The BIG meditation as a LD aid topic part II

This is a continued discussion. The first part can be found here. :cool:

For the past few night my dreams have been somewhat dissturbing, and I cant help wonder if it might have something to do with meditation. Last night I was doing a WILD, and I woke up in the dream lying on the floor still doing the WILD meditation, but I wasnt really lucid in the dream I meet a dissturbing dream. A very unplesant DC aproached me in the dream he was trying to take over the world(No it wasnt the Pinky, and the Brain) He started killing some other DC, and he came over to me, and beat the crap out of. I was so scared, I honestly thought he had beat me so bad I was going to die. A cop showed up, and shot him. Ive been having these dreams off, and on sence Ive been practing meditation, and I wonder if it might be a “spititual detoxing” of sorts. I would excpect to have plesant dreams if Im practing meditation. So maybie I am detoxing my negative emotions through my dreams.

Again, Yes… this happens. Just like you said a “detoxification” it is the like the negative emotions or suppressed feelings coming out that need attention. Don’t be afraid of them just accept them. Watch them come and go. Love your nightmares for they will guide you and teach you.

It really does help, the key to doing WILD is to meditate for 15, or 20 minutes right before you go to bed, and sit in a chair instead of lying in bed. It may take a week of meditation practice for it to work, but this is what happned to me. I meditated for 15 minutes, and when I got up. I noticed I was still in a meditative state to where I was focused, and aware of things. I went right to bed still in the meditative state, and very focused on my body, and breathing. I even tried to snap out of it just to see if I could, but it was hard for me not to stay focused. Plus it is really eady to fall asleep sence you are allready relaxed. I begin to notice hypnogogic sounds, and visuals, and I went right into a lucid dream. It was so easy, and I have never been able to enter into lucidety with WILD before.

Trust me, and try it. It will work!!

intresting kava,

when i meditate before bed i will simply be in sleep then wake up ,

for me key would be to sleep without dreaming until i feel like i am about to lose all of my awareness (which is about the 7th time i roll over or less than that) then get up and meditate and allow my mind to become more alert, this would be a wbtb i’m sure.

I’ve sort of taken up LDing again and I’ve also “restarted” meditation. I didn’t really meditate that much or well/correctly the last time so… But think I’m doing better now and most importantly I’m doing it 1-2 times daily. I do mindfulness meditation and I belive it should be very beneficial to LDing once I’ve done it for a while since it’s about being in the moment and being aware of things.

Meditation also change a persons brainwave patters so they can stay more aware during deeper states of relaxation. Meaning they should also have a higher awareness during sleep when enough practice has been had. Combined with increased awareness and the fact that WILD should be alot easier in the morning it should in the long run lead to many long and high level LDs :content:

And that’s not even mentioning the other benefits of meditation, I’m not even sure about them all myself but I’m looking forward to finding out. So far I’ve noticed a few but I’m sure alot more are to come :grin:

Meditation seems to work great for me ,dreams are more vivid or strange with …30 min. of meditation :smile:

I’ve been meditating on and off for about a year, my style is like Zen, focusing on the breath and stilling the mind. Anyway, I started keeping a DJ and trying to have LDs 3 nights ago. First night I didn’t do any meditation and I recalled one dream, second night I had a good half hour meditation using a Isochronic tone called ‘deep meditation’ and I recalled 7 dreams! then last night I meditated for 15 mins (without the tone) and I had 2 NDs and my first LD :smile:

Seems to me that meditation is a very useful tool for inducing vivid dreams, I would also assume that working with the chakras would have a powerful impact on dreams, although this is probably something that should be done as part of a greater search for spiritual understanding and not just for dreams.

If anyone is interested i got that iso tone from and I also found 2 books about dream meditation, ‘Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light’ and ‘The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep’ that look quite interesting.

Cool. I’ll have to try that.

I just wanted to say thank you for that website! I have been searching all over for something like this. Amazing stuff! :claps: