The Big Lucid Speech Topic (part 1)

Hey, there has een alot of talk lately about being unable to talk in LD, I on the other hand have been able to talk fine from my first LD…Let’s gather here to discuss this heated debate!

If you think you can talk you can talk.
Otherwise you can’t talk.

Just like in astral projection,
if you believe you’ll see the silver cord, you will.

Hmmm… that makes sense…I was sure I could talk becuase I’m already very talkative in ND…

Interesting, Ive always been able to talk in dreams, both normal and LD :cool:
Talking has always been a natural way for me to communicate in dreams, though in a few dreams Ive been unable to talk, however I still got understood :tongue:

In most of my dream, even the NDs, I find that I can’t talk. However, if I concentrate on the fact that I know I can talk, I can speak perfectly. :cool:

Well, I can talk fine on my dreams (lucid or not), and talking is probably what I do most while dreaming. :smile:

But as this is indeed “The Big Lucid Speech” topic, I’d like to ask something for those of you who can talk on dreams: what is your speech like? What is the speech of your dream characters like? Is it different from your waking speech? How so?

I’ve had nightmares where I try screaming for help but strain for anything more than a murmur to come out :silent: Luckily I haven’t had any for a while :happy: Talking while lucid has never been a problem, although I often feel self-concious that I will be speaking aloud in my bed and my family will hear me. Does anyone else consider this, or is it just me? Have any of you caught yourselves talking when you wake up, or had someone tell you about it? Just curious…

I never had a problem with lucid dreaming. During astral projections (I only had a few) I can’t talk. But you really don’t need to talk anyway, just think whatever you want to happen, and talk telepathically. That’s part of the beauty of lucid dreams. :smile:

Yep… I’ve never had a problem with screaming or talking in any form of dreaming… I just heard others have problems…

Zippy, I guess SP will prevent your physical body from speaking pretty much in the same manner it prevents you from walking, jumping, etc…

Some people, however, do talk aloud during their sleep (my girlfriend does it sometimes), but what comes out mostly is murmurs or little noises coming from the nose. Isolated words, at best. Surely nothing your family could understand or wake up to, so don’t worry :smile: