the BIG lucid inventory list

Yeah, that’s right, it’s BIG.

Post everything that you have used in more than one lucid dream (or you plan to use it in a future LD).
And not just items, wings or things like that also work.
But physical powers like psychokinesis can’t be added.

So here’s my inventory:


  • Nothing!

(As of now, I haven’t anything in my inventory. But tonight I shall hopefully add something!)
Also you can post a wish list too.

Wish list:

  • Demon wings X1
  • Bottle of lucid cookies X1
  • SG Summoner X1

ive road in a flying mini van before

My inventory:

  1. 1 Wand
  2. A sword
  3. A bow and arrows
  4. A bottle filled with lucid water to increase lucidity

Can’t think of anything else right now. But thanks for the idea of an inventory Mew :smile: I’ll have to write one down in my DJ behind my to-do list.
I haven’t used any of these in a LD before, but they are what I plan on using. The lucid water was just something I thought of from the top of my head, I’m not sure if it will work, but I’ll test it out when I get a LD.

I’ll post an updated Inventory ounce I get a lot more on it.

So far, with my one lucid dream, I’ve used bullets and a rifle. C’est tout.

At the moment i have used night vision goggle that made everything look like it was daylight instead of green. I was inside and the lights wouldn’t work :sad:


Night vision googles.