the BIG "How to stay lucid" topic part II

Welcome majchicu and Spit Fire! :wave:

@majchicu, you know, I think that’s happened to me too! :eek: No idea why and no idea what it means. Next time maybe you (or me :tongue:) can ask the dream out loud why it’s happening or ask it to stop…? might work.

@spit fire, well, if you thought “Wait, this doesn’t seem right” but didn’t really realize it was a dream, you didn’t get lucid… but got really really close! maybe you even did get lucid but didn’t fully realize what that means. In other words, you had a low level of lucidity. My low level LD’s tend to last longer too :smile:

I assume that you’re used to LDs so I’d like to ask you a few questions :help:
I actually made a RC in the dream so I guess i was lucid for like 10 seconds, because I usually “loudly” think: “I’m in a dream!!” but in that dream i just kept in mind that it wasn’t real without REALLY thinking too much about the fact itself . but then I got into a normal dream (the track race part) ,was it because i tried too hard not to think about the dream and get excited ? And at the end i just “thought loudly” : “Ah yeah, it’s a dream I can do whatever I want!” wich woke me up . So I was wondering how could I remember that easily as I was dreaming, but still wasn’t lucid during most of the dream ? Should I constantly think that I’m dreaming in order not to get into a normal dream again? Wouldn’t that get me too excited ? Or should I make a RC and then focus on my “lucid activity” without paying attention on the story that was proceeding in my normal dream (before the RC)? :confused:
Thanks for your time :smile:
( And sorry again if I made mistakes :shy: )

The problem in a LD is to stay calm enough so you don’t wake up and aware enough so you don’t slip out of lucidity and in a ND. Don’t worry too much about it, just experiment around. Next time try to stay more aware that it’s a dream, while still staying calm (saying “I’m dreaming” and rubbing your hands might help) :smile:

I never seem to see when the dream starts to fade, tough that could be because my sight is mostly black in the lucid dreams anyways… Anyone got any great tips on how to get a “Clearer” Sight? Without having to scream LUCIDITY PLOX. (Cuz i find it hard talking in my dreams)

Well I’ve never tried this, but I intended to in my next LD, and maybe it could help you;

At the first possible chance you get, immage that there are goggles in your pocket, reach into your pocket, pull them out and put them on, they are Lucidity Goggles!, They improve Lucid vision and give clear sight of all things dreamy!

You could even immagine that they have HUD readouts like “Lucidy: 96%”, and maybe a radar that shows where you are in your dreamworld, experiment!

You know it sucks, ever since I’ve been thinking so much about becoming lucid in dreams I haven’t been able to. It’s like as soon as you start thinking too much about it, lucidity becomes more difficult to achieve.

Something my boyfriend suggested to try to stay in a lucid dream after becoming aware: Look at your hands. I realized I NEVER see my hands in dreams, but since they’re something that is supposed to always be there I suppose it makes sense that they would help anchor you in a dream.

Well, for the hands part, that is just one of the many ways to become lucid, many of us have a LD without looking at them; but nonetheless, it’s quite the good technique, just resolve that you will find your hands in a dream before bed, it helps placing them in front of you when you repeat the phrase.

For the first part, then I don’t see the problem: just think, or better, overthink less about it. Almost everyone here had had some break period where they had LD’s without even trying. So it doesn’t depend that much on how much you think about it, right? When going to bed, the only true state to cultivate should be a calm mind, and the awareness that comes with it. Try meditating a bit before bed, and see the results for yourself.

In An LD when I close my eyes I wake up and in nightmares to but in Normal Dreams isn’t it always so why is that? And how do I can get it to my LD’s?

I have a few good tips that always work for me :

  • rub your hands
  • spin around
  • put your tongue to your front teeth (this will help your dream getting more vivid)
  • rub your hands quickly trough your hair

I hope these things help for you!

Oh, these two are new to me. must try! :happy:

Just to be more precise, the tongue has to go pressing against the palate, and it works if you are doing it with your WL tongue, during the dream.
How you do that, it’s not an exact science :tongue: but like your eyes move when you move your dream eyes, there’s a chance your real tongue will move following your dream command as well.
It may be a risky move for most, since it could mean getting close to the dream threshold, so for the most part the other ones are suggested for the inexperienced. :smile:

Well Lucidity Master (what a name!), that depends a good deal on what you mean by “stay lucid.”

Do you mean to stay asleep? Or do you mean to continue in the same dream?

What happens in all dreaming is that after a while, the scenario changes into another scenario. In a normal dream you tend not to notice this happening, because when you’re not lucid you accept whatever craziness might occur. But in a lucid dream, you do notice it.

What happens is that everything fades out briefly, then fades back in with your surroundings now changed. If you were lucid before the fade-out, you might not be lucid in the next scenario. What can also happen though is that everything fades out and then you wake up.

Most dreams actually don’t go on for very long without that fade-out occurring, although a few do.

Now I’m guessing that you want to prolong the dream in which you’re lucid, and so the way to do that is to stop the fade-out from occurring.

How then can you do that? Well, there is a way. What you have to do is stare at any object in your dream. Just focus on it, and the fade-out won’t occur unless your body is simply ready to wake up. If that’s the case then it’s going to do so, and there’s no trick to make it stay asleep.

Of course you have to have a tendency to have lucid dreams in the first place before you should worry about stopping the fade-outs, and for most people to worry about that is putting the cart very far in front of the horse.

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I use an alarm every night to wake me up at 2:00 AM so I can try WBTB and WILD, I am always afraid though that the alarm will go off durring a Lucid dream and ruin it. Is there anyway I can stay in the dream through the alarmclock? In a few normal dreams I’m pretty sure I heard the alarm going off in my dream and it affected it for a few seconds before I woke up. The alarm turns off after about an hour of no attention payed to it.

You shouldn’t wake up until about 6 hours after you go to sleep. By then, REM should just be starting, so you shouldn’t miss any dreams, lucid or otherwise.

I go to sleep at 10:00 so its about 5 hours and the alarm almost always wakes me from a dream

There are other REM periods before that :tongue: Although they are shorter and yes, lucidity is more unlikely. I’ve had a LD after only 3 hours of sleep… once.

But yeah, I agree, it’s nothing you should really worry about :smile:

I now have 3 or more lucide dreams a week but I just can’t stay asleep. I always wake up after 1 minute or so when I become lucide. I can’t figure out how this happens, does somebody have an idea what causes this?

Hi Optimize, don’t fret! Many people have trouble staying lucid, only because it’s something that catches you off guard. This guide about Prolonging Lucid Dreams is all about how to keep yourself inside a lucid dream. And don’t worry! Stressing that you’re going to wake will cause you to wake up.

I always keep hollering I’m lucid over and over again while exploring. I have had some dream characters look at me as if I was crazy! :smile:
Also having a plan as to what to do once you are lucid helps to be focused and stay lucid. Very often after having accomplished what I set out to do will wake me up. I think only once did I lose lucidity and fell into a ND

Thanks a lot that will really help me out!