The BIG meditation as a LD Aid topic

I attended one of Chogyam Trungpa’s talks in Boulder many years ago. He was very alive and spontaneous. Have you studied any Tibetan Dream Yoga practices? I’ve read a little from Lama Surya Das.

I haven’t dreamed of Trungpa, but I had a cool dream with Muktananda.


Hi Dreamster,
Yes, the Tibetan Yoga practice is what got me here, actually, as I feel like I need all the help I can get!

Last night in dreaming I was at a party. I was talking to a young man about how basketball, which I love, is like a moving meditation. I said to him " there are times when all thought disappears, you enter into the flow of the game like you can enter into the flow of life".


I’m not sure if something like this has been posted, but some people have been asking for a brief description of basic meditation, so I’ll break it down the best I know how.

Meditation comes in a variety of forms from a number of traditions. In Buddhist meditation you keep your eyes closed, while in zen they are open. But no matter the differences, there are a few basic similarities.

to meditate,

  1. Find a comfortable spot to sit and relax. Quiet and alone, without external distractions (or as few as possible)
  2. Sit comfortably but keep good posture. You may find it hard to keep upright when getting started, but if you feel yourself start to slouch try to imagine your shoulders and head are connected to wires, like a puppet.
  3. Breathe. This is the foundation of settling the mind. Breathe in, breathe out. count your breaths or focus on the act itself, whichever you prefer. Just relax, relax every part of you, body and mind.
  4. While meditating, bring awareness to the body. With each exhale feel your self empty of all things. Feel stress, anger, pain, and desire pour out of you like black smoke. Inhale and bring in pure light and feel it rush through you like a wave.
  5. As you continue to breathe, on each exhale feel your whole Self dissolving. Your name, your reputation, your ideas of possessions and possessiveness are not your highest identity. When we boil any individual down enough, we find just a mind; no different from any other. When you inhale allow it to be mechanical. When you exhale again, dissolve these feelings again. The goal of this practice is to limit the sense of self-importance that, although seems natural, hinders us in our everyday lives. Plato put it best when he said “No human thing is of serious importance”. Let go of the Ego and the exaggerated sense of self-entitlement and you will find your daily life a place of peace and companionship.

There are many, many methods for meditation, and I will encourage all of you to look into and try as many as you can, because as Bruce lee said, take what is useful to you and leave the rest. This is a personal journey, and not all methods are best for everyone.

In short,

  1. sit.
  2. relax.
  3. breathe (breathe in awareness and exhale delusion).

I’m no expert, so please if anyone has anything to add feel free to critique this :content:

I was meditating earlier today (10 minutes, mindfulness meditation, concentrating on my breath). I kinda let my mind wander towards the end, and I began thinking about and visualizing some random things.

Then suddenly I saw what I think was like a wood-beam support structure in a roof. It looked extremely realistic as if my eyes were open and I were truly staring right at it. This lasted for a very short time (seconds) before I realized that I was seeing with my eyes closed, and I popped out of it.

I was just interested in interpretations as to how this would compare with HI and opinions on meditation before WILD to help bring on HI.

Hey there,

I hope someone can help me… I’ve read through a few pages of this thread and decided that meditating realy improves your ability to LD. But I tried it two nights, just a normal meditation, with focusing on breath with closed eyes for approximatley 10 minutes hasnt helped me at all… In fact everytime I tried it I had none or almost no dream recall…
What kind of meditation would be the best to do? I have meditated for about half a year already but without the intention of improving my Lucid Dreams.

Thanks already


i’m in a similar boat to H2B.
what do i do?

are there any good mp3s i can listen to?

What does meditation actually do? & do you just try and clear your mind of any thought at all and sit there, thinking of nothing? or think of all the things going on in your head and deal with them?
I want to take it up as my life is way to complex atm, and i need to put things in perspective and chill out. Also i want more awareness in dreams, im guessing this will help?

First off, I think there are many different kinds of meditation. There’s the Zen Meditation, for example where you never close your eyes and are just “aware”… I do think this increases your awareness alot.
Generally spoken, I think you’re right, clear up your mind and just watch your thoughts come and go without judging them or “hooking them up” :smile:).

Gee, thanks a bunch H2B :content:
So just ignore all my thoughts and let them pass? And not concentrate on what i can see?
Do you do this type of med? If so… how long do you do it for.
Sorry for all the questions :tongue:
Im done after this =D

No idea if this has been posted here since i didn’t want to go through all the pages at this time of the day. If it is; sorry.

For people new to meditation, please see this movie. It explains the basics pretty well, and it made me figure out why i stopped breathing the other day after almost an hour of meditation…

Ive been trying the breathing, and OM mantra meditation. Is it OK to listen to a C.D. while meditating, or will it be more of a disstraction. Or could I just focus on the music instead of my breathing?

Im taking a brake from LDing to focus fully on meditation, and Im so fasinated with it. Ive been using guided meditation. There are some really cool ones on Youtube. I havnt been at it long, but Ive noticed something, and that is my dream recall is great now. Meditation is a powerfull word. Just say it… “Meditation” Its overwhelming at first, because of all the diffrent techniques. Meditation is all about awarness. A problem Im having with it is this… When people talk about meditation they say thoughts are allways poping up, but when I do it(focusing on the breath) I dont really notice any thoughts poping up inless its about what Im doing at the time, but my mind dosnt drift off so far from my focus that Im thinking about what Ill be doing tomorow. So I wonder if Im doing it wrong.
Its like this… Im breathing in. Im breathing out. Im breathing in. Im breathing out, its easy right. How hard is it to stay focused? Why do I hear of so many people having problems with being focused. Or am I just not noticing my thoughts? Is it possible the mind can be focusing on the breath, and random thoughts at the same time. Maybie its just what ever comes into my awareness, and I should just focus on that.
Allso why do people have to take classes in meditation? It dosnt seem that complicated, I can learn on line. Its all about practice practice, practice.

Allso meditation opens up alot more spiritualy then can be imagined, it seems to be something you have to expirance. I love lucid dreaming which is just another type of meditation, but Im ready to expirance more spiritualy. Im proud of what Ive acomplished with my expirance of lucid dreaming, but I can only focus on one major hobby at a time. Its just the way I am. It does seem to be helping my dream recall. Here is a really good guided meditation. Her voice is really soothing which helps me alot.

“Sleep is unconcious meditation, and meditation is concious sleep”

I keep editing, because like I said Im really fasinated with this meditation, the best things in life are free. LDing meditation. Maybie one reason why its seems so easy for me to stay focused on my meditation target is because Im a LDer, and it gave me a headstart in the practice of meditation. Thats my theory. It allso helps alot to keep a meditation journal. I had a cool thought lastnight about the overwhelmingness of meditation. Its like this… At first meditation is like taking a bowl outside on a rainy day, and running around your yard trying to catch as much rain as you can, but if you just sit the bowl down, you will get the same amount of rain. Which means just simply sit down, and focus on whatever, and be aware for a duration of time, and everything else will fall inplace.
Om, and the echo of breath

When people first begin practicing meditation they tend to have a hard time because they’re minds are too busy or thinking too much. The average person is usually always worrying about something whether it is school, work or anything that causes stress. This is the way life seems to be: STRESSFUL and we are so used to it that we do not notice how much stuff we are thinking about.

When you first begin meditating(or when I first began meditating) you notice how sometimes you forget about counting and end up thinking about something else and then you return to counting. Or somehow random thoughts pop up. Meditation calms the mind.

Now if you have been a peaceful person and a calm person and not stressed a lot then perhaps you don’t have such a busy mind which is why you are not having much problems. Or perhaps your focus is very good. We are all different tho for some people it is easier than others.

In regards to taking classes… setting is really different in a class room. Meditating with a group of people is a lot different that meditating by yourself. Classes are a good idea for those who dont feel confident that they are doing it right or for those that cant do it on their own. I have taken a meditation class and I can say it has helped me extremely.

Thankyou. One more question what is the purpose of a meditation alter, Im thinking of making one, and what sorta of things do you put on it? The reason I think it would help me is, it would give me a santurary, and a place for my meditation. Ive been going outside to meditate, but I think an meditation alter might help more.

a meditation altar would help more, it would give you a sanctuary and a place for your meditation !


see its only worth doing if you have a good devotion and you’re like “hey that’s neat”

An altar is just like shelve where you put stones or feathers or anything that brings calmness to you. Stuff like incense burners, statues, and candles. Theyre mostly used to help focus and motivate you. Its like a shrine.

I think your right about it just being easy for me to focus, because Ive noticed something. At my old job I worked the third shift, and every morning this girl would come out on the doc, and I would watch her do these streches. Im guessing it was Yoga, or something. Anyway I would really enjoy watching her do them, because it would relax the hell out of me just simply watching her do them. The same thing happens if Im watching someone get a massage or backrub, Its like I can feel what there feeling, and I can become just as relaxed. Or if someones starts talking in a soothing voice. I instently dissolve in relaxation. Does that happen to any of you guys?

Yes! It’s because you can feel their energy or sense it. Just like when you know someone is pissed or angry or even happy. Like those times when you just know how some person is feeling without them saying a word… its the energy given off by them.

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