. I feel it can very much be achieved if studied and practiced. It is a fine balance though, but I think for myself and everyone else here will eventually be able to walk that tight rope comfortably. Tricks and tips shed a little light, but its practice determination and accurate personal experimentation that can lead to a comfortable mindset needed to enjoy LD’s to its full potential. :smile:


I haven’t been lucid enough lately, maybe this weekend I’ll get some luck and try these things again :tongue:

I can’t believe I never thought of this!

reality checks have never helped me, i just know when im lucid (ok maybe im ignorant most of the time then? :grin:. Few nights ago i finally managed to get one after a year or so and it felt so blurry. then i said clearness 100% and closed my eyes and opened them again. after that everything was so vivid. then i decided to spawn female npc, but couldnt control her at all (she was a hollow). also i woke up pretty fast after changing time of day.

edit: for some reason commands worked only after touching my forehead with three fingers and it had to be right hand.

I use both rubbing my hands and spinning around

I use both rubbing my hands and spinning around

I have 2 methods of stabilizing, and they are incomplete. One seems to only work at the beginning of the dream, the other I have had great success, but only used twice.

  1. Dream watch
    I hit a button on my watch and it stabilizes the dream and makes it more vivid. great success, but it doesn’t work unless I do it at the beginning of the dream.

  2. mental
    I “squeeze my brain” and make the lucidity juices flow, this supposedly should make my normal functions come to life with my only function staying asleep still active, keeping me in the dream and able to remember waking life goals and things. This seems to have really good success.

Both of these are based on expectation and dream control. Sometimes adding a mantra or a hands rubbing doesn’t hurt though. :wink:

I always just rub my hands, when I do it I can just feel all my senses going way up, some of them get even better than in real life (Mostly sight and touch). I’m a bit scared to try spinning because I get a lot of FA s, sometimes multiple ones per dream. They seem to happen almost for no reason at all, like I walk into a wall that was supposed to teleport me somewhere. One time I had the stupidest FA, where I woke up standing up with the light on, and everything looked like Minecraft with the FOV turned all the way up. I did a reality check, realized it was a dream, but then came up with some crazy dream excuse for everything going on and changed my mind.

Heey :happy:

Perhaps someone wrote it already :smile: I read something about grounding when you’re having a an anxiety attack (I don’t have that). It was a quick guide and I don’t even know if that grounding technique do work for someone who is suffering such an attack.
The grounding says:

  • Find 5 things you can see
  • Find 4 things you can touch
  • Find 3 things you can hear
  • Find 2 things you can smell
  • Find 1 thing you can taste

And I just thought this technique could be used to stabilize a dream! I need to relax and feel my surrounding in a dream otherwise I wake up or lose lucidity.
I think it’s worth a try :happy:

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