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Big thanks for the mods in making this a sticky. I haven’t noticed it as I’ve been very busy lately and will be spending less time on the forums with all I’ve got on.

However that work load does include the Crossroads final build. It will take time (I recon about a year) as I’m doing it at a very high level this time. I’ll post here from time to time with my progress.

At the moment I’m working with an LA based photographer in building the new Glad. Below are the roughs of her. I need to replace her eyes and texture the hair realistically but she’s on the way.

She looks very cool when I animate her and make her talk :cool:

I will be asking for help later on, good 3-D modelers to help take the load for objects/interiors etc in the new Crossroads. Writers to rewrite the text and translators for the international site that will be an almost totally image based website but will need some writing and thus translation.

Info about what will change, stay the same, or be new, can be found here

Waw! She looks even prettier now if possible! I’m sure a lot of male LD’ers will try to visit the Crossroads! :tongue:

I’m OK for the translation. When you’ll need the french one, just ask me! :wink:

hey i got a really good idea…im gonna try it 2night…anyway…using VILD (if u don’t know how 2 do that heres the link… … 9a054440d8)
im gonna visually incubate going 2 the lucid crossroads and Glad and Clem coming over and saying,“hey! do a reality check now!” and i will become lucid. any1 else who uses VILD and loves the Lucid Crossroads should find a way 2 use this kind of meathod in the incubated scene of VILD. by the way i also use the WILD technique.

Pantlimon, I love your site soo0o much…even more than these forums…it is the best site ever and the best idea ever.u r like a god 2 me :cool: .im looking foward 2 when u do stage 3 of your site.

O ya,complete off-topic from lucid crossroads but a fun thing 2 do in your dreams(behind the lucid crossroad dreamdoors) is 2 have a lightsabre fight…even not with starwars characters…just with lightsabres…its really fun. :wink:

Cheers Basilus I will drop you a line when I do.

He he :grin: , god might be a little strong but I’m glad you like the site and hope you’ll visit in dreamtime soon. :cool:

The final build will be great, I’ll have video techniques, spoken word files and video taken at the Crossroads, so I hope it will be worth the effort.

Please vote on which new dream doors you’d like to see at the final build of the Lucid Crossroads. I’ve created a new thread titled What Dream doors would you like to see at the Crossroads? over at the Fruits of Lucidity section.

Cheers all

How to post a shared dream in the Crossroads? I searched how to do it and didn’t find… :sad: And I wanted to read SD’s reports and didn’t find where they could be stocked neither. And do you need exchanging a “code” in your SD when you want it to be posted in the Crossroads?

Sorry Basilus I don’t have a way to have people be able to automatically post shared dreams or crossroads dreams. If you email/pm me I will add it to the site on a relevant page, see below.

Thank you! :smile:

I already tried this, the scene was too complex even without Clem

yes very interesting. therre was this story about 3 people who all could dream. 2 of them lucid dreamt. one of them didnt, but they all agreed to meet up in a dream. the 2 that could ld met eachother in the dream and they communicated with eachother. when they woke they remembered it all and saw eachother the next day and talked about it

i havent actually had an LD (i have but i didnt know i had that much control) and i was wondering if when someone signs the book in the lucid crossroads can you see other’s signatures?

what program was used to make them?i would like to make my own enviorment for you guys to explore :grin: SORRY FOR DOUBLE POSTING These are the lucid experiences that people have told me about at the Crossroads. Some people have read the guest book but the problem is that words are difficult to read in lucid dreams.

In the next generation of the LC there will b a computer that will record the names and will be able to speak to the other visitors. this page lists most of the changes to the 3rd and final build of the LC. Carrara4 pro was used to construct most of the Crossroads on the last build. This is the “how to get lucid” page (from your question via pm :smile: )

im weird so if i go to the crossroads, i will probably chat it up with one of those blue guys. i wanna know what is behind those doors. however, knowing me i will take like a year before i have another lucid dream. my first came by accident. i just went into a dream and i was like im dreaming … php?t=3315

Sealife forum and others are attempting to reach the Lucid Dojo this moon, everyone welcome. :smile:

Thanks for the links !

I tried using astral projection to reach the crossroads, but only got as far as the pool when I woke up.